Time to Cram (Spring Week 8)

Week’s Itinerary= Ethics Final & Immunology Exam 2

This week, we had to prepare for the struggles of 2 exams, Ethics on Monday and Immunology on Wednesday.  Because the Ethics professors did not deem my essays worthy of an A, I studied my butt off for the final.  I know right, a final already??  Well, if you remember from last semester, we finished Cell Biology and Histology way before the end of the semester.  I like when we do this because it is one less course to worry about, and you literally feel weight lifting off from your shoulders.  The final was not too bad.  It consisted of multiple choice, True/False questions, and short answer.  If you study all the power points AND the assigned reading, you should be fine.  They like to put mini scenarios in the exam so that you decide what is ethical and pertains to a specific administration or law (ex: AVMA, USDA, FDA, etc.).

 Right after my Ethics final, I had to immediately get into Immunology material.  I only had 2 nights to study for this exam!!!  Since there were a total of 8 chapters and 3 labs to study for, here’s what I did:  Monday night, I only studied 4 chapters and glossed over 1 lab by myself and then met up with a classmate to talk it out.  On Tuesday, I studied chapters 5-8 and the last 2 labs on my own then talked out everything with my classmate.  Wow!  When I look back at what I did, it’s pretty insane how I was able to retain all that information.  Guess what?  I got an A on the Immunology exam!!!! (92%)  Praise the Lord Almighty!  It consisted of 50 questions (multiple choice, True/False, and matching).  It was my first time taking the 5 hour energy drink, and I will tell you it definitely kept me alert and focused Tuesday night.

photo (5)

On Saturday, the business club here at the vet school invited students to attend a meeting about interview prepping for internships and residencies.  It was extremely helpful!  I finally understood why I was not very good with handling interviews.  I was not practicing out loud beforehand with a friend.  I would just “wing it” and hope for the best.  Bad idea!

Now, I am in the process of prepping for my Virology exam, which is tomorrow on Monday.  I still need to study, but I will not give up!

Through Him,


Isaiah 40:29= “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”

School Accreditation Time (Spring Week 7)

Week’s Itinerary= School Accreditation, Anatomy Test 2

This week, we were welcomed by the accreditation team who toured and graded the whole school based on their scholarly critiques.  I heard they go all over America every 10 years to all of the veterinarian schools.  I believe our school took really good care of them.  Also, I am sure our Dean made a point in emphasizing our new Vet School Building that will be fully built 2-3 years from now.  I will soon let you know how we did!!  Here is a website of our ranking for the past 10 years:


 This week was indeed an intense one.  I had my second Anatomy exam, which emphasized the abdominal contents and the reproductive tracts in the horse, ox, and goats.  I also had two performances I was invited to sing at.  If you all refer back to the post from Week 5, I did an experiment with the class to see if it will help with preparation for the exam.  I must say it greatly helped me!!  Some of my classmates came to me and thanked me for setting it up.  Check it out!  May be you can use it when you come to vet school.  You may need to get the supplies on your own though (sandwich bag and flash cards).  But for the most part, the exam was doable but it was much more difficult than exam 1.  We have a lot of classmates that helped us by making their own learning objective lists.  If you ask the upperclassmen, we will not hesitate to help you if you need any tools.  We would be more than happy to help.  Remember, Dr. Dookwah expects you to read.  He will not give you a list on what to expect on the exam.

My two performances went really well!  Praise God!!  The first event was to honor the first two African Americans, Andre Sutton and Ebony Brown, to be enrolled at UGA (remember it’s African American “Black History Month”).  I learned a lot about their courage and determination to make it through their time at UGA.  There were a lot of threats on their lives.  I was the first to perform, and it was a very serious performance.  While I was singing, there were power point slides that showed horrifying events during the Civil Rights Movement.  While that was playing, I sang two Spirituals, “I Can’t Stay Here By Myself” and “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me”.  It was very powerful and moving.  The last one I did was an AIDs Awareness Benefit entitled “Project R.E.D: A MasquerAIDS Gala” hosted by the Zeta Psi Chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in an effort to commemorate National Black AIDS Awarenesss Day.  I sang with a member from a different sorority “When You Believe” from the soundtrack from the Prince of Egypt.  It went well, everyone looked so glamorous!  My mom came to support me at the event.  Thanks Mom!



Through Him,


Psalm 120:1 = “I call on the LORD in my distress, and he answers me.”

A Week of Rest (Spring Week 6)

Week’s Itinerary= No exams, but preparing for upcoming Anatomy Test, “Real Life Real Impact Conference”

No exams this week!  Yess!  It felt so good not having to worry about studying until late this week.  However, that does not mean I was not studying at all.  I have an intense Anatomy exam next week that will emphasize the abdomen and reproductive organs of the horse, ox, and goat.  Here was an idea that I did for my class after talking to one of the professors:

 Some classmates were noticing that the professors would show an abnormal or really cool artifact from a cadaver only to that particular nuclear group (ex: the thick cutaneus trunci m. that so many of us got wrong last semester or that huge thoracic duct that we saw in the last exam).  

SO- Starting this week, we will put white paper on each cadaver rack (and paper beside the goat bag) so that if you or a professor finds something abnormal or interesting, you simply jot it down.  This way, during review time outside of lab, everybody will know where abnormalities are found in each animal. 

 People are using this method, which means this will help us in the future!  May be you all can use it once you are in vet school.

 This weekend, I attended a conference at Auburn University in Alabama.  I went with my Christian Veterinary Club (CVF) and the event was called “Real Life, Real Impact”.  I really enjoyed the messages and fellowship with my classmates this weekend! 🙂


 There was one particular message that I had to share with you.  The speaker’s name was Dr. Steve Hiett, and he titled it “I Married a Veterinarian, and so did My Wife”.  It was such a great and fun insight for marriage, and how to reduce stress and increase love for each other.  He was so goofy and sweet.


 Here were some seeds of enlightenment that he threw out at us: (I asked him if it was okay to put this on my blog)

1)Trump Cards

              -He and his wife gave each other a card when they got married.  Whenever a spouse is focusing too heavily on work rather than quality time with each other, the spouse has the opportunity of showing their card.  When that happens, the spouse will give up their job.  It sounds harsh, but they never had to use it because all they have to say was “Remember the Trump Card sweetheart?” and usually the spouse will understand the tone.

2)Put your relationship with Christ on your resume

            -The doctors that he worked with saw that and allowed him to take Sunday off to go to church

3)Don’t follow your heart… Lead it!


            -Learn to not vent at home or in another clinic room (remove your emotions in different settings)

5)As a doctor, we like to get our own way

             -Be careful with that b/c so does your spouse (remember his wife is also a vet)

6)Spend time with family

            -He mentioned that you may not be able to control the time you leave for home after work, but you can control before you come to work.  Every morning, he made it a routine to read books to his children and eat breakfast with them

7)Value your spouses opinions

8)Simple acts of kindness (Find her “pumpkin pie”)

            -He loves pumpkin pie!  Whenever he has a bad week or just needs some time of recuperation, his wife’s sign of love is baking a pumpkin pie for him.  He cooks her bacon b/c that’s her favorite food.

9)Be each other’s cheering section

10)Raise the BAR in Marriage

             -They have been together for about 22 years and they still continue to be romantic and spontaneous

 There was also something else I heard during this conference that I really am excited about.  It is called Medsend, and it is an organization that promotes Mission trips that emphasize evangalism while doing medical work all around the globe.  Wow!  It will also help pay for my loans, which is a plus.  I definitely have to pray about this opportunity.


Through Him,


Matthew 6:14-15

For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

Intensity (Spring Week 5)

Week’s Itinerary= Physiology Test 1 & Immunology Test 1

We had a total of 4 exams within 8 days!  It was extremely intense.  When exams are so closely placed like this (umm, lets see, like finals week for example), I have to mentally tell myself “I’m taking a Maymester class or I am doing Boot Camp.”  My mindset is on total-focus zone but with a lot of sleep deprivation.

My Physiology exam was on Monday, and it was difficult.  I advise studying on your own and then discussing it with a classmate (especially case study scenarios).  Also, there were a total of 5 different teachers who made questions for the exam meaning different styles that range from easy to insane.  The material all encompassed endocrinology.  We finally got back our grades and discussed it together in class.  I got so frustrated with myself because A LOT of the answers I got wrong were when I isolated the possibilities to only 2 answers where one of them was the right one.  How the questions were worded confused me sometimes.  I took out my frustration on the basketball court that day.  I need to not stress out on things that already took place.  I need to now start fresh and work harder!  The average was an 85%.

Immunology Exam #1 was on Wednesday. This was how I studied for the exam.  Since the test material basically splits in half between 2 teachers, I decided to study them both instead of from Lecture 1 to end of Test 1.  There are 10 chapters total (Whoa!), so I studied chapter 10 then 1 then 9 then 2 then so on.  Get it?  Basically, since this is immunology, there is only so much you can explain without repeating information.  The first lectures are the fundamentals of the immune system (but difficult to understand).  Then the last portion of Exam 1 is elaborating on each component of the system, so I am comprehending information more due to the fact that I am reinforcing the information.  If that does not make sense to you, then ignore my thought process for today 🙂  It helped me greatly though.  I managed to get a B, so I am pleased.

Lab was cool this week!  We are in the abdomen now, and I did not realize how long and elaborate the gastrointestinal tract was!  We also saw some cool abnormalities.  One of the professors was helping out with taking out the GI tract out of an ox.  While she was taking it out, a pool of pus was left over.  It was so gross but amazing!  Apparently, the cow had dystocia, and an infection probably caused pyometra, which consists of pus in the uterus.  I wish I could show you, but the school does not encourage showing pictures like that because it can bother some viewers.  One of the Anatomy professors brought in their pet piglet to class, and it may be our class mascot 🙂

photo (2)

Last week, I had exams for Anatomy and Virology.  For Virology I got a 95.5%.  Yes Lord!!!  Only through His strength did I get through that one!  The average was an 89.  For Anatomy,  I got a B, so that was much better than my first exam since last semester.

The whole school had to go to a mandatory meeting where the Dean of our Vet school talked with us about the new vet school building.  She showed us the blueprint of the school and said that Class of 2016 may not go to the school 😦 Boo!  It looks so beautiful, but I am fine with our building (can’t complain).


Looking forward to next week, because there will be NO EXAMS!!  Yeaahh!

Through Him,


Joshua 10:25– Joshua said to them, “Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous. This is what the LORD will do to all the enemies you are going to fight.”