Snow Day Miracle! (Week 5)

Week’s Itinerary = Ophthalmology Exam 1, Clinical Pathology Exam 1, and Anesthesiology Quiz 4 & Protocol Paper due

ImageHappy Snow Day!!

For real????  Lord, you are such a magnificent God!  You saw my struggle with this crazy workload this week.   You saw my desperate need for help, and you greatly supplied it!  Thank you Lord for taking good care of me.  I love you so much!  So yep, we got a Snow Day when I desperately needed it before my Ophthalmology exam on Friday.  Here are the 6 things we all did this week:

1)We had an online Ophthalmology quiz due on Monday, and it was a bit challenging to be honest with you.  It was take home, and you could discuss it among your classmates.  I am just not a fan where multiple choice questions have multiple correct answers.  If you thought an answer was right and got it wrong, it deducts an answer you had correctly chosen.  It gets thought-provoking when a question is formatted like this.  I managed to do well though plus it helps prepare you!

2)Also on Monday was our Clinical Pathology Exam 1.  It was very long with a mixture of multiple choice, short answer, and analyzing test results from different species.  After taking it, I felt like I did the best I could, but my efforts were unfortunately not reflected on the grade.  When this happens, it is due to the fact that I second guessed myself with many of the questions, or I did not have enough time to fully immerse myself in the material.  The ladder has been a normal occurrence for me with this very fast-pace schedule in vet school.  Two more tests to go!  I can rebound from this Lord!!

3&4)2 Assignments had to be postponed due to the well deserved Snow Day.  The last Anesthesia quiz was postponed to Friday, and it involved the Pharmacology section.  You really have to practice differentiating between proper drugs for different species and see what are some detrimental side-effects of each drug to do well on this next quiz.  The Bone/Muscle Pre-test is postponed until Monday.  This is what the professor said the the format will be like:

The pre-test will be only 5 case based questions that are short answer, hand written (not on elc new like usual).  There will be visuals and the client’s history. With some of the cases, she will sometimes ask us to explain the issue so that an owner will understand (don’t use big words to explain in this instance). Hope this helps!

5)The last thing I had to conquer was the Ophthalmology (make sure you know how to spell this word 🙂 ).  It consisted on multiple choice and short answer, and it was challenging for me.  Make sure to look over the Lab Cases because some were reuse in the exam.  With the cases though, if you get one question wrong, it will ultimately affect the other answers regarding the same case.  Tests like these frustrate and frighten me (but that’s just me).  A classmate told me the experience of taking the exam was fun for her. Update: Did well!  (JESUS!!)

6) Remember to turn in your protocol paper for Anesthesia.  I highly recommend being in a big group and discuss each case after everyone completed their assigned case.  Also, the Lab final for Anesthesia was very much like the protocol paper.

We get to start surgery next week!!!  I am so excited, and we have our piglets now.  I am already attached!

Through Him,


1 Corinthians 2:9 “However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived”— the things God has prepared for those who love him.”

Worrying is Not an Option (Spring Week 4)

Week’s ItineraryPrinciple of Surgery Exam and Practical, Anesthesiology Quiz 3 & Lab 1 Final, and Clinical Pathology Case 1, 

So yeah, this semester is rough in so many ways, but worrying about what the next few days brings to the table is pointless and a waste of time.  I must focus on what the present day reveals and thank God for each moment of the day.  I know with God’s strength, I can surmount to ANYTHING!  Praise the Lord!

So my Class finally received our 1st Polysystemic Exam, and I received a B!  I can improve, but I am so thankful for this grade!  So again, using the handout notes for each powerpoint were very helpful!

We did begin this week with Principle of Surgery Written and Practical Exam.  This was how they went:


We were all required to go to the vet lab to take the exam.  I assumed since we were here, the exam would be an online test, but we received a scantron and hard copy tests.  I believe the main reason why we were here was due to the fact that we had to get up during the exam to identify knots, surgical tools like suture and hemostats, and other tangible objects related to surgery.  The exam was a bit tricky!  You really need to get a firm grasp on ALL the material from lecture PLUS the required textbook reading.


Don’t stress over this at all!!  It was so laid back guys.  Don’t get me wrong, practice all the suture techniques to prepare yourself to do actual surgery, but don’t feel nervous about having the professor personally watching you do the techniques (they are very patient with you).  They had us only do 6 suturing and handling techniques for the practical, but you still need to review everything from that module.

We had our 3rd Anesthesia quiz this week, and this was intense.  He asked us to answer so much from one question in 6 minutes!  When he shouted out “1 more minute left!” Iheard a classmate gasp b/c time was going so fast.  I am going to meet up with the professor next week to get a firmer understanding on how he wants us to approach his questions because we only have one more quiz then the exam!

Next was our Clinical Pathology Case 1 Assignment with our assigned CATME groups.  Some of those cases were BRUTAL!  Make sure to work each case together after assigning a case to each teammate.  You wouldn’t want your case to be a good grade and your partner’s section to be unacceptable.  Please talk it out and work together with these cases.  Our group managed to get a B, but now we know what the professor is looking for.

At the end of the week, we had our Anesthesia Lab Final 1 where you prepare by knowing how to do:

1)    pressure checking the anesthesia machine

2)    understanding pulse ox, ECG, and capnography machine usage and abnormalities

ImageCapnography equipment is very essential for Anesthesia

3)    finding any problems on a anesthesia machine (what is missing?  What needs to rearranged?)

Hope this helps for this week!  I have a big test tomorrow in Clinical Pathology, so I have to go guys!  Remember, don’t worry.  Speaking to me too 🙂

Through Him!


Matthew 6:25-27=  25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life[a]?”

Feeling the Pressure (Week 3)

Week’s Itinerary = Anesthesiology Quiz 2, Polysystemic Case Study, Pathology Urinary System Pre-Test, Polysystemic Exam 1,  Rough Draft Paper due for Anesthesiology

What in the world!?  This week and and the following weeks to come looks gruesome!  The Spring semester of second year is more overwhelming than fall semester because not only do you have 1 or 2 exams a week, but you will have to do quizzes and separate assignments (ex. cases studies, papers, surgery and treatment with the piglets).  My advice is to make sure you look at when assignments and the exams are due each week from the syllabus from each course, write them down on the calendar, and then take each week at a time.  You will get very overwhelmed by how much you have to do every week, but you can do it!

This week, we had 5 things to conquer!  1) We first had to study for an Anesthesiology quiz that covered 2 lectures.  This time on the quiz, he cut the paper in half because so many of my classmates were writing way too much information down 🙂  He wants us to be very concise with our answers.  2) The next assignment for the week was a Polysystemic case study where a group of about 4 people looked at a patient with his history and physical exam and then had to come up with a problem list, a differential diagnoses, and a final treatment plan for the patient.  I really need to practice this type of write-ups because this is exactly what I will have to do when I become a veterinarian in the future.  3) Thirdly, we had our first pre-test covering the urinary system for Systemic Pathology.  Lets just say studying for this material was not as exciting as I remembered it from last semester.  Yes, it had the same helpful tools: web lessons (most disappointed with/ too long & didn’t feel as organized as last semester), lectures (this time, I appreciated them doing a narrated version where you just click on a microphone image and you hear the professor speak to you in each slide/ a genius idea, but the slides to me were all over the place), AQS (Class is split up into 4 huge sections, and we get to look at samples of tissue and organs that have various abnormalities/sometimes, there were no actual specimens to feels, so I personally was not feeling it/ it did last 1 hour instead of 2 hours like last semester). and notes written like an ebook with pictures (a friend told me to use this before anything else, because it was more organized, and most of the questions came from this note form/ will use this in preparation for the exam.

4) The fourth assignment for this week (I know, let this end!!) was our Polysystemic Exam.  Dr. Ward can be tricky sometimes, but her questions are straightforward for the most part!  I struggle a little bit with physiology concepts like endocrinology because it takes me a while to see it.  A friend who is an upperclassmen brought up a good idea for what he plans on doing during clinical rotations.  He said since he also struggles with physiology (“Internal Medicine”), he will sign up to do 2 rotations in Internal Med.  That way he will be able to see the symptoms and treatment plan in action!  I think this idea is genius, so I may follow suit.  5) Lastly, we had a rough draft due for a book review in Anesthesiology.  The book is called “The Invisible Gorilla”, and we had to summarize each chapter and show how they relate to Anesthesiology scenarios.  This book is very thought-provoking.  I enjoyed thinking outside the box and seeing how all of the concepts listed out in the book can be related to veterinary anesthesiology.  This book greatly solidifies the idea that one may perceive and acknowledge their surroundings to the best of their abilities, but one will always have flaws in their everyday perceptions.


Yeah…and next week is not getting any lighter.  I believe we have 5 or 6 things to do next week too!!  I love when people are taking just 2 minutes out of their time to pray for someone.  Can you please pray for me for this month and February??  I would greatly appreciate it.  I need to continue to focus on accomplishing my goal as God’s arms continue to embrace me and keep me safe!  Amen!!

Through Him,


Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!!

Martin Luther King Jr.

Psalm 55:22= “Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”

With Heavy Hearts… (Spring Week 2)

Week’s ItineraryRIP to a sweet vet student, classmate’s birthday party, and Anesthesia Quiz 1

The whole of UGA’s vet school was so shocked to hear about the loss of a sweet young man from the freshmen class of 2017.  We got an email from the Freshmen’s President that read:

As you all heard this morning, we lost an integral member of our class.  Zachary Cowart was one of the most kind-hearted, positive, and uplifting individuals any of us have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  His passing is shocking to say the least, and we greatly appreciate all of the support we have received from everyone.  Zach will never be replaced in our class, and we will always be a “102 Man Wolf Pack”.  As we continue to deal with this loss, please keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

With heavy hearts,

The Class of 2017, “The Wolf Pack” 

This news greatly saddened me.  Even though I did not get the opportunity to meet him,  we are like a huge family here at UGA’s vet school.  Please keep his family in your prayers…


I will continue with what went on this past week.  It was all-in-all a very relaxing week.  I am organized with the schedule, and I am feeling very comfortable with classmates.  I can’t complain right now.  Then there comes the Anesthesiology quiz… just playing!  It was not too bad guys, but of course I over-analyzed the questions.  The majority of the Class do not over-think questions as badly as I do 🙂  Basically, you only have 4 minutes to turn in your quiz.  He does not want you to write a whole page of content (wants it very concise).  You get to choose 1 from 2 questions that best suits you.

The end of the week on Saturday was fantastic!  Got to celebrate the 30th birthday of a very special friend!  Love you my sister in Christ!






Through Him,


Isaiah 41:10 “fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Time to Shine (Spring Week 1)

Week’s ItineraryNo exams and excited for surgeries

I tend to love 1st days of school.  I just get so pumped to be able to start fresh and try to achieve even better than the last semester.  Clean slate to shine this year!  Well, welcome back guys.  This Christmas break was well needed and fantastic!  I did get to spend some time with a good friend and classmate of mine.  She plays hockey, so she invited me to see her play with some of her hockey guy friends.  She is GOOD!

JennyShe does roller blades and ice hockey

photo 1 (9)

photo 2 (13)

The first day was bright and early as we begin our classes at 8AM again.  Our first class was surgery, and I think I am going to enjoy this class!  I love doing SURGERIES!!  Don’t tell anyone, but this was mainly the reason why I decided to come to vet school.  Shhh… 🙂  I have another classmate who feels the same way.  We did get a handy device that will aid us in learning how to do knot ties and suturing before we actually open up a patient for surgery.

photo (54)

The other classes were very interesting as well.   We have Pathology again, and that was my favorite class from last semester!  I believe we have 6 classes and a few labs as a whole, so it will be an action-packed semester!  It was only 2 days out of the week, so not much else is there to say.  I kind of liked beginning school close to end of the week so that I can feel like I’m on top of things during the weekend.

Through Him,


Psalm 42:1– “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.”

Job 23:12– “I have not departed from the commandment of His lips; I have treasured the words of His mouth More than my necessary food.”