Under Pressure (Spring Week 4)

Week’s Itinerary= Anatomy Test 1 & Virology Test 1, Student Ambassador Interviews

This was an intense week!  First, we took our Anatomy Exam 1 on Wednesday and then our Virology Exam 1 on Friday.  Both were intense, but I surprisingly feel good about both of them… this scares me 🙂 I just need to trust myself that I did the best I could do.  The setup of the Anatomy Exam was very much like the exams from last semester.  If you want the layout, see Week 6 (Headache from Rabies).  There were fewer rest stations though, but it was fine.  Remember to eat something big before these tests, because I could not focus when my stomach was growling.

All right, so I got my Ethics paper back this week and was not pleased at all with my grade.  Apparently, I did not follow the rubric well, so make sure that you make everything as organized as possible.  The professor says it’s fine if you do the paper like an outline that goes through each step of the Ethical Decision-Making Module (5 steps).  You will get a scenario that is vet-related and asked to write up on ethical ways of solving the problem.

My Student Ambassador interview was this week!  A lot applied (29 applicants), and there are only 15-17 spots!  The questions they asked were not intimidating.  Just be yourself and relax! (wasn’t chosen though . . . Ooh well!  Wasn’t meant to be.)

I had another AACE concert this week!  It was in Toccoa, Georgia which was an hour and forty-five minutes away.  It was beautiful!  I love singing unto the Lord!  It was the day before the Virology exam, so I had to really retain as much information as I could with the little bit of time that I had.

I found out something cool pertaining to my blog!  I was asked by a reader if I could go to their school and talk to the students at their pre-vet club.  What an opportunity!  But … I believe I must be an ambassador representing my school first.  If I say anything wrong, my school crumbles to the ground.  Words are powerful tools that can change someone’s perception.  I will ask the administrators though if that is okay with them. (They were fine with the field trip.  I just needed to bring an ambassador with me.  It went well.)

I think I am going to enjoy Physical Diagnosis class!  Here are some pics of my lab last week where we learned about restraining and clinical procedures on horses and cows.




One of my classmate’s Bearded Dragons kept me company while I was studying for Physiology.  We have two exams next week (Phys and Immunology) Just wanted to share that with you 🙂


Through Him,


2 Thessalonians 1:4-5= “Therefore, among God’s churches we boast about your perseverance and faith in all the persecutions and trials you are enduring.  All this is evidence that God’s judgment is right, and as a result you will be counted worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you are suffering.”

Formaldehyde Stingers (Spring Week 3)

Week’s Itinerary= no exam, just Anatomy preparation

Whew!  Man, my eyes were burning in that Anatomy lab this weekend!!  The good news is, I feel more confident for this Anatomy exam, and I still have 2 full days to study.  I can do this!  This week, we successfully completed Test 1 material (Neck, thorax, and forelimb).  I just found out that these embalmed animals are worth about $3000 each.  That’s crazy!  Dr. Dookwah finally decided to do an objective list for us!  I do want to point out that this class does not seem as difficult as Canine anatomy last semester because a lot of the names of the muscles and vessels of the horse and ruminants are very similar but just different locations.

There was not that much that went on as far as lecture classes are concerned.  They changed the professor for Immunology, and I feel that she teaches very well.  I still am incredibly behind though.  Oh yeah, don’t forget about Ethics writing assignments because they can be very sneaky.  They will always be due the following day at 8am.

My friend in my choir (African American Choral Ensemble) had a baby shower, and we literally showered her with love and tons of gift.  I love you my sister in Christ!


Alright, next week stay tuned for my battle against Anatomy and Virology exams.  Prayer is greatly appreciated.

Through Him,


Hebrew 11:1: Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Organizing Frenzy (Spring Week 2)

Week’s Itinerary= Class President’s Birthday Party

Oh, so now the undergraduates decided to show up?  They began their class this week while we are on our second week.  I have been beginning to see undergrads touring the vet school and sitting in class with us.  I got the opportunity to do that last year and observed an Anatomy lab.  I felt all privileged!

Class materials are piling up on me, but I have faith that I will tackle them all!  With Anatomy, I decided to make my own learning objective list since they do not provide one this semester (it’s been helping me).  I just needed some organization for this class.  Dr. Dookwah wants us to read, and I actually respect that.  I want more clarity though with what is most important for the exams.  Well, in all honesty, everything is vitally important for Anatomy 🙂

I am struggling to focus the most in Virology and Immunology.  For Virology, a classmate told me that following Dr. Sylte’s learning obj. lists while in lecture really helps with following him.  It is still a ton of information to follow.  Try to stay on top of the reading for immunology.  They provide online reading plus the lecture notes.  Since I am 2 chapters behind, I feel like an hour out of my day is wasted in lecture because I have no idea what the professor is talking about.

With Physiology, It sucks to have this class so early in the morning, but I am actually enjoying the lectures.  Once they started on Thyroid Hormones, the information flowed nicely.  Dr. Ward teaches this, and she is very good at grabbing our attention.  And then Dr. Brown comes in with Calcium and Phosphorus, and the material gets difficult again.  I enjoyed his lectures in undergrad, but I guess I’m struggling due to the fact that vet school is a highly advanced degree and requires more focus and studying.

On Tuesday, I was invited by a few classmates to play some basketball with them.  I missed playing basketball!  I used to play in high school, I did not really like playing on a team with only girls.  I like Coed-style!  It was so much fun, but I was so out of shape after Winter Break deliciousness 🙂  Some of them were tough!!

A few classmates and I decided to do Weekly Group meets before exams.  I am very excited about this because I did not get the opportunity to discuss class material with someone else before the exams.  Talking it out to someone really helps me digest the material better.  I pray this will help me out more with studying and meeting people.  That was one of my New Year’s Resolutions (to be more social).  The other was getting into this really cool Bible software called “Glo Bible”.  It’s basically a virtual reality tour of the Bible.  It is so amazing!


It was one of my classmate’s Birthday party (80s theme) on Friday at the skating ring, and it was a lot of fun!  She wanted me to sing, so I sang “Happy Birthday” and “I Surrender All”.  One of the owners at the skating ring is getting married soon, so I got another wedding gig!


Through Him,


Proverbs 31:30= “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Spring Semester Already? (Spring Week1)

Week’s Itinerary= Class Schedule & Helpful Tips for Spring classes

They are not playing around this semester!  We started classes the day right after New Year’s Day at 8AM!  Anyway . . . welcome back to my blog!  I really did not start as strong this time the way I did in the first week last semester in the fall.  Since I worked during the break (even on Christmas Day), I was so exhausted my first week.  Plus, I was sick, so I did not study that much.  Sorry to sound so pessimistic!  I just wish I had one more week of rest.

All right, so this semester will be another action-packed adventure with well over 6 core courses.  But get this, we will end the core period earlier this semester and begin our elective period!  The upperclassmen told us how amazing and stress-free these elective weeks will be.  Core classes end on March 29th, and electives begin on April 1st to May 8th.  The cool incentive with the electives is how we can now branch out and study courses that pertain to our areas of interests.  Again, I am interested in small pets and exotics, so I will choose courses that emphasize them while other classmates will go to a large animal or public health course and so on.  Here’s the class schedule for this semester:


If you look at the schedule, every single morning at 8AM is Physiology II.  This class was not my favorite topic, but I hope learning about the endocrine, reproductive, and gastrointestinal system will be more entertaining.  The immunology class seems fine so far.  The professor would say what is important on a slide to know for an exam, which is very helpful.  Dr. Sylte is our professor again for Virology, and he mentioned that this class is just like Bacteriology but on steroids!!!  Fantastic.  I’m so looking forward to this intense class.  If you guys remember, I did not enjoy studying Bacteriology because the amount of bacteria was too overwhelming.  In Anatomy, labs will now be 4 days a week for 3 hours!  All 102 of you are now in the lab!  One day, I left really early b/c I could not concentrate with all that noise.

Great news!  The Department of Admissions finally sent us the application for vet scholarships!!  I have been waiting so long for this.  I guess they had to wait until we completed a semester so that we had a GPA score.

I decided to go to a meeting for the Surgery Treatment Crew on Thursday.  This will be a great opportunity for me to go down to the clinics and observe some fascinating surgeries!  We get to scrub in with the doctors and retrieve any tools needed for a surgery.  I got the opportunity to see three neurology surgeries this winter break.  Two were herniated disk surgeries, and I was in awe with what I saw.

photoHere’s a sweet classmate and me after viewing an exciting surgery!

Speaking of my Winter Break experience (3 surgeries/ 2 MRIs/ pet treatments), I highly enjoyed myself and learned so much down at the Neurology department.  Even though I did not enjoy the class last semester, the clinical aspect of Neurology is beautiful!  I got to work with some incredible doctors and technicians here at UGA’s Vet Teaching Hospital, and I learned how to write SOAPs, which involved paper work for each patient.  Even though I felt like a klutz sometimes, I did the best I could with what was given to me to achieve.  There were times where I definitely missed my family (especially Christmas Day).  It just did not feel right working on such a sacred and special day for me in honoring my Savior Jesus Christ.  I personally will not do this again next Winter Break, but I am glad I did it this year.

This weekend, I got the chance to perform at a friend’s wedding!  It was so beautiful.  She and her fiancé wanted ceremony to be like a worship service, so I sang a lot of songs!  I performed with some friends I knew in the School of Music at UGA.

photo (2)

Helpful (General concepts) (Hey guys!  This is Camille from the future after completing my 1st year of vet school.  Refer back to this post so that you have an idea on how to study for these particular classes that I found helpful)

Ethics= put a reminder on your phone EVERYDAY to do those assignments that are due the following day at 8am.  Trust me.  They are easy to forget some days.  Make sure you read the rubric for the writing assignments.

Immunology= I didn’t read the online pdf textbook readings of each chapter.  I just read the power points and listened to Echo.  The professors did help if you are confused with a particular subject matter

Physical Diagnosis= recommend taking a lot of notes while the Doctors are doing a presentation before each lab.  Study all handouts plus lecture notes for the written and practical portion of the final.  Don’t just study the Lecture slides for the written portion or you’re screwed.

Virology= answer learning objectives for Dr. Sylte (if still teaching), Dr. Greene calls on people and will deduct your grade if you are not present.

Anatomy= PLEASE organize!!  Studying for the final was brutal b/c no one labeled their specimens.  I also sent this to my class for prep for the 2nd exam, and it helped out a lot!

Some classmates were noticing that the professors would show an abnormal or really cool artifact from a cadaver only to that particular nuclear group (ex: the thick cutaneus trunci m. that so many of us got wrong last semester or that huge thoracic duct that we saw in the last exam).  

SO- Starting this week, we will put white paper on each cadaver rack (and paper beside the goat bag) so that if you or a professor finds something abnormal or interesting, you simply jot it down (we just placed a flash card in a zip lock bag).  This way, during review time outside of lab, everybody will know where abnormalities are found in each animal. 

Through Him,


Colossians 2:6-8= “So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him,  rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.  See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.”