End of 2nd year!!

Hey guys!

It felt like a very LONG year for me, but I made it!  I’m sure you all are itching to know how electives went.   I have asked my lovely classmates to assist me again in “Rate my Electives”, and they really offered helpful feedback.  Here we go then:

Electives (alphabetical order) Honest Feedback Overall Rating (1=NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!!! 5=Highly recommend it!)
Forensic Pathology
Wonderful class! Lecture slides showed very interesting cases as it related to animal cruelty. Final was not stressful at all. The class honestly made me interested in pursuing this career! 5 out of 5
Great class. Not a lot of work, great necropsy labs, low stress class, great teacher! 5/5/2014
The material is interesting and something we do not have a lot of exposure to. The laboratories are fun: necropsies, looking at evidence, and blood spatter (like Dexter). The lectures, I gotta be honest, were kind of boring at times, mostly because I find it hard to take notes during the lectures and I do not know how to preoccupy my time. One groupwork outside class where you write a necropsy report, but it did not take long to do. The final IS the pre-test, so easy A but you learn a lot. 4 out of 5
The lectures are super boring but the labs are fun. Low stress and good information. 4
great class… a few of the lectures could have been shorter/ more to the point but its overall low stress and very informative 4
Lab Animal Lab
If you’re interested in lab animal medicine and you enjoyed the prerequisite elective, then I would definitely recommend it. The labs cover handling, tissue collection, blood collection, and injection sites for mice, rats, and rabbits. It’s great hands-on experience and really easy. Plus, it’s a graded class that you pretty much can’t get any lower than an A in if you show up to lab! 5
LA Anesthesia
Great professor, fun labs 5
Lots of repetition from the core anesthesia course, but it was pretty easy and the professor is very nice and friendly. Good review. The labs are very practical and fun. 4
Its a great class. I struggled in general anesthesia and this class just put everything into perspective.
Great class. Required for the clinical rotation, so take this. Dr Barletta is awesome! 5
LA Medicine
GREAT class. Well taught, tests are pretty straight forward. Very glad I took this class! 5/5/2014
The professors are great. 5
Awesome professors, good material. Some repetition from previous core courses, but all good review and more targeted to LA. 5
Great class! 4.5
LA Parasitology
no comments 😦
Poultry Disease
For someone who has ZERO background in chickens, this was a difficult class, but I learned a TON and am very glad I took it. 7AM is tough, but it is worth it. 4 out of 5
Public Health
This class is pretty cool- we met maybe 5 or 6 times for 1 or 2 hours each and just talked about social justice, poverty, service learning, and how all of that applies to vet med. We also did a vaccine clinic as part of the course so that was a good learning experience. You just have to show up and then write a 3-5 page reflection paper at the end and you’re golden grade-wise 5
SA Endocrinolgy
I honestly struggle with this material, but it is always good to get taught on it again for repetition and reinforcement. The professor does discuss rare and uncommon diseases too, but what was taught was the usual thyroid, adrenal gland, and diabetes diseases. Don’t blow off the quizzes. They help to boost your grade before the final. 4 out of 5
Most of the material you already have exposure to and have learned before. If you are interested in other classes, you can skip this one. This is a good review of Polysystemic Diseases, and I feel that this class truly helped solidifed these endo disease in my brain. Questions are not difficult if you pay attention in class (which is not hard because Dr. Ward is an amazing lecturer), a do-able A and low stress. 5 out of 5
Honestly I didn’t get much out of it because 90% of the things we cover in the class are things we went over multiple times from freshman year to to this semester in polysystemic. Easy A. 4 out of 5
Awesome class. More case/discussion based on diseases that you are already familiar with. Never hurts to do that in a more clinical way. Low stress. Dr. Ward is amazing. 5
Dr. Ward is amazing, as always, and you learn about very important diseases. If you are SA or mixed, you should definitely take this. 5
Dr Ward makes this class great 5
Laid back class. Lots of cases. Very helpful review of the core class. 5
Must take for SA emphasis 5
SA Infectious Diseases
Awesome class!!! It’s fast paced, but well taught. Tests are reasonable as long as you study hard. 5 out of 5
This class will make you work, but technically, you have heard it all before. It is a great review of bacteriology and virology and the professors are awesome. 5
If you are like me, all those BacT and Virology stuff from freshmen year are long gone; they were brain-dumped after the exam. This class is VERY useful is reinforcing old mateial in a more relative/ clinical way, not just memorizing stuff from last year. The two exams were fair and were highlighted in class. Take this class, fo real! 5 out of 5
Very useful and well-taught, especially compared to freshman bacteriology/immunology/virology. No BS, just useful information and the tests are moderately hard but fair and you can study for it. 5 out of 5
Great class. Lots of info but everything that is discussed is so important! It weeded out the rare stuff we heard about in BactT and Virology first year and really emphasized the important topics in depth. TAKE THIS CLASS. 5
Dr. Creevy is very helpful and has an awesome style, and this course is a great refresher on all the very important stuff for SA from BacT. Also, very clinically relevant. 5
Super relevant. Take this! 5
Dr. Creevy is a really great teacher. This course was extremely helpful for understanding the major small animal diseases and was a really good review. Great class! 5
Must take for SA emphasis, sad to see Dr. Sum leave though 5
SA Urology
If you hope to be in any kind of clinical field with small animals, this is absoultely the class for you. Blocked cats, renal failures, and urinalysis will be your everyday life. The exams are hard but it is well taught. Don’t let the difficulty steer you away. If you’re going to be working with small animals, take it. 5 out of 5
The information is useful but the exams are rediculous. It’s ok though, you will learn a lot. Just dont be upset if you get a horrible grade (they will curve)
GREAT CLASS. This is the elective I felt like I learned the most in. So useful and you end up feeling really accomplished with how much you learn. The exams are very hard but you can figure them out if you have studied adequately. This class has already helped me a great deal. Clinics will be much easier with this knowledge. 5
Very helpful class, i came out feeling confident I could diagnose and treat a variety of SA diseases… one of the more difficult electives I’ve taken, though, so keep that in mind 5
This class is tough, but highly relevant and extremely important. Grading was very fair. 5
Vital class, learned more than any other class I have taken 5
Shelter Medicine
Not as engaging and enlightening as I hoped it would be. Lectures were long and drawn out. The final is an obnoxiously long take-home examination. The professor is extremely sweet though 🙂 Not hard to get an A in this class. Take final seriously and work on final earlier than you think (trust me, it’s long) 3 out of 5
The review above is very representative of my experience with this class. The laboratory is infomative, especially how to use tools to make it less stressful for both you and animals. The final is VERY long, and tedious, but not difficult. 3 out of 5.
If you’ve worked in a shelter, this is common sense knowledge. The lectures are rather boring. The final is extremely long and tedious; even if you like the subject it beccomes extremely annoying. But I will grant that the instructor may be the nicest person on faculty 3 out of 5
since shelter med program is being shut down, if this class is available, it will be the only way to get knowledge. overall ok class 2.356
Wildlife Diseases
possibly the best class in vet school 5
Really great- all discussion based. All you have to do to pass the class is show up at least 80% of the time (this is straight out of Dr. Stallknecht’s mouth). If you are interested in Wildlife at all you should take it, it really gives you a good background in wildlife management and how things do or don’t get done in wildlife research. 5
Zoo Anesthesia
I struggled with Core Anesthesia, but it was nice to get reinforced but now with MULTIPLE species. The final exam was very difficult and it was worth 50% of the total grade. I enjoyed the material for the different animals taught, and the labs were fantastic!! (anesthetizing fish an darting practice). Just make sure you study your butt off for the final (really understand the different applications with each species PLUS the different drugs used PLUS physiology) 5 out of 5
The final was hard, but I feel like I learned enough from the labs and the lectures to not really care what my actual grade turned out to be. You will never get a chance to have all this information in one place so if you are interested in zoo species I would definitely take it! 5
This is one of the best electives I’ve taken… Dr. Shepard is interesting and helpful and all the guest lecturers (Divers, Mayer, Brainard, etc) really know their stuff. The labs are also amazing… the fish anesthesia lab was very helpful and informative and the dart delivery lab was the most fun I’ve ever had in a vet school class. 5

Well, that’s all I have to share today.  I will see you all again very soon for my 3rd year in vet school!!


Through Him,


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