Rate My Electives! (Year 3/ Spring)

Hey guys!

I can now officially say that I never will have to sit in a classroom and take an exam for the rest of my life!  What a feeling of invigoration and enjoyment.  Some say these past 3 years in vet school went by so fast, but they honestly have been long for me.  I love to try savor every moment of my life no matter how difficult it may be.

During the electives period, we did a dedication ceremony at UGA’s new Veterinary Medical Center.  It was well organized, and we had many Alumni and political officials come visit the site.

20150213-140907-vmc-dedication-0108-XL 20150213-143816-vmc-dedication-0174-XL


Here are some pictures inside the hospital


20150212-155004-vmc-dedication-4209-unfisheyed-XL 20150212-155424-vmc-dedication-4218-XL 20150213-162121-vmc-dedication-0264-XL

I learned a lot in the classroom, but I am now inching to experience what clinical rotations will be like.  Each three weeks, I will provide a synopsis for my time spent in a particular specialty here at UGA’s vet school or at one of my externships I signed up for.  My first rotation will be Cardiology, so look out for the next post soon.  Here are the reviews for this semesters electives.  Take care guys!

Electives (alphabetical order) Honest Feedback Overall Rating (1=NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!!! 5=Highly recommend it!)
Equine Imaging
good class! Learned quite a bit, although sometimes it could be a little boring. I even got to bring my horse in for a lab and got free radiographs on him! 5
Equine Respiratory
Not a horsey person but I did enjoy this class b/c its mostly Dr. Giguere. However, in retrospect if I had to drop one of my three classes I needed to take, this would be the one. I think respiratory in core really burnt me out. 3
Boring lectures in my opinion. Some of the information was new but a lot of it was review. Dr. Giguere has good intentions and is VERY nice, but I think he feels a bit trapped by the whole multiple choice testing system. Maybe he will branch out and do more clinical type testing in the future though! Probably a good class for horsey or mixed people to take anyway. 3
Equine Surgery
Good class, learned some new things and reviewed a lot which is good! Since there were so few people in the class, we had NO exams as long as we all had perfect attendance. 5
LA Cardiology   N/A
LA Neurology  N/A
LA Surgery
Great class. Very laid back atmosphere but super cool labs. There is one class, one lab, and one quiz per week, so the schedule is pretty easy. Classes are interesting and don’t waste your time at all. You get to do everything in labs with very little hand-holding. We did rectal exams, right flank omentopexys, and castrations on live animals plus enucleations on horse heads. Can be kind of scary but you learn a lot. Horse castration lab wasn’t super well organized, but it was still really cool. Quizzes are easy and graded generously. 5
Awesome class!! You get to work on live animals for several of the labs. There is no final exam and only easy quizes once a week. 5
Ruminant Digestive Disease  N/A
Ruminant Respiratory Disease  N/A
SA Cardiology
One of the best electives EVER. TAKE THIS. 5
This class is the jam. Great professors, useful material, etc etc etc. Can’t recommend it highly enough. 5
Do ECGs scare you? Do you want to get better at interpreting them? Take this class. There is a great ECG lab where you talk through interpretations and gain a lot of confidence. The tests are challenging but fair. 5
Great class! A lot of necessary information here that wasn’t discussed in core class. 5
Loved the material and the teachers. 5
The teachers are awesome!! As a person who cardiology has always been a difficult subject, I learned a lot! 4
SA Neurology
Really good review from core. Glad I took it. Both exams were really straight forward and I didnt put a lot of time in this class. 5
If you want a nice, laid back review from core b4 going on rotations, take this course 5
Teachers are interesting and fun. None of the scary neuro stuff you remember (or don’t remember) from freshman year. Lots of review but more focus on cases. 4
Kent and Platt are awesome. Material is very clinically applicable. 5
This class is very straight forward. You don’t have to stress about keeping up with the information because there is a review session before each test that summarizes everything you need to know. It is very clinically oriented so even if neuroanatomy was not your thing, don’t let that shy you away from this elective. 5
Great class! A lot of repeat from the core, but its so clinically applicable. 5
There were some repeat informtaion, but the practice localizing was great. 5
A lot of clinical cases. A repeat of core for the most part, but an easy class. Definitely improved my skills on localization. 5
SA Oncology
Required for taking Oncology rotation. I learned a lot from this course. You will see masses in practice on a regular bases, so I recommend taking the class to get a good foundation with cancer 4
Again, you must take this if you are planning to do the rotation. However, even if you aren’t, but will be doing anything small animal, I think this course is a must take. It gives you a good concept of how to approach lumps and bumps in general practice, when to refer and what diagnostic tests are required and which are just nice to have. 5
This ought to be a core course in my opinion. I know so much more about those lumps and bumps that come in every day now. There’s more complex stuff in the course too, but most of it is straightforward and important. 5
Somewhat tough, some of the material is very dense, but it’s also really useful if you’re going into GP. 4
This is a very valuable class and important if you are planning on doing small animal practice, but it is a lot of information and you do need to study. The tests rely more on clinical thinking than memorizing facts, so try to develop a clinical intuition about the process of diagnosing and the different steps you would take depending on the biologic behavior of each type of cancer. 4
Should be req. for SA people. Good class. 5
Useful information, sometimes hard to study for by yourself- so find a budy to talk over the differences between the tumors. 🙂 5

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2 Corinthians 8:11 “Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it, according to your means.”