Cool Summer Ideas

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to my blog!!  This summer was one of the most relaxing breaks I have had in a while.  As far as vet experience is concerned, I mainly escaped from the grips of science and chilled for the summer, and I am unashamed to say it 🙂  I did get to do some vet experience though, and it was with UGA’s CVF (Christian Veterinarian Fellowship Club).  We got to stay at 2 Native American reservations in Arizona (Navajo and Apache) and do spay and neuter surgeries for dogs, cats, horses, and cows.  We also did horse dentistry (“Floating”), which I thought was pretty cool.  The best thing that we got to though do was the evangelism!  It was so powerful guys!

The most unforgettable experience for me in Arizona was when we picked up a Navajo hitchhiker who needed to go 52 miles to his next destination.  Immediately when he entered into the van, he openly shared personal and terrifying experiences of his life.  He told us that he woke up that morning on the street not knowing where he was and how his wallet was stolen.  The day before, someone picked him up and took him to his place to hang out.  The driver got him drunk and raped him.  He had nothing with him and said he had not eaten in 3 days and had been on a drinking binge for 2 weeks.  We decided to get him a meal from McDonalds, and he stated, “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!”   We decided to take him a little over 20 miles toward his next destination so that we can get to know him a little more and share how much God loves him and wants to be in his life.  He said he is doing well with ending his drug addiction, but alcohol is still important to him.  He also shared his tattoos with us, and one showed where he was going straight to the burning flames of Hell and said to us, “There’s no hope for me.  I know where I’m going.”  We tried to encourage him that there is still hope for him and that he needs to put his trust in Christ.  He mentioned that he had an uncle who is a pastor not too far from where we were driving but said that he does not welcome him at his church, and his family members who are church goers also do not accept him anymore.  That tore my heart because I was seeing a prodigal son who needed the love and safety of his family.  When we finally decided to stop and drop him at a gas station, we asked if we could lay hands on him and pray for him.  He accepted, and I literally felt the Holy Spirit enter in the van as each us poured out our hearts for him as we prayed for him.  Please pray for him everyone.  What is sad is how there were no means for us to get in touch with him in the future to see how he is doing.  All we can do is pray and hope that God has renewed his heart.
Here is us going through the aftermath of the devastating tornado that went through Moore City in Oklahoma
This is me at the Grand Canyon on one of our days off.
pic4Gorgeous!!! (I took this shot!)
All right, enough of me.  I was able to contact my classmates and see what they did this summer.  Many were more than happy and gracious enough to share what they did on my blog.  Thanks guys!! 🙂

-Some classmates have the honor of representing our class as ambassadors, so they will be welcoming the Class of 2017 during Orientation Week before school starts.


+many classmates went home and worked at their local clinic.  Look around!  There’s bound to be a clinic near you to work or volunteer at.  Others worked at a mixed animal practice.  I honestly have a hard time finding these.

+Small Animal Treatment Crew is provided in the summer time!

+(Colorado)= Alpine Animal Hospital (Large and Small Animal externship)

+Banfield Hospital Internships



+Large Animal Treatment Crew is also provided in the summer time as well!

+(California)= “Farm Sanctuary” is a 1 month externship

+(Boston)= Externship at an Equine practice

+(North Dakota)= Externship (found in American Association of Bovine Practitioners)

Public Health

USDA (US Department of Agriculture) internships=



+There are a lot of doctors at UGA’s vet school who offer research opportunities during the summer.  Do not hesitate to read and research about what they do so that may be they can arrange a project to do with you in the future

+Diagnostic Lab Research in epidemiology (UGA)

+GVSP (Georgia Veterinary ScholarsProgram) salary was $5,500 for 12 weeks

“The program spans from May to the end of July when veterinary students, after having completed either their first or second year of veterinary school, engage in a research project under the mentorship of research faculty. Students participating in the Georgia Veterinary Scholars Program attend seminars covering a variety of topics related to biomedical research.”

+Zoo pathology program in Chicago, Illinois (externship).  Contact Elizabeth Driskell (



+worked at Pine Mountain Wild Animal Safari

+(South Carolina)=”The Center for Birds of Prey”

Well, I hope this will help you all when deciding what to do for the summer!  Can’t wait to begin my next year of adventures with MyUGA Vet School Experience 2!

Through Him,


Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. “