A Ride Filled with Turbulence (Week 7)

Week’s Itinerary= SA Digestive Midterm, Canine Ovariohysterectomy, Radiology Exam 3

Looking back on these past few weeks, I’ve realized that life at vet school can be a roller coaster.  I cannot believe I survived all of that, and there is still more to come.  I feel exhausted, spent, and delirious one day and then feel rejuvenated, inspired, and tranquil the next.  It’s a ride that is so life-changing that it’s still, after three years here, so hard to put into words.  Do I still think vet school is worth it?  Yes, but you need to make sure you are physically and mentally ready for the bumps and turns that this curriculum has to offer.

The first exam on Monday was the midterm for our small animal digestive course. The midterm was enjoyable but some questions were very tricky.  It was the type of exam where every answer could possibly be right, but the professors want the “most likely” or “BEST” answer from the list of choices.  I managed to do fine, thank goodness.

Surgery time!  It is my final surgery for our core classes. (I signed up for the advanced surgery elective for later this semester).  This week, we got to spay a pit bull mix.  I LOVED her so much and honestly wanted to adopt her because her personality was beautiful.  This is surprising because I was attacked by a loose pit bull this past July and harbored negative feelings toward pit bulls —  until I met this cutie pie.  She changed my whole perspective on them.  Not all pit bulls are monsters!  She also got adopted by a first year, so I am so happy she has a good home.


We did have a radiology quiz before our third exam on Friday, but that was very much like the others.   I got an A on the exam.  The professor was such a great teacher.  He discussed everything within the thorax and although the material was dense, he explained everything well and he was helpful with answering questions.


Through Him,


John 14:27= “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

Week that Flew By (Week 3)

Week’s Itinerary= Radiology Exam 1

Because Monday classes were cancelled  due to Labor Day, this week flew by.  The only agonizing task to defeat was our 1st Radiology Exam on Wednesday.   As you’ll soon discover, this  was a very stressful experience.

When we came in early that morning to take the test, one of the radiology professors told us that he took the test on a lark and got a D on it . . . WHAT!?  That was the most discouraging thing to hear right before an exam.  He said that what messed him up was “over-reading” the questions, so he was actually trying to help us not psych ourselves out by trying to make the questions more complicated than they are. Knowing this really freaked me out because I over-analyze everything.

Like other quizzes after radiology lab, this one was given online.  But this time there were 40 multiple- choice questions Instead of 10.  Answering the questions also called on knowledge beyond the straight-forward interpretation of  x-rays.  Despite all my worries, I managed to get a B+ on the exam.  I did not complain after seeing that grade.  I just wanted to get out of there.

Over the weekend, I went to my karate dojo back in Marietta, my hometown.  We did a 3-hour seminar on special techniques within four empty-hand kata (choreographed patterns of movements).  It was a great escape from school.  If you want to stay sane and healthy during professional school, I highly recommend maintaining hobbies that bring joy to your heart .


Here’s my group from UGA (Budokai) coming to Kennesaw to work Shorinjyru Karatedo with Yamakan Club

Next week is going to be crazy, so I can’t wait to let you know how it goes.


Through Him,


Philippians 4:6-7

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”


Boot Camp Time (Week 16)

Week’s Itinerary= Bacteriology Final, and Radiology Quiz, Christmas Concert with AACE

After Thanksgiving break, I am so blown away at how intense these last 3 weeks of the semester will be like.  Two finals this week (Radiology quiz & Bacteriology final), two next week (Large Animal Nutrition and Neuroanatomy), and two finals in the last week (Anatomy and Physiology)!  I cannot relax just yet.

Before the break, the vet school offered 50 freshman students to take a 3 hour exam that tested out ways of how we study (our strengths and weaknesses).  It is called “Highlands Battery Test”.  I think it was worth it, because it helped me see how I should better prepare myself with different studying tools.  You need to sign up fast if you want to do it because there are 102 of you in the Freshman class, & it is free!

I went to a very helpful meeting about how to manage having a family with children during your vet school career.  I took down a lot of notes, so hopefully they will help you too:


-don’t balance/ just do it (If you try to make everything balanced and perfect, you will go crazy)

-if you don’t try to do everything perfectly, it’s awesome

-some colleges may have very few female or male faculty who had children (find other parents/ they understand the most)

In house day-care idea

    +hire a nanny (older or retired & one you can trust/ takes a lot of stress out of picking them up after school)

    +back-up baby-sitter for emergencies

Biggest thing:


-In advance (compromise/ do a schedule)

-whiteboard on refrigerator= showing a schedule for spouse and older children to see (helps them know when you are coming home and when you are free)

-“Schedule in” your kids= make sure kids are your love (tell them to remind you when their special events are in advance)

Dr. Corrie Brown- International studies and had children (talk to her about her experience/ she was not there that day

            +choose short-term= you will miss home

Our Radiology Quiz was not too bad.  Study the learning objective list while viewing the radiology software found in the vet lab in the library.  There was only 15 questions and a bonus, so it was not too bad.  It involved a little more preparation though as opposed to the Palpation quiz I took before Thanksgiving break.

With the Bacteriology final, I thought I failed it, so I set up a time to meet with the professor on Friday, and he said I got a low C on the Final, which means I kept my B!  Praise God!  That test was hard.  He was very encouraging though.  He said I needed to work more on time management but that I am a highly motivated person just by what he saw in me 🙂

I had my Christmas concert with AACE (African American Choral Ensemble), and it was SO much fun!   There were also other UGA choirs and the incredible UGA Symphony Orchestra!  This concert soldout fast!  I wish I could have taken pictures of some of the costumes some performers wore, because they were amazing!

Screen_Shot_2012_10_30_at_3.31.35_PMDSC_2008This was one of the rehearsals before the actually concert took place.  There were a lot of us!!

DSC_2011Here is my music professor from undergrad who taught me wonderful vocalization techniques.  He is also AACE’s conductor

DSC_2012Also in my undergrad years, I took part in the advanced choir called “Hodgson Singers”.  Dr. Bara is their conductor, and he is phenomenal!

We were definitely having fun with this song!  That’s me that’s semi-conducting 🙂

Through Him,


Proverbs 13:20= “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.”