Boot Camp Time (Week 16)

Week’s Itinerary= Bacteriology Final, and Radiology Quiz, Christmas Concert with AACE

After Thanksgiving break, I am so blown away at how intense these last 3 weeks of the semester will be like.  Two finals this week (Radiology quiz & Bacteriology final), two next week (Large Animal Nutrition and Neuroanatomy), and two finals in the last week (Anatomy and Physiology)!  I cannot relax just yet.

Before the break, the vet school offered 50 freshman students to take a 3 hour exam that tested out ways of how we study (our strengths and weaknesses).  It is called “Highlands Battery Test”.  I think it was worth it, because it helped me see how I should better prepare myself with different studying tools.  You need to sign up fast if you want to do it because there are 102 of you in the Freshman class, & it is free!

I went to a very helpful meeting about how to manage having a family with children during your vet school career.  I took down a lot of notes, so hopefully they will help you too:


-don’t balance/ just do it (If you try to make everything balanced and perfect, you will go crazy)

-if you don’t try to do everything perfectly, it’s awesome

-some colleges may have very few female or male faculty who had children (find other parents/ they understand the most)

In house day-care idea

    +hire a nanny (older or retired & one you can trust/ takes a lot of stress out of picking them up after school)

    +back-up baby-sitter for emergencies

Biggest thing:


-In advance (compromise/ do a schedule)

-whiteboard on refrigerator= showing a schedule for spouse and older children to see (helps them know when you are coming home and when you are free)

-“Schedule in” your kids= make sure kids are your love (tell them to remind you when their special events are in advance)

Dr. Corrie Brown- International studies and had children (talk to her about her experience/ she was not there that day

            +choose short-term= you will miss home

Our Radiology Quiz was not too bad.  Study the learning objective list while viewing the radiology software found in the vet lab in the library.  There was only 15 questions and a bonus, so it was not too bad.  It involved a little more preparation though as opposed to the Palpation quiz I took before Thanksgiving break.

With the Bacteriology final, I thought I failed it, so I set up a time to meet with the professor on Friday, and he said I got a low C on the Final, which means I kept my B!  Praise God!  That test was hard.  He was very encouraging though.  He said I needed to work more on time management but that I am a highly motivated person just by what he saw in me 🙂

I had my Christmas concert with AACE (African American Choral Ensemble), and it was SO much fun!   There were also other UGA choirs and the incredible UGA Symphony Orchestra!  This concert soldout fast!  I wish I could have taken pictures of some of the costumes some performers wore, because they were amazing!

Screen_Shot_2012_10_30_at_3.31.35_PMDSC_2008This was one of the rehearsals before the actually concert took place.  There were a lot of us!!

DSC_2011Here is my music professor from undergrad who taught me wonderful vocalization techniques.  He is also AACE’s conductor

DSC_2012Also in my undergrad years, I took part in the advanced choir called “Hodgson Singers”.  Dr. Bara is their conductor, and he is phenomenal!

We were definitely having fun with this song!  That’s me that’s semi-conducting 🙂

Through Him,


Proverbs 13:20= “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.”

Back to Work (Week 12)

Week’s Itinerary=Bacteriology Test 3 & Nutrition Midterm

Whenever you see a Bacteriology exam with some other test, RUNNN! 🙂 Naw, but it definitely is a hard week of studying.  I’m just going to be flat out honest with you.  I do not enjoy studying for Bacteriology exams.  There are just too many bacteria.  They are soon to engulf my brain and the entire planet!  I always wondered when these creatures began to cause diseases.  Was it after Adam and Eve ate from the tree of Good and Evil causing this massive mayhem of infections and diseases?  I can’t picture bacteria like Clostridium or Brucella roaming Garden of Eden after God finished creating this world.  After the fall of Adam, a lot of crazy stuff happened such as murder and other immoral actions, so our filth could have probably contaminated the Earth causing these creatures to fester.  That’s just my interpretation though.  Anyway, the third exam was the hardest exam b/c the amount of bacteria we had to learn almost doubled.  We had to learn about 21 bacteria & their diseases affecting various species.

After 2 weeks, we finally received our last 2 graded Histology lecture quizzes.  I got a 75% on one and a 100% on the other quiz.  The one I got a low grade on was the week of the Anatomy exam, and it contained info on the ear & eye.  There is a lot of material in this section, so prepare yourself.

Since Halloween was this week, I had to show you a funny pic someone shared with me.  I LOVE it!!!

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to announce to my class my special AACE concert coming up in mid November (day b4 the Histology final).  I know hardly anyone will come, but I still wanted to try.  They then wanted me to sing something, so I sang a snippet of one of the songs I will be singing in the concert.  Wasn’t the best, but I’m glad I got the opportunity!

I luv my Nutrition and Renal Phys professor, Dr. Sanderson.  Her lecture notes are so goofy!  Here’s a cute pic that she has in her lecture slides:

Test was on Friday after the Bacteriology exam.  It was long, but manageable if you come early.  Again, this professor allowed us to start taking the exam an hour early.  There are only 2 exams total for this class, so make sure you study hard for them.

Career Planning class changed my life this week!!!  I asked the speaker whether it was wise to continue on to do my PHD so that I may own my own practice easier than just graduating with my professional degree in vet school.  His answer helped me see what I need to do.  Simply put, don’t waste another 4 years of your life getting your PHD.  Only do it if you plan to do research.  REALLY!?  Did you know I was planning on sacrificing 10 years of my life in vet studies in order to own my one business with that PHD dignified “label” when in actuality I do not have to do this?  So, I will graduate in 4 years & begin working for a clinic getting that experience or continue in residency for a few years then that’s it!  I officially do not want to explore research right now b/c I never was truly interested in it in the first place.  In one of my posts, “First Day of vet school”, I put research with exotic animals, but I really want to just observe their beauty or do some surgery on them.  Oh, what to do . . .

We finally got back our Anatomy Test 2 Exam, and I managed to get a B (81.4%).  I should feel great about that grade since it was so difficult, but I felt I could have done WAY better.  One more chance to make things right with my grade in the final (December).  The average was also a low B range.

I just came back from a wonderful time at the trails on the outskirts of UGA’s campus with a sweet classmate.  We got to know a little more about one another, which was awesome.  Thanks for inviting me to join you on that mini “hike” 🙂

IMG_7937 IMG_7929

Through Him,


“Lord, move me to be a beacon of light in Your Name alone.  You are all I live for.”

-Camille Grant

Rain of Madness Week (Week 8)

Week’s Itinerary= Bacteriology Test 2, Neuroanatomy Lab Exam, Renal Physiology Quiz, Histology Lab Quiz 2

When will it end!!? So much went on this week! This week will scare you a bit, but you can do it. It consisted of 2 exams and 2 quizzes all lumped near each other (Wed, Thursday, & Friday). Fortunately, our class president reasoned with the Histology professor to move the quiz up to Monday to relieve some stress from Wed, which included the Bacteriology exam.  After coming back from my karate tournament last weekend, I was unable to unpack, clean my room, wash any clothes, or get any groceries. I was a mess this week. I would come home after midnight for some days after studying all day at the vet school or music school.  Fortunately, meetings provided food (primarily pizza) most of the days this week, which was a blessing since I couldn’t get groceries.

For Bacteriology, I thought it was difficult.  I just didn’t have much time to really delve into all of these bacteria and their clinical diseases. I only had 3 days to study over 11 bacteria and there many clinical diseases. For example, Streptococcus has 8 different clinical diseases like Streptococcus uberis, S.equi, S.pyogenes, etc.  I did the best I could, and realized that you should just stick with your gut. If you know the bacteria, don’t second guess yourself with an answer, just mark it down.  I am so glad this exam was multiple choice b/c I could narrow down what answers were very wrong.  After this exam, your anxiety and nervousness eases down for a little while. I got an A (90%!!! / class average was ~90%).  Just b/c the average was high does not mean the exam was a walk in the park.  I was SO shocked to get that grade b/c I really only had just a few days to study after those 2 exams last week (wk 7).

We got back our Cell Biology Final exam that we did last Friday, and I got an 88.75%!  Again, I advise you to study hard before the exam even if you hear that you can get a B in the class for just getting a 50% on your final exam. I also got my 2nd and final paper for Cell Biology and got a 100%, which means I got an A in the class! Praise the Lord!!! On Thursday, the day right after the Bacteriology exam, we had our Renal Physiolgy quiz.  Since I did not pay attention in class at all before the Bacteriology exam, I decided to do a marathon of Physiology recordings found online. This saved my life!!! I was able to comprehend everything the teacher was talking about on my pace. I can pause her anytime I am lost and not feel behind.  After the quiz, the professor went over the quiz, & I think I got a 100% on the quiz!  There were 5 recorded lectures I had to watch, so I basically went to bed at around 2am 😦 Hallelujah!! All of this studying is paying off.  And then there’s the Neuroanatomy lab exam on Friday. . .

Just like the Anatomy practical lab portion of the exam, we had to alternate to different stations (50 questions this time).  Also, less resting stations were provided, but I honestly did not need the full minute and 30 seconds to answer all of the questions.  In the beginning of the exam, I was feeling pretty good.  Later, however, all of the brains were beginning to look like blobs, so it was hard to identify everything correctly.  Also, I was a bit frustrated that the professors added things on the exam that they never told us to know.  I hope they will do a learning objective list in the future  like how they do for Anatomy.  Right after lab that day, I went to my mailbox & saw my long awaited Histology Midterm in my box.  My heart was pounding so hard b/c I was terrified with what I might see.  The first section I viewed was the lecture portion.  I managed to get a 90% on it, which I won’t complain.  The lab section was what I was really worried about b/c of how low my quiz grades were for that class.  Guys, I got an 84%!!  That feels like an A to me b/c of how difficult it was.  So that means overall, I got ~approx. 87% on my Histo midterm.  Praise God!  I pray that everyone else did okay.  The class average was not posted up yet (Later found out that the average was an 83%).

On Saturday, I was invited by some classmates to take a break and go see a movie!  We decided to watch “Frankenweenie”, and it was not my favorite (I’d give it a C-).  It did give me a chance to just laugh out loud at how stupid it was.  Definitely stay for the ending (last 20 minutes), b/c that was the best part of the whole movie.


He was actually the only thing I liked about this movie.  He was just such a weird character, but I gravitated to him (kind of like how I did with Gollum in The Lord of the Rings 🙂 )


On Sunday, I did my second day on the job at Bear Hollow Zoo today. The birthday party went extremely well again!!  The mom of the two precious birthday boys (one turned 4 and his brother turned 2) hates snakes, so I had to adjust my presentation a bit.  The change from a Ball Python to a Red-footed Tortoise turned out to flow real nicely in my presentation with the Barn Owl and Hedgehog. The children and parents really liked seeing the animals up close, and I tried to get the parents involved as well by asking questions and allowing them to pet some of them.  Today was my first time EVER getting a tip (20$). I felt like I accomplished something so grand with that tip!  But, the most important thing about this job is to see these children smile and learn something new about God’s beautiful creatures.

Through Him,


Proverbs 28:27=  “He who gives to the poor will lack nothing, but he who closes his eyes to them receives many curses.”

First Exam in Vet School (Week 4)

Week’s Itinerary= Bacteriology Test 1, Histology Lab quiz 1, Kudzu Olympics

This week encompassed a lot, but the most important day was Thursday because of my first exam (Bacteriology) here at vet school!  On Thursday morning, I went to school 2 hrs early (test was at 9a).  My “big sib” in second year of vet school surprised me with a gift of delectable goodies before the exam!  Also, one of the fraternities (OTS) brought brownies and cupcakes for our class [upperclassmen are very nice and generous peeps :)].  I felt so loved, and it boosted my energy for the well-awaited test.  30 minutes before test time, our Class President, Jenny Munhofen invited the class to pray in front of the vet school building.  It was a very beautiful & encouraging turnout!  We definitely prayed for strength in taking our exams.  We also prayed for Ivy Merck who is still missing & for one of Grace Vahey’s(Treasurer) Cornell professors who is suffering with cancer.

Even though Labor Day Weekend helped tremendously, portions of the exam (for me at least) were tricky.  Since there were 3 teachers who taught different portions for test 1 of Bacteriology, some questions may be written harder than others.  The most difficult portion for me was Dr. Lafontaine (?s).  Some of the (?s) seemed like they could have been more than one answer. For example, he might ask “Which is the best . . .” or “Which most likely . . . “, and a lot of answers with “all of the above” or “none of the above.”  Believe me when I say I studied my butt off for this exam, but questions like these make me want to second guess my answers.  That being said, I think I got at least 6 (?s) wrong out of 45 (?s), so a B or lower.  I hate Bs, but I also learn from my mistakes.  I did hear one classmate say they did not really study and think got only 1 (?) wrong.  WHAT!!!?  They are not worried b/c they have done multiple research and experiences involving bacteriology.  Oh by the way, you don’t get to take your exam packet afterwards.

On the same day, we had to do a Histology Lab quiz as well.  You would think that the professor would be easy on us after taking a challenging exam, but that is a poor assumption.  It was so hard guys, and many people were struggling.  I actually studied a little before while studying Bacteriology, but I knew it was not enough.  I am just going to brush that off & move forward.  After school, I went to karate to relieve some stress and then met with my “big sib” to eat some frozen yogurt at Yoforia by Five Points off of Milledge.

During the week before the exam, I sadly missed some extracurricular activities b/c I had to focus on the exam.  Sometimes, you got to make sacrifices to achieve a goal.  Seeing people studying until late at the vet school really encouraged me to continue studying hard.  I was afraid to be the only one staying there until late.  Also, I finally got my quiz grades in Histology Lecture & Lab Quiz 1.

Micro Lecture #1- 100% (Yayy!)/ took about 2 weeks to get it though

Micro Lab #1- 68% (Crap!!)/ less than a week

I will be completely honest with my grades here in my blog.  I am unashamed of my failures.  It teaches me patience for my weaknesses and determination to keep fighting.  So, I will not let you guys down!  The lab professor mentioned that lecture grades are usually significantly higher than lab quizzes (we’re not used to this lab setting yet).  She also likes to incorporate “fill in the blank” questions within a paragraph setting.  This means if you get one blank wrong, it may greatly affect your other answers.

On Friday, I finally attended a Fraternity Event ever!!!  It’s called Kudzu Olympics, and I thought it was not that bad.  I did want to do some activities such as Dodgeball or Volleyball though, but all of the spaces were taken.  Here are photos of my experience there:

Dodgeball team

-Pic of some of our classmates.  I am SO sorry!  I didn’t realize my camera bag was on my hip pushing you away.  I forgot I had it on.

Much better!  I had no business being in the front (too tall).

Here is Class of 2016 t-shirt design for this event.

     Cornhole Team

Silly classmate! 🙂

Through Him,


John 3:16= “For God so loved the world that He gave His Son, and whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”