2 Frustrating Courses Done (Week 9)

Week’s ItineraryEpidemiology Final, Applied Preventive Health Final, and Day at the Fair

Yes!  Epidemiology and Applied Preventive Health courses are finished, done, CAPUT!!  I had my final for Applied Preventive Health on Monday, and  it was difficult to me.  I personally felt like the lectures did not successfully prepare me for the exams.  I decided to listen to Echo recordings for all the lectures, but it was the most painful and wasteful experience because most of the lectures consisted of the professor expounding upon many examples and many questions asked in class.  I was unsure if the test would then have material from the questions classmates asked or not.  Fortunately, they did not, but the frustration during studying was a big distraction for me.  He did a TON of clinical scenarios for us to figure out what we as future veterinarians should do.  They were tricky in my opinion.  There were also fill in the blank questions that tested what he specifically told us to know for the exam.  Don’t goof off in this class.

If you remember from last year around this time, the vet school hosted a mandatory science research symposium on Thursday where all students had to listen to many research presentations.  I had no problems with it last year, but I was incredibly sick and did not want to be there this year.  If you cannot make it due to illness or whatever, they force you to go to a research presentation on your own time and write a paper on it . . . no thank you!  It was very long, and I could not focus on any presentation.  I could not even eat the free Subway boxed lunch . . . that’s unheard of!

My Epidemiology final was on Friday, and I was not ready for it.  I could not focus the night before because I was so sick and exhausted.  I decided to just go to bed early and wake up early to study, which helped a little.   Before the professor told us to begin the final that morning, he surprised us with something.  Miracles just keep pouring for Class of 2016!  1st Parasitology, and now this!?  Reeve’s math portion changed to bonus questions!  I almost fell out my chair the way I was praising Jesus 🙂  The exam was not too bad, but I of course know I got some questions wrong.  But, now there are bonus points.  Yes!

After this ridiculously long and tedious week,  I was invited by some of my classmates to go to a fair.  Oh, but not just any fair.  It is the largest fair in Georgia! (Georgia National Fair in Perry, GA)  You have no idea how much I needed this break.  I always feel like a kid again whenever I go to places like this.  The weather was so perfect and I enjoyed the ambience and time with my classmates.  Thank you for the invite!!


We got to see some beautiful horse shows!


We went to the back of the arena and were introduced to a very sweet veterinarian who owns 12 Belgian horses!!  She said we can have dinner with her the next time we come to visit 🙂


We stayed until it was dark.  We had a great time!


Now, just behind us was a really cool scene that I have never observed before…



By far,  the cutest thing I have ever seen!  They were holding on for dear life 🙂

Through Him,


Psalm 27:4

“One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.”

Scary Exams (Week 6)

Week’s Itinerary= Epidemiology Exam 1, Pathology Pre-Test 2, and Behavior Quiz 2 and Final

Epidemiology was a PAINFUL studying experience!  It was just more memorization of diseases.  I am not a fan of classes like these!!  It was weird this weekend because I had a very hard time keeping the disease knowledge in my head.  It felt like whatever I tried to memorize, it simply bounced off my brain.  Taking the exam was not pleasant either.  I went to school at 5am that morning before the exam because I still needed to look over some stuff.  The exam was multiple choice and a LONG list of matching.  I thought I failed it after taking the test (horrible feeling).  Fortunately, we got our grades back a day later, and I did not fail! (an 88%)  Praise the Lord.  That was a scary experience.

Oh, but the fun did not end there!  We had our Pathology pre-test on Wednesday.  I cannot highly stress this enough.  Stick with your gut!!  Man, I don’t listen to my own wisdom.  Tears were forming in my eyes after taking this pre-test because I changed 2 questions that were right in the first place.  Gosh, that really sucks!  I do not know why I keep believing every professor is trying to trick me.  They do not want you to fail, so just stick to your original answer unless you know for sure that the other answer is correct.

Guess what?  A new class was brought to the table this week (Applied Preventive Health).  Now, instead of quizzes like what Dr. Reeves used to do in the past, he now will do an essay (1-2 page “bullet point” essay) that is 50% and a final (50%).  That actually sounds better than the quizzes to me.

The 3rd and last exam of the week was my Behavior final, and I was terrified 3 days before taking this exam.  We had our 2nd quiz the same day as our Epidemiology exam, and I was not ready for it at all.  So I got a 60% on that quiz.  I was walking into this final with a C in the class, so I desperately needed help and prayer.  There were no previous exams, just quizzes and one final!  A really intelligent classmate of mine saw my distress for this class and offered to study at her house with her.  I accepted without hesitation!  It was the night before the exam, and I learned so much helpful tools!  Thank you for your time and patience!  I felt total peace after that night, and I pray that I did well in that class.  I will let you know how I did.   (I did not fail! I got a B!  Yes Lord!  I personally want to thank a classmate for all your help with studying with me before the Final.)

Friday, I had to take a mental health day for myself by catching up on sleep.  Sometimes, you need to prioritize your sanity before going back to classes, so that is what I did at the end of this week.



Through Him,


Psalm 4:1

“Answer me when I call to you, O my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; be merciful to me and hear my prayer.”