Rate My Electives! (Year 3/ Fall)

“Hey guys!

I thoroughly enjoyed this semester’s electives!  I hope these reviews help you choose the right elective in the future.

Bovine Sx

Straight-forward class, can easily make a great grade (A) if you put in the effort.                5 out of 5


Clinical Immnology

I thought this class would be more organized and more focused on vaccines. I was a little disappointed in it, but I still learned a good deal, but it definitely was not what I expected. In retrospect, I would not have taken this class. However, the assignments, quizzes, and final exam were fairly straight forward, thankfully.            2 out of 5

I am not going to lie this class just felt like busy work and was incredibly unorganized, but Dr. Gogol and Smith are awesome.      2

I thought this class was fun and good for discussion, but it wasn’t very focused on any one thing. I learned a good amount and it’s an easy grade.       3.5

Drs. Gogal and Smith are great, but I would have liked this class to be more about case discussions. Ultimately, I didn’t feel like I learned a lot about the clinical application of immunolgy.     2


Equine Dentistry

oh geez, what to say….grow some thick skin and be prepared to be insulted and maybe learn a few things                1.5 out of 5

Absolutely hated this class. You’ll see the same lectures you saw in previous core and elective classes and have your time wasted by Dr. Lowder being late to every class. He spends lecture time telling irrelevant stories, insulting you, and teaching you almost nothing about dentistry. Then he’ll treat you like you’re a total idiot because you don’t know anything about dentistry. Labs are marginally better because there are other doctors and 4th years around, but also stressful, disorganized, and often somewhat dangerous in my opinion. He never showed us how to float teeth in any understandable fashion before asking us to do it on live horses and then scolded us for sucking at it. Ridiculous.   1


Equine Digestive

This was one of the best classes I have ever taken. Most of the work happens at home by self tests which you automatically get a 100 for attempting it. The final was a bear, but they grade super fair. I am SO glad I took this class even though I am not a large animal/horsey person. It was awesome.         5 out of 5

Really liked this class, it is a flipped class, all case discussion with some online assignments at home. The teachers are the best!   5


Equine Foot

Very physics/biomechanically focused, but you learn a lot! And Dr. Parks is phenomenal. We had 6 assignments (no tests) that were somewhat tedious and some took quite a bit of time, but hey, no studying!    5 out of 5


Equine Sx

Great class, learn very useful stuff. Dr. Mueller is great. Can easily earn a decent grade (A/B) if you put in effort.   5 out of 5


SA Advanced ECC

This was one of the best and hardest classes I have taken. Learned a TON. Exams were really hard, but I loved the lectures and they have a ton of points floating around to help your grade so that helped a lot!               5 out of 5

Very difficult, but an absolute must for anyone in SA.     5

The take home midterm was incredibly annoying and they don’t post half the lectures or provide echo, so go to class! I learned a lot in this class, the lectures were always good, but the tests are challenging.              4


SA Advance Surgery

Excellent hands-on class. I learned so much from the doctors who patiently worked with us. No SOAPs!! You don’t have to worry about anesthesia because the dogs are cadavers. No finals, just quizzes for each lab!   5 out of 5

Again, a must for anyone in SA – even if you aren’t interested in “advanced surgery” per se, the technical skills you pick up from this class are essential      5

This was my favorite elective this round. Dr. Clarke is the sweetest man alive and I gained a lot more confidence in my surgical skills. It is very low stress, one easy quiz each week after surgery and no final exam. I wish I had this class everyday!                5

Very interesting class with great labs. Some of the material was reinforced in other classes, but almost nothing was repetitive. Teachers were all SUPER nice and very committed to helping their students do a good job.                5

This class is great and pairs nicely with the required (for SA) musculoskeletal elective. Dr. Clarke is an amazing teacher. The labs are great, but one should note that they are primarily orthopedic surgeries.    5


SA Anesthesia

More or less a more intense, quicker run through of the basic anesthesia class, with some more insight on certain topics.    5

I loved going to these lectures, esepcially Dr. Quandt’s. This is very case-based and discussion oriented class. It really makes you think and put your anesthesia knowledge to the test. There is a quiz every day, but these are nothing to be stressed about. They are 3 questions and come from previous lecture.      5

Teachers are much easier at grading quizes/tests, so don’t avoid this class just because the core anesthesia put you out. awesome class!!    5


SA Digestive

Very helpful with learning how to do better SOAPs. Very case-based, lecture learning type of course. Clinically relevant             4 out of 5

If you liked the core class, you will like this class… it’s essentially more of the same           4

I love case based discussions over straight up lecturing, and this class was all case discussions. It is very similar to the core class, but provides great SOAP writing practice.          5

Case discussions were good and the SOAP assignments seemed like good prep for clinics. Dr. Creevy is super nice. There seemed to be a lot of overlap with the core course so it got a bit boring at times, but it was approached in a different way at least. Especially recommended if you think you need practice writing SOAPs because she gives good feedback.           4

Really liked this class. it is all going through cases in class with supplimental readings from Ettinger. The only downside I found was that it was a lot of work to keep up with the readings, otherwise an excellent class.           4

Just a review of the core class. Though it was helpful to get practice on SOAPs, I wouldn’t have taken it if I had another chance.         2.5

One of the best electives I have taken. All case discussion. Most of the grade is based on the completion of a SOAP instead of tests (which I found to be a better assessment of my understanding of the material). Definitely a good class for anyone SA.            5


SA Musculoskeletal

Boring lectures that repeat information from core, but it is a mandatory course for SA emphasis. I did learn a lot though, but the exams were EXTREMELY tricky!          2.5 out of 5

Very difficult class but a helpful refresher of the SA stuff from core         3.5

LOTS of repetition from core. I found it very boring.   I didn’t learn much. Exams were more challenging than expected (and tricky), but it is still possible to get a good grade. Listening to lectures is important because not everything is included in the slides.        3

Would have been much better as a series of cases discussions. Basically just a repeat of the core class. Required for SA emphasis folks so…..     2



Favorite class of the semester (can’t believe I’m saying this!). Awesome class even for a non-large animal person. I took this b/c I love to hear about diseases and this was basically a pathology class on pigs. Reeves tells you the first day that your final exam is 5 essays, and he absolutely prepares you for that exam. Keep in mind he writes the swine questions on boards, so this is a great board prep class. I loved it and is def one of my favorite electives ever!     5 out of 5


SA Ophthalmology

Great review from Core Ophtho! Plus it was a fun course to be a part of (great and hilarius professor). Quizzes, very engaging labs, midterm, and a fun & creative final project 5 out of 5

Dr. Myrna is awesome as usual and the class was super relaxed. It was almost entirely repeated from core, so I didn’t learn a lot of new stuff, but it was good review I guess. The lab was my favorite part as we got to do some surgical procedures not included in the core labs.             4


Zoo Medicine

Hmmmm, where do I start?!?!?!?!


See you next semester! Peace!


 –Psalm 34:14= “Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.”