Final Countdown (Spring Week 13)

Week’s Itinerary= Physical Diagnosis Final, Virology Final, & Physiology Final

This is it.  My last week of core classes before electives.  Wow, what a week!  I had to overcome 3 very different finals this week (Physical Diagnosis on Monday, Virology on Wednesday, and Physiology on Friday).  Oh by the way, I finally got my grade back for Ethics.  It was a B.  I am highly disappointed with my grade and because I feel like it is way too late for me to go to the professor and have a plausible argument to boost my grade to a better grade I deserve.  Oh well, I passed so let me quit my distress and be happy. Update:  Hey great news!!  One of my Ethics professors, Dr. Cornell, understood my frustration from an email I sent her, and she took the time to hear me out with why I thought I deserved a better grade on the essays I did.  Guess what . . . my B+ went up to an A-!  Praise the Lord!!  Don’t be afraid to speak from your heart to professors like this kindhearted professor.  They will listen and will take the time to work with you.  Don’t always expect that your grades may be raised though.

The Physical Diagnosis final was a mixture of very easy to very challenging.  The written portion consisted of multiple choice and T/F questions.  Here are some recommendations: take a lot of notes while the doctors are doing a presentation before each lab.  Also, study all handouts plus lecture notes for the written and practical portion of the final.  I also took the practical portion on the same day as the written portion, and I highly encourage you to do this so that it will be out of the way (you want to start focusing on the other finals).  My practical was delayed 30 minutes because the professors were asking a lot of questions.  While I was waiting, I had the opportunity of seeing a mare resting with her newborn foal.  The foal was so cute as it was trying to get up and walk but it kept slipping.

The next final was Virology.  It was a huge challenge for me!  After taking the exam, I predicted I got 15 questions wrong out of 50, and I found out I was very close to that (I got a C).  I would encourage studying everything while also looking at the learning objectives.  This time, I don’t think the learning objectives helped as much as it did in the earlier exams.  Overall, I managed to get a B, which I will take in a heartbeat.  Virology and bacteriology were my least favorite courses because I feel there was not a lot of time to be engrossed with all of the bacteria and viruses like how I would have wanted to.  I felt very rushed.  I did love how my class was quick to helping each other!  I love my class.  I tried uploading completed learning objectives, but I couldn’t finish them.  Classmates pitched in!  Thank you!  Love you guys! 🙂

Here comes the final Final . . . Physiology.  This was another class that I did not favor.  Fortunately, Dr. Sanderson’s power points are very entertaining while you study them.  You will understand what I mean if you get the chance to be in this vet school.  My Class love her so much that we gave her a gift. “Vera Bradley Laptop Portfolio”

We always saw her carrying her laptop without a case, so we wanted her to carry it with ease and style.

 Well, guys, I have not gotten a lot of grades back yet, so I will let you know as soon as I get them (Immunology was an A, Ethics was an A, Anatomy (Large Animals) was a B, Virology was a B, and Physiology II was a B, .  In the meantime, I will be enjoying the rest of my semester doing electives.  Here are the electives I will be attending:

 International Veterinary medicine


Emergency Critical Care

And that’s it!  I am ready to enjoy these classes while also relaxing during these last few weeks of school.  You will not be hearing from me until after my 1st year of vet school is completed.  I will try to compile a list of classes and classmates’ opinions of what they thought about the electives they decided to take part in.  Hopefully, this will help you make the best decision in choosing the right elective.  Take care guys, & feel free to ask me any questions by leaving a comment on the blog.  Oh, by the way.  I have a praise!!  A good friend of mine got into vet school!  He will be going to St. George in the Caribbean, so I am so excited for him.  Congratulations!!

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Through Him,


Exodus 15:2= “The LORD is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation; This is my God, and I will praise Him; my father’s God, and I will extol Him”