Anticipation (Week 14)

Week’s Itinerary= Histology Final Exam, Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner

Thanksgiving break is calling for me to experience the long awaited time of tranquility.  After our Histology final on Monday, I mentally began my Thanksgiving break 🙂  I did nothing but rest.  I was upset at first why they would have the final on Monday and not on a Wed or something, but I am so grateful we got it out of the way.  The remainder of the week was just lectures, some labs, and a really cool Thanksgiving Potluck with my class!  I just brought sodas, but my classmates went all out with the food.  It was delicious!!


Friday brought forth many surprises.  We had a Dental meeting with one of my vets I shadowed, Dr. Nemitz!  I love that man.  He is so sweet and hilarious.  He also did one of the vet recommendation letters for me for vet school.  I was fortunate to watch him do a root canal once on a dog.  I had no idea you could do that!  Also on Friday, I finally received my final grade in Histology.  I managed to get a B!!  That class was so hard!  After getting our grades, I saw one of my classmates jumping for joy for getting a C in the class.  That’s when you know a class is tough.

Today (Sunday), I had the wonderful opportunity of going to an opera with a friend and my mother.  It was “Carmen”, and it was fantastic!  I have always wanted to see this opera.

Well, I am off to enjoy my whole week off!  Too-ta-loo!  I’m out!

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Through Him,


Psalm 107:1– “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

Anatomy Explosion (Week 10)

Week’s Itinerary= Neuroanatomy Midterm, Histology Lab Quiz 3, Renal Physiology Quiz 2, Halloween Costume Pics

Oh Anatomy . . . you are an obstacle I am so ready to take on and conquer!  This week, we had our Neuroanatomy Midterm, which was CRAZY hard followed by two quizzes in Microanatomy Lab and Renal Physiology.  Great news on my Neuroanatomy Lab exam!!!   Praise the Lord!  I thought I would get more questions wrong because I was beginning to just see blobs where they labeled the brain (long exam).  What is so funny is how I got most questions wrong towards the end of the exam.  I got a B (82%)!  I’ll take that in a heartbeat.  I will always strive for that A, but I praise God for passing.  Now the exam…  Best realistic advice I have for you is study Dookwah’s material first & whatever time you have leftover, study Edwards.  I did the reverse where I studied the first lecture to the last (trying to learn it from order of lecture that was taught, but it was a bad idea). Dookwah wrote the test, so many of the questions are from his notes.  I won’t make that mistake again.  He likes tracts with their pathways and labeling diagrams.

Again, the Lord is doing miraculous things in my life!  I got a B in my second Vet Physiology exam (80% / class average was a 82%).  This was the exam I felt devastated after taking it.  The quiz I took and got a 100% in before taking this exam really boosted my overall grade, so take those quizzes very seriously.  Studying for this week’s quiz was painful though.  I struggled to stay up, but I lost that battle.  Exhaustion ultimately engulfed me.  So I went to bed at 10pm and got up at 3am.  This helped so much!  I felt well rested even though it was so early in the morning.  I managed to get an 90%, which is a well deserved grade for the limited time that I had.  Here’s a cute renal phys. humor for you:

Our professor likes to put comic strips like these in our lecture slides 🙂

Horrible news!  My flash drive broke when my laptop crashed to the ground.  All of my vet school notes were on it 😦 (long story)  It’s okay.  I can’t rely on technology to succeed!

Thursday was a special day because we got to meet our mentors on Thursday (supposed to be outside, but there was a chance of rain). My mentor is Dr. Aime Koenig.  They pair you up with your interests after vet school.  Her specialty is Internal Medicine and Emergency Clinical Care services.  She has already helped me with many ideas!  There will be 2 summers of freedom before clinical rotations after our third year, so I need to start planning what I want to do.  I never did research, & I would love to volunteer in an emergency care clinic or go abroad & help animals in need again.

Our vet school mascot, Sheila, is retiring! 😦  She is 9 yrs old & suffering w/ hepatic lipidosis.  We’ll miss her.

This weekend was all about preparing for my second Anatomy exam which covers A LOT!!!  I am not going to stress over this material.  I am surprisingly really enjoying studying this stuff about the heart and GI tract and arteries and reproductive organs and . . . okay enough, sorry 🙂

I worked again at the Bear Hollow Zoo and saw some really cool blow up decorations for Halloween.  The kids really liked seeing them.

It’s supposed to look like leeches are in there.

Random pics from one of the vet fraternity costume party that I did not attend.  They were very creative that night.

Through Him,


Deuteronomy 3:16= “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Thought it’d be a breather… (Week 9)

Week’s Itinerary= Vet Physiology Test 2, Histology lecture quiz 2, Research Symposium Day

Okay, I’m not saying this week was as awful as last week, but it was still a bit challenging.  Instead of four important tests going on, there were just two.  Oh, but don’t be fooled.  We had our Vet Physiology exam on Wednesday, and it was not easy (for me at least).  After taking the phys exam, I kept shaking my head feeling devastated (realized I over-analyzed WAY too much.)  Just like Bacteriology, I had no idea what grade I was going to receive, but I need to stop worrying about the past.  It already happened, so you can’t go back & change mistakes now.  Fortunately, our professor let us take the exam 30 minutes earlier so that we can take our time with each question.  She stated that she was once a slow test taker during her student years, so she understood.  She is SO kind!  How I studied the day before exam was very helpful, and I again wish I had more time.  I had my phone out to remind me when time would run out for studying a specific material.  For example, I did an hour solely for biochemistry physiology then did 30 minutes of histology prep for lab, then did an hour studying for renal physiology then back to 30 minutes Histo lab again repeating the whole cycle.  It helped me study everything & stay focus.

Guess what?  Yep, another Histology quiz!  Oh, what bundles of joy.  Yet again, the Histo lecture quiz was placed @ the wrong time in the week!  It was right after phys. exam on the same day!!  Fortunately, He made it really easy!  It covered the urinary system and male & female reproduction.

There was an interesting Purina meeting on Wed with some interesting food (Cali N’ Titos/ delicious Hispanic food).  The speaker was very energetic, and he opposes the idea of blogging.  He did have a good point that we are very opinionated and don’t have editors and what-not, but I think it’s fine if there is a goal in mind for your blog.  I did not realize I signed up for something that is well despised by people.  The sole reason why I started this blog was to help you guys get a feel for what to expect here at UGA’s vet school.  Is that a crime?  Anyway, he seemed pretty cool and passionate about pets and even human nutrition.

On Thursday, we did not have lectures today b/c it was Research Symposium Day.  This day consisted of multiple presentations on various research that were done by graduate students, vet students, and students in residency.  The presentations were very informative & insightful.  Our class president presented her research about ways of identifying sex-determination in Sea Sturgeons (fish) used for caviar.  She was hilarious & comprehensible (some went way over my head!).  I liked how there are research opportunities where you can work hands-on with the animals (field work) while also being in a lab.  I love the outdoors, so that seems like a great balance for me.

Here were the winners of the research presentations:

I do have some good news.  There was an offer opened for Freshmen who would not mind working down in the vet clinics during Christmas break.  I really had to pray over it and see if this is what God wants me to do b/c I would just go home and rest during the break if it were up to me.  This week, I found out that I got accepted to work in the Neurology department during Christmas break!  I am excited about it & hope to learn a lot!

I feel extremely behind in Anatomy!!!  I just got to take one day at a time.  Test is in two weeks!!  I have not been able to use my tutor after the first exam b/c of how intense it has been, but I wished I made time.

Neuroanatomy is killing me this weekend!!  I was unable to study the lecture material at all until after my Phys exam on Wed. of this week.  I am just going over as many of the recordings so that I don’t miss anything from the lecture.  One teacher only has pictures for his slides, so thankfully these recordings are helping me see what he wants us to focus on.  Also, that devastating Neuroanatomy lab exam actually helped me understand a little with what is going on in the lecture notes.  So even though the lab may have been overwhelming, it’s helping you see a big picture with this material.

Worked at the Bear Hollow Zoo again this weekend (2 shifts!). It was my first time doing a deluxe party for the kids, and it did take a little more preparation that just the Basic parties.  I had to set all of the tables with decorations, plates & utensils, get out a cool alligator-shaped cake, inflate some blow-up animals, prepare goody bags, and finally get my presentation animals (red-footed tortoise, Barn Owl, & a hedgehog).  In between shifts, I studied a bit for Histology because I have my final lab quiz next week the day after the Neuroanatomy exam.  I know this one will suck b/c it will cover A LOT of material (GI tract, urinary system, male & female reproduction, & ear contents.  I believe the day will come when I will feel like I am on top of everything . . .

Through Him,


Matthew 17:20- “He replied, “Because you have so little faith.  I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Rain of Madness Week (Week 8)

Week’s Itinerary= Bacteriology Test 2, Neuroanatomy Lab Exam, Renal Physiology Quiz, Histology Lab Quiz 2

When will it end!!? So much went on this week! This week will scare you a bit, but you can do it. It consisted of 2 exams and 2 quizzes all lumped near each other (Wed, Thursday, & Friday). Fortunately, our class president reasoned with the Histology professor to move the quiz up to Monday to relieve some stress from Wed, which included the Bacteriology exam.  After coming back from my karate tournament last weekend, I was unable to unpack, clean my room, wash any clothes, or get any groceries. I was a mess this week. I would come home after midnight for some days after studying all day at the vet school or music school.  Fortunately, meetings provided food (primarily pizza) most of the days this week, which was a blessing since I couldn’t get groceries.

For Bacteriology, I thought it was difficult.  I just didn’t have much time to really delve into all of these bacteria and their clinical diseases. I only had 3 days to study over 11 bacteria and there many clinical diseases. For example, Streptococcus has 8 different clinical diseases like Streptococcus uberis, S.equi, S.pyogenes, etc.  I did the best I could, and realized that you should just stick with your gut. If you know the bacteria, don’t second guess yourself with an answer, just mark it down.  I am so glad this exam was multiple choice b/c I could narrow down what answers were very wrong.  After this exam, your anxiety and nervousness eases down for a little while. I got an A (90%!!! / class average was ~90%).  Just b/c the average was high does not mean the exam was a walk in the park.  I was SO shocked to get that grade b/c I really only had just a few days to study after those 2 exams last week (wk 7).

We got back our Cell Biology Final exam that we did last Friday, and I got an 88.75%!  Again, I advise you to study hard before the exam even if you hear that you can get a B in the class for just getting a 50% on your final exam. I also got my 2nd and final paper for Cell Biology and got a 100%, which means I got an A in the class! Praise the Lord!!! On Thursday, the day right after the Bacteriology exam, we had our Renal Physiolgy quiz.  Since I did not pay attention in class at all before the Bacteriology exam, I decided to do a marathon of Physiology recordings found online. This saved my life!!! I was able to comprehend everything the teacher was talking about on my pace. I can pause her anytime I am lost and not feel behind.  After the quiz, the professor went over the quiz, & I think I got a 100% on the quiz!  There were 5 recorded lectures I had to watch, so I basically went to bed at around 2am 😦 Hallelujah!! All of this studying is paying off.  And then there’s the Neuroanatomy lab exam on Friday. . .

Just like the Anatomy practical lab portion of the exam, we had to alternate to different stations (50 questions this time).  Also, less resting stations were provided, but I honestly did not need the full minute and 30 seconds to answer all of the questions.  In the beginning of the exam, I was feeling pretty good.  Later, however, all of the brains were beginning to look like blobs, so it was hard to identify everything correctly.  Also, I was a bit frustrated that the professors added things on the exam that they never told us to know.  I hope they will do a learning objective list in the future  like how they do for Anatomy.  Right after lab that day, I went to my mailbox & saw my long awaited Histology Midterm in my box.  My heart was pounding so hard b/c I was terrified with what I might see.  The first section I viewed was the lecture portion.  I managed to get a 90% on it, which I won’t complain.  The lab section was what I was really worried about b/c of how low my quiz grades were for that class.  Guys, I got an 84%!!  That feels like an A to me b/c of how difficult it was.  So that means overall, I got ~approx. 87% on my Histo midterm.  Praise God!  I pray that everyone else did okay.  The class average was not posted up yet (Later found out that the average was an 83%).

On Saturday, I was invited by some classmates to take a break and go see a movie!  We decided to watch “Frankenweenie”, and it was not my favorite (I’d give it a C-).  It did give me a chance to just laugh out loud at how stupid it was.  Definitely stay for the ending (last 20 minutes), b/c that was the best part of the whole movie.


He was actually the only thing I liked about this movie.  He was just such a weird character, but I gravitated to him (kind of like how I did with Gollum in The Lord of the Rings 🙂 )


On Sunday, I did my second day on the job at Bear Hollow Zoo today. The birthday party went extremely well again!!  The mom of the two precious birthday boys (one turned 4 and his brother turned 2) hates snakes, so I had to adjust my presentation a bit.  The change from a Ball Python to a Red-footed Tortoise turned out to flow real nicely in my presentation with the Barn Owl and Hedgehog. The children and parents really liked seeing the animals up close, and I tried to get the parents involved as well by asking questions and allowing them to pet some of them.  Today was my first time EVER getting a tip (20$). I felt like I accomplished something so grand with that tip!  But, the most important thing about this job is to see these children smile and learn something new about God’s beautiful creatures.

Through Him,


Proverbs 28:27=  “He who gives to the poor will lack nothing, but he who closes his eyes to them receives many curses.”

Not too bad. But . . . (Week 7)

Week’s Itinerary= Histology midterm, Cell Biology Paper 2 & final exam, “Vet School for a Day”, & Karate tournament

This week after the Histology exam was not too demanding, but I still had to prepare for next week’s “Rain of Madness”!!  Week 8 looks so scary on the schedule b/c I have to prepare myself for 2 quizzes and 2 exams!  I am contemplating whether I should sleep or not 😦 This week had 2 exams, Histology and Cell Biology.  We took the Histo exam on Monday, and I think I did fine (I know I passed it at least). I heard to not get too confident though for exams b/c you may think you A’ced it but then find out you did poorly.  The format of the exam was something like this:

Lecture Portion:

 -Was not too difficult at all.  The professor said it was okay to look at any of his old exams to practice his sort of questions.  Please take advantage of his thoughtful advice. 

 Lab Portion:

 -More challenging.  Practice looking at slides so that you can ID them on the test.  It will be a lot of material to learn, so start early.  The quizzes, even though you may not do that well, is a blessing b/c you are studying the material a little at a time before exam time.  We went to the Histo lab, and each of us went to our own microscope.  A small box was resting in front of us on the table when we sat down.  We have 20 minutes per box (2 boxes total/ person across from you has the second box).  It is a little different from taking a quiz b/c arrows and dots are directly on the slide itself instead of on the big screens where everyone can see the questions.  Also, some questions were difficult to interpret as usual.  Make sure you know what the teacher is asking in her questions before taking the test so that you don’t screw up everything like I might have.  I did finally go up to the professor 2 days after the exam just to get a good understanding of her questions.  I thought I was going to do better in my Lab #3 quiz, but it was my worst one (65%).  We sat and talked through the quiz, and I began to understand what she was really trying to say in her questions.  I did, however, bring a question to her attention that was incredibly ambiguous.  She understood my argument and may give the class back 2 pts out of 20 (+10 to 100pt)!  So my grade may go up to a 75% for quiz #3.  I can do better…

I like what a classmate said about studying, “I am juggling between courses based on what exam is coming up next.”  That is exactly what I have been doing but primarily focusing on one course with the exam coming up within a week.  For example, Cell Biology (Final exam) was the next one to tackle.  I was hearing some people saying they wouldn’t do too much studying before this exam b/c we heard that even if you get a 50% on the final, you can get a B.  Ha!  I’ll believe it till I see it.  I studied the best I could so that I will feel safe afterwards.  I think it paid off b/c they posted up the key of the final exam by their office.  I’ll let you know how I did once I get the grade in my hand.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to turn in your 2nd and final Cell bio paper before the exam that morning.

Ready to hear how I did on my Anatomy exam???  Again, I thought I did better than what I received for my grade.  It’s weird b/c I thought my grade for the lab portion would turnout better  than in the lecture part, but the outcome was reversed.  I got a B+ for the lecture portion (average was a 87%) & a C+ on the lab portion (average was a 81%).  So the total grade I got came out to be a 79%(C+).  I am frustrated with the grade, but I still have joy booming within my heart.  Vet school is a season of many trials, and I am feeling the lashes way early this semester.  It is definitely teaching me to be humble & not be overly confident about an exam.  In my case, anything is possible.  I did have a funny occurrence when opening up the test paper though.  I thought I saw “great” on the back of the lab practical paper, but it was just my last name, “Grant”.  Man!!  That definitely messed up my insides a little while opening up the test.  I did get a “well done” written on the lecture portion though, so that was very encouraging!  Be prepared that when you open the test paper, you will see A LOT of red markings b/c they like to put check marks on what is correct too.  I struggled a lot of times with what the professors were actually asking me to answer.  Again, I advise you to sit down with one of the professors or tutors and ask them to train you with how the questions will be worded.  This is a HUGE issue for me in Histology as well.  I may know everything about an organ and still bomb a quiz just b/c I don’t quite know what the professor is trying to say in their question.  It’s very frustrating, so get help with that very early in the semester.

For Neuroanatomy, it was our 3rd and last lab on Thursday (early morning at 8am for Session I this time).  Our Neuro lab exam is next week Friday, so there is not much time to take everything in since there will also be our 2nd Bacteriology exam, a Physiology quiz, AND Micro Anatomy quiz next week.  Oh, Lord save me.  I just need to take each day at a time is what I keep telling myself.

Vet school offers “Vet School for a Day”.  This will be a great opportunity for parents and students to tour the school & see if it’s a perfect fit for you.  There were over 400 high school students and parents here touring the vet school on Wed, so it was nice to see eager and curious faces again.  Many of us vet students are beginning to look like trolls dragging our feet to our next destination b/c we are so tired all the time.  Not to scare you or anything 🙂

On Thursday, I had a mini performance with my choir (African American Choral Ensemble).  It went so well!  Our audience were high school chorus students who might be interested in enrolling to UGA when they graduate.  They seemed to really enjoy us while we were performing.  We sang “My Name is Toil”, “I’m Gonna Ride in the Chariot”, & “Call Him Up!” (My favorite).

One of my sisters in Christ!  She is such a sweetheart 🙂

On Saturday, I went to my karate clubs “45th Annual Shorinjiryu Shiai National Tournament”.  We are a small group that practices a unique Japanese style of Martial Arts.  I signed up for Kata (techniques) and Kumite (fighting) and won first place for both of them.  It was fun seeing everyone who live in different states coming together to fight and just have fun!

Those were the intimidating judges.

Here I am ready for Kumite (Like the fake abs on the gear?)

Oh snap!

Ka-duush! 🙂

As you can see, I like to kick people . . . I did throw a few punches here and there though.

Very amazing fighter who I greatly admire!  He just finished his Kobudo (Weapon kata with a bo)

These are my three senseis.   One next to me is the head sensei in America!  To his left is my sensei in Kennesaw, and the far right of the pic is my sensei at UGA.  I just now realized I am standing on the wrong side (we stand by rank, but I guess this photo is a bit informal.)

This is my crew from Kennesaw.  They are a fun bunch who could beat me up if they wanted to, but they are more protective of me than anything else.

Through Him,

Isaiah 40:29= “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”

First Exam in Vet School (Week 4)

Week’s Itinerary= Bacteriology Test 1, Histology Lab quiz 1, Kudzu Olympics

This week encompassed a lot, but the most important day was Thursday because of my first exam (Bacteriology) here at vet school!  On Thursday morning, I went to school 2 hrs early (test was at 9a).  My “big sib” in second year of vet school surprised me with a gift of delectable goodies before the exam!  Also, one of the fraternities (OTS) brought brownies and cupcakes for our class [upperclassmen are very nice and generous peeps :)].  I felt so loved, and it boosted my energy for the well-awaited test.  30 minutes before test time, our Class President, Jenny Munhofen invited the class to pray in front of the vet school building.  It was a very beautiful & encouraging turnout!  We definitely prayed for strength in taking our exams.  We also prayed for Ivy Merck who is still missing & for one of Grace Vahey’s(Treasurer) Cornell professors who is suffering with cancer.

Even though Labor Day Weekend helped tremendously, portions of the exam (for me at least) were tricky.  Since there were 3 teachers who taught different portions for test 1 of Bacteriology, some questions may be written harder than others.  The most difficult portion for me was Dr. Lafontaine (?s).  Some of the (?s) seemed like they could have been more than one answer. For example, he might ask “Which is the best . . .” or “Which most likely . . . “, and a lot of answers with “all of the above” or “none of the above.”  Believe me when I say I studied my butt off for this exam, but questions like these make me want to second guess my answers.  That being said, I think I got at least 6 (?s) wrong out of 45 (?s), so a B or lower.  I hate Bs, but I also learn from my mistakes.  I did hear one classmate say they did not really study and think got only 1 (?) wrong.  WHAT!!!?  They are not worried b/c they have done multiple research and experiences involving bacteriology.  Oh by the way, you don’t get to take your exam packet afterwards.

On the same day, we had to do a Histology Lab quiz as well.  You would think that the professor would be easy on us after taking a challenging exam, but that is a poor assumption.  It was so hard guys, and many people were struggling.  I actually studied a little before while studying Bacteriology, but I knew it was not enough.  I am just going to brush that off & move forward.  After school, I went to karate to relieve some stress and then met with my “big sib” to eat some frozen yogurt at Yoforia by Five Points off of Milledge.

During the week before the exam, I sadly missed some extracurricular activities b/c I had to focus on the exam.  Sometimes, you got to make sacrifices to achieve a goal.  Seeing people studying until late at the vet school really encouraged me to continue studying hard.  I was afraid to be the only one staying there until late.  Also, I finally got my quiz grades in Histology Lecture & Lab Quiz 1.

Micro Lecture #1- 100% (Yayy!)/ took about 2 weeks to get it though

Micro Lab #1- 68% (Crap!!)/ less than a week

I will be completely honest with my grades here in my blog.  I am unashamed of my failures.  It teaches me patience for my weaknesses and determination to keep fighting.  So, I will not let you guys down!  The lab professor mentioned that lecture grades are usually significantly higher than lab quizzes (we’re not used to this lab setting yet).  She also likes to incorporate “fill in the blank” questions within a paragraph setting.  This means if you get one blank wrong, it may greatly affect your other answers.

On Friday, I finally attended a Fraternity Event ever!!!  It’s called Kudzu Olympics, and I thought it was not that bad.  I did want to do some activities such as Dodgeball or Volleyball though, but all of the spaces were taken.  Here are photos of my experience there:

Dodgeball team

-Pic of some of our classmates.  I am SO sorry!  I didn’t realize my camera bag was on my hip pushing you away.  I forgot I had it on.

Much better!  I had no business being in the front (too tall).

Here is Class of 2016 t-shirt design for this event.

     Cornhole Team

Silly classmate! 🙂

Through Him,


John 3:16= “For God so loved the world that He gave His Son, and whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

Preparation for Victory (Week 3)

Week’s Itinerary= Class election results, Histology lecture quiz 1, and Cell biology paper 1

Don’t you just love three-day weekends!?  Instead of going home and having fun with my wonderful family though, I am here in Athens doing my best to catch up with studying (big Bacteriology exam next week).  I know, I am such a nerd, but who wouldn’t be if you decide to stay in college for another 4 years!!

I do have encouraging news as far as studying goes.  Remember when I mentioned last week that I have been experimenting ways of studying?  Well, listening very diligently to the professor during lectures actually helps a lot.  After lectures when I begin to study on my own, the material does not look foreign and brand new to me.  So, there you go.  I now will leave you to do whatever you decide on studying habits.  I know some already have a game plan after being in undergrad for many years now.

It has been three weeks now, and I still have not worried about bringing lunch to school.  Yes, the majority of this week still consisted of meetings GALORE with free meals!  You all will really appreciate this when you are a vet student.  I actually decided to join groups such as PathHeads Club and Zoo Med Club.  At first, I was not interested at all with Pathology until I saw the frantic faces of second years this week as they were preparing for their first Pathology Exam.  I believe this club will introduce me to diseases and abnormalities that will prepare me for next year and even further down the road during clinical rotations.

Make sure that you are preparing yourselves for the Microbiology (Histology) quiz and Cell Biology paper for Thursday (paper deadline may change).  The paper took less than 2 hours, but I can see why people would forget to do this report.  Also for the quiz, I did a retarded mistake!  I thought I was writing down the right term when in actuality I really was not.  Do not get confused between the terms fibroblast, chondroblast, and osteoblast.  Fibroblast has to do with cells within fibers, chondroblast for cells in cartilage, and osteoblasts are cells within bone.  Right now, you’re like “Wha???”, but once you take this course and see the pics, you will understand how stupid I felt after taking the quiz.

I highly advise you to take Human Physiology in your undergrad years before taking it here in vet school.  Not only is it helping me for Vet Physiology (still hard though), it is also helping me with Anatomy and Histology.  You will learn a lot about nerves, axons, dendrites, CNS, PNS, etc. in these classes, which will help you feel more comfortable since you have learned about it in Human Phys.  This week, the whole class was struggling in Histology lab because many of us had no clue what some of these terms meant involving the brain and spinal cord.  It even got frustrating for me a little bit as well.  In addition, I really am enjoying Anatomy!  I may be confused at first in lecture class, but things begin to clear up when my hands are literally in the dog.   During one of the lectures, a great teacher came and taught us about radiology (the usage of X-ray imaging).  In previous years, 1st years did not learn too much about radiology.  So when the 3rd year approached, they did poorly in the class.  They are now teaching us the fundamentals so that we will not be incredibly confused in the future.

Works cited: Dr. Holiday’s CNS Lecture Notes 🙂

Our Class of 2016 elections finally reached to a close.  Congratulations to our new class officers! (Pics were graciously provided by the officers)

President – Jenny Munhofen

Vice President – Will Basinger

Secretary – Cindy Kanis

Treasurer – Grace Vahey

Due to my love for free food, I completely forgot to stay and wait after Histology class to cast my vote.  Sorry guys!

This week, I heard some really unfortunate news about a formal vet student here at UGA.  From Class of 2014, Ivy Merck went missing  for about two weeks now, and there has been no news of her whereabouts.  She was last seen in Camden County (which is her home town).  Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Through Him,


Romans 8:28
“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”