1st Exam Already!? (Week 2)

Week’s ItineraryDermatology Exam 1, cool Wildlife Crew cases, and getting shocked in Behavior class

They are not playing around this year!!  Intense, intense, intense!  Studying for both Week 2 and 3 will be a fun ride 🙂 My first exam this year is Dermatology that was taken on Friday.  I will talk about how I felt about it later, but for the most part, Dr. Hensel is a pretty straightforward guy.  I like his exams.

Guess what guys . . . the best part about vet school has returned.  Free Lunch meetings are back! It feels like they stalled for me a bit this year because the first years were having the free lunch meetings the first week.  Oh man, it just feels like I’m being overflowed with tasty blessings just coming out of nowhere.

Again, I got to play basketball with my amazing class this week!  This time, we played a full game with some of the 1st years.  They are incredible players!  My “lil sib played”, and he is a master at the game.  I sucked this week and did some very embarrassing things on the court.  Some basketball players may attest to this: have you ever been in the zone with the ball and someone screams out your name “Camille!!”  and you instinctively think it is your teammate and pass it to the other team!?  It is the most frustrating and embarrassing feeling ever!  Anyway,

With studying, I spent some time with my small group of 5 classmates studying Dermatology, which helped a bit.  Then, I studied one-on-one with my friend (we alternated who would cook dinner).  I made her two burgers stuffed with provolone and mushroom with fries, corn, and grapes.  She cooked me something tasty out of the crock pot for dinner (tortellini, sausages, and vegetables).  It was delicious! 🙂  What helped me this time around was writing all the diseases and ectoparasites down on paper so that I could compare each without having to fish around in the power point slides.

My CVF (Christian Veterinary Fellowship) club is doing a better job with fellowship every Thursday lunch meetings this year.  Now, we do great devotionals where it feels like a Bible study time instead of just sitting around and staring at each other.

Behavior class was very cool this week.  We learned how it feels to get shocked from shock collars for dogs.  The professor put the shock level to the highest voltage and shocked herself.  Why dhe did that to herself, I have no idea, but it definietely made me flinch.  She passed it around so that people can feel the shock at different levels.   When I reached 3, it hurt.  I don’t think I would want my dog to wear one.


All right, time for the Dermatology Exam. I felt really good after taking the exam.  To me, the majority of the questions were self-explanatory (I actually enjoyed studying it surprisingly.  Writing it down and comparing each disease, ectoparasite, allergies, etc really helped me retain more information.  Man, I can’t believe I am still doing trial and error with studying.  There is no set way that I study.  I constantly experiment what works for me.

This weekend, I had to study for 2 exams and a quiz, and this weekend so happened to be my blocked “on call” shift for WTC (Wildlife Treatment Crew).  I took home 2 adorable twin Grey squirrels (night before exam!!) That was honestly the perfect day to have baby squirrels (forced me to study late).


Nope, no crickets were in there 🙂


They were so easy to take care of.

This weekend was action-packed with a Bald eagle, 2 more squirrels, and a little Wren bird that didn’t make it.  The bald eagle is a treasure to get in the clinic because you don’t often get a case like this in WTC.








So I was greatly blessed this week, but I did have time immensely deducted from my studying routine, which scares me a bit for next week.  Surprisingly, I don’t feel stressed out about it though.  Thank you Lord for keeping me at ease!

Through Him,


Isaiah 26:12

“LORD, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us.”


Slow Start (Week 1)

Week’s ItineraryNo exams and recuperating.

For the most part, the rest of this week went smoothly except for a 2-day pot hole of a terrible illness!  It was the first time ever in my educational school years to miss class during the first week of school.  The sickness was just too unbearable.



Fortunately, I am feeling much better today while writing this for you.  Our class already needs to prepare for an exam next week!!  Crazy I know!  So far, the classes this year are not that bad . . . yet.  The three that I am a little worried about are Pharmacology, Parasitology, and Epidemiology.  Every upper classman I spoke with except one told me how brutal Pharmacology is.  The one that loved it majored in Chemistry in undergrad and is fascinated with learning about how drugs work.  You know how sweet this person is?  She made booklet binders for me of all the lecture notes with her handwriting notes to help me for this class.  Even though I don’t know her all that well, I want to publicly thank her and say that I love you so much!! 🙂  Parasitology is basically Bacteriology class all over again (you all remember how much I thoroughly enjoyed studying for that class :/)  Here’s a great Parasitology image website that our professor provided for us!


Epidemiology just seems boring to me right now.  There are not many pictures on the slides, so that should explain my disinterest for this course.

It’s basketball time! Now we have some first years who want to play with us!  I was very rusty because it was the day I began feeling ill, but I had fun and tried my best!  Also this week, I participated in Wildlife Teatment Crew adventures! I helped feed a parakeet for just 10 minutes b4 it went home.  I then went to school early to help one of my classmates find out the cause of death of a baby squirrel that was rescued after tragically dropping out of a tree.  It survived the fall but unfortunately died the night before.  What we were allowed to do later on that day was so cool to me . . . we got to do a necropsy on this squirrel to see what was the cause of death.  Anybody could clearly guess that cause of death was due to some sort of  trauma from the fall, but it is cool to get the opportunity to get very concrete evidence.  We opened up the skull to find a very bad cerebral hemorrhage due to the squirrel’s hard impact to the ground.

This weekend, I had work at the zoo and some nice get-togethers with some friends.  If you don’t remember, I work at Bear Hollow Zoo in Athens, GA where I am a birthday party hostess who presents cute animals to the kids and take them on an exciting tour in the zoo.  Due to the rain, I was worried the kids would be upset, but they had fun regardless!  The parents decided to allow the kids to enjoy the tour in almost “rainforest” zoo setting.  I thought it was pretty fun!  Also, one parent who found out I was a vet student told me a very helpful story that I wanted to share with you all.  She said a family member of hers had a cat dealing with a urinary infection (a common thing for cats).  The doctors would say to do this and that, but nothing was working, so what she decided to do instead was by a small goldfish and put it in her cat’s water bowl.  This made the cat place her paw in the bowl to try and fish out the goldfish which forced it to lick its paws and eventually drink the water to try and catch the fish.  After this ingenious idea came to life, the cat healed from her previous infection.  Isn’t that genius!?  I will definitely use this in the future when I become a vet.



The rest of this weekend was filled with joy and relaxation.  I was invited to a house party of some classmates to have a nice potluck dinner and later went to watch a movie with a long time friend from undergrad.  Today (Sunday), I went with another friend to a peach farm and  Helen, GA to tour the place, and enjoy some peaches and good German food!  It was a great weekend with little studying, but will definitely try to catch up this week!

photo (12) (1)

This is my friend who went with me to Helen, GA.  He’s such a cool friend!!

photo (16)

Helen is a beautiful small town that has a lot of German culture and art!

photo (13)

Had some delicious German food

photo (17)



photo (18)

We went to a peach farm and tried peach and apple pies! 🙂

Through Him,


Psalm 34:14

“Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.”

First day of 2nd year!

I woke up way early today (5 am) but felt surprisingly well rested.  I had some excitements in my life, so that sometimes keeps me up or wakes me up to continue to enjoy God’s physical blessings:

Yesterday night during a CVF meeting (Christian Veterinary Medicine), I saw one of my classmates who lost a ton of weight!!!  I went up to her and gave her a huge hug congratulating her on her hard work.  She told me she lost 50 lbs over the summer using a no carbs diet and checking her calorie intake using an iPhone app called “myfitnesspal”.  I applaud anyone who struggles with weight and fights it with all their strength because I once was on the heavy side and lost 46 pounds!  Another thing I was excited about was hearing the news about that California girl who was kidnapped by her longtime family friend and was finally and safely captured.  Here was the news report about it:


That happy ending to that really sad story made my week after hearing about it.  It really affected me because it is rare hearing that an abducted girl survives after being with her kidnapper for even a few days.  Praise God!!

But anyway . . . welcome back!! 🙂  So I will continue with my day.  I honestly like my first days of school. Everyone tends to show exuberant smiles with an upbeat attitude.  However, we no longer get “babied” as much with the planned breakfast meals and 9am classes.  Our school year commenced with style at 8a 😦  It’s okay.  I just need to still get used to those early hours.  Here is our schedule for the year:


We were in school for a portion of the day (8a-4p).  I did not mind the chairs in the classrooms.  I was hearing some people complaining about it, so just prepare yourself to possibly bringing a cusion with you.  The teachers were also not playing around with getting started with A LOT of material!  I am so exhausted right now that I may not have the time to go back through all the classes.  I do think I have finally found a great way to take notes in class though.  It took some time to get a handle on it, but it was almost fun doing it and I can see it helping in the future for preparation for exams.  Here’s what I did (and I have to personally thank my classmate Hannah Fearing for teaching me this): Pull up an Excel sheet and use columns A and B.  You will also have the power point lecture notes up.  While the teacher is talking, place the title of each slide in the right column and all of the notes to the right of the A column in the B column.  It’s like a mixture btn a flow chart and flashcards.  When there a lot of clinical pictures or diagrams, you pull up Sheet 2 from the bottom of the Excel document to place all the pictures there.  I hope you understood my explanation.  If you read this and need more clarification, just ask me with a comment.  I enjoyed Dermatology class because of the visuals and Behavioral class because the teacher used great examples.  We did have Parasitology lab today, but it was a very quick and easy introduction lab.  No worries there.

After school, our class was greatly nudged to go to the “Big Sib Little Sib” get together.  I loved it!  I(big sib) got to meet my little sib(Freshmen), and he is a very sweet human being.  I will be praying for him and his Class to excel in everything they do!


I’m out.  I am getting so sleepy now.  Peace!

Through Him,


Deuteronomy 33:27= “The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.”