Scary Exams (Week 6)

Week’s Itinerary= Epidemiology Exam 1, Pathology Pre-Test 2, and Behavior Quiz 2 and Final

Epidemiology was a PAINFUL studying experience!  It was just more memorization of diseases.  I am not a fan of classes like these!!  It was weird this weekend because I had a very hard time keeping the disease knowledge in my head.  It felt like whatever I tried to memorize, it simply bounced off my brain.  Taking the exam was not pleasant either.  I went to school at 5am that morning before the exam because I still needed to look over some stuff.  The exam was multiple choice and a LONG list of matching.  I thought I failed it after taking the test (horrible feeling).  Fortunately, we got our grades back a day later, and I did not fail! (an 88%)  Praise the Lord.  That was a scary experience.

Oh, but the fun did not end there!  We had our Pathology pre-test on Wednesday.  I cannot highly stress this enough.  Stick with your gut!!  Man, I don’t listen to my own wisdom.  Tears were forming in my eyes after taking this pre-test because I changed 2 questions that were right in the first place.  Gosh, that really sucks!  I do not know why I keep believing every professor is trying to trick me.  They do not want you to fail, so just stick to your original answer unless you know for sure that the other answer is correct.

Guess what?  A new class was brought to the table this week (Applied Preventive Health).  Now, instead of quizzes like what Dr. Reeves used to do in the past, he now will do an essay (1-2 page “bullet point” essay) that is 50% and a final (50%).  That actually sounds better than the quizzes to me.

The 3rd and last exam of the week was my Behavior final, and I was terrified 3 days before taking this exam.  We had our 2nd quiz the same day as our Epidemiology exam, and I was not ready for it at all.  So I got a 60% on that quiz.  I was walking into this final with a C in the class, so I desperately needed help and prayer.  There were no previous exams, just quizzes and one final!  A really intelligent classmate of mine saw my distress for this class and offered to study at her house with her.  I accepted without hesitation!  It was the night before the exam, and I learned so much helpful tools!  Thank you for your time and patience!  I felt total peace after that night, and I pray that I did well in that class.  I will let you know how I did.   (I did not fail! I got a B!  Yes Lord!  I personally want to thank a classmate for all your help with studying with me before the Final.)

Friday, I had to take a mental health day for myself by catching up on sleep.  Sometimes, you need to prioritize your sanity before going back to classes, so that is what I did at the end of this week.


Through Him,


Psalm 4:1

“Answer me when I call to you, O my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; be merciful to me and hear my prayer.”

One Class Down (Week 5)

Week’s Itinerary= Dermatology Final, Parasitology Exam 2, Behavior Quiz 1 Retake, and FMG Album Release

Can you believe it!?  I finished a class already, which was specifically Dermatology.  As a whole, this class was great.  I learned great practical tools about skin issues in dogs but surprisingly not a lot about cats or other animals.  Now, out of the 2 exams in this class, the last section with Dr. Zabel was the more challenging one.  I enjoyed her as a person plus her teaching.  It was just that her questions were trickier to me than with Professor Hensel’s midterm.

I got back my Pharmacology exam from last week and got an A (93%)!  I need to thank my Pharmacology tutor who gave me her notes and my classmates who studied with me.

My Parasitology exam was on Monday, and that was the one I was really nervous about.  I was literally still learning new parasites till the last second before the test was being passed out in class.  I am trying to think of the best words for how I felt before taking this exam.  I just felt so “spacey” and scatter-brained simply because there were way too much stuff in my head!  We got back our grades, and I surprisingly did better than my 1st exam grade (an 85%).  Praise God!  I need to personally thank my mother because she helped quiz me with these parasites on the phone when I could not find a classmate to quiz with.  Thank you Mom! 🙂  The test questions are straight forward.  It is just the huge amount of parasites to memorize.  You can do it!  The next professor who came after our 2nd exam is a GREAT teacher.  He explains stuff very well!  He talked with us about Cestodes and Trematodes.

I have great news for my Behavior quiz.  My grade changed from a 60% to an 86% after taking the retake quiz!!!  That was very nice of the professor.  It was similar to the first quiz, but I feel I was more prepared for the questions.  Don’t stress over this one.  Now, there is the 2nd quiz to worry about b/c it is with the Epidemiology exam on Monday of next week…

On Monday after the Parasitolgy exam, I had to prepare for a presentation for my Wildlife Treatment Crew requirement.  I thoroughly enjoyed my case with the Bald Eagle that I shared with you all earlier in my blog, so I did a presentation on that.  I think people enjoyed it, so it went well!


At the end of the week, I heard some great news from my brother giving me an update on him and his group’s upcoming album!  His group (FMG) does Christian Rap and R&B, and he asked me to make a beat with him and sing on the same song with him and his group (I love making beats too!)   I really want to glorify the Lord through this song, so I pray that people will hear it and be blessed.  Hear is the website to my brother’s group:


I did get to go back home for a bit to see family!  My brother also has a radio show, so I stopped by to see how he was doing.  During my visit, I got to meet a really cool guy who has been an actor in a few movies and shows!  His name is Deance Wyatt, and you might have seen him in the movie “Freedom Writers”.  He is now a pastor, so God has truly blessed him in his career.  I pray that God will continue to bless him with a great future!


Man!  I keep having my “Alfalfa hair” moments 🙂

Through Him,


Proverbs 14:27

“The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life, turning a man from the snares of death.”

All in God’s Hands (Week 3)

Week’s ItineraryParasitology Exam 1, Pathology Pre-test and Exam 1, and Behavior Quiz 1

On Monday, the Parasitology exam was brought to the table.  Taking this exam was all in God’s hands and strength.  Let’s just say, I am so glad it was multiple choice b/c it was easier to do rule-outs for selected answers.  For the lab, I think I did very well (straight identification and memorization).   Taking the exam was similar to Anatomy’s Practical portion where specimens are placed throughout the room, but these creatures are under the microscope.  We did not have to rotate and wait until the professor says “Move” like Anatomy.  You were able to move freely, which was surprisingly kind of nice.  It did not feel disorganized at all to me.  The specimen was duplicated under 2 microscopes by a question, so it is okay to look at both to get a good idea of what parasite you are looking at.

Tuesday was just a really unfortunate day for exams and quizzes.  One reason why I felt defeated that day was because we got the exam and quiz grade right after taking it, so it felt more like being punched in the face after receiving the grade.  So, I was the one student who had to retake the test on Wed for Pathology.  I got an 85% on the pre-test, and you need to get a 90% or above to pass the test, so of course I was frustrated b/c I almost passed it.  The night before, I got great tutoring privileges with some friends, so that helped a lot!  Not giving up!  With the Behavior quiz . . .  I honestly just started studying on the day of the quiz 😦  I just did not have time guys.  This past weekend with the bald eagle, squirrels, and wren really consumed my time, but the experience was wonderful & I will never forget it.  On the quiz, the professor did a lot of scenarios and asked what type of behavior theory it was (multiple choice).  The theories can be very tricky, but once I get the general idea, I will greatly succeed.  With that being said, I did get a 60% 😦 I’m glad it was a quiz though so that I can learn from my mistakes without feeling incredibly doomed!  (At the end of the week, she reasoned with us and is allowing us to retake the quiz 2 weeks from now/ NICE!) To make me feel if there was hope in the air, I checked to see how I did on my Dermatology Midterm I took last Friday.  I GOT AN A!! (93%)  Oh, how beautiful is the Glory of the Lord!  I later received my Parasitology Exam grade that I took on Monday and received a B(82%).  I was so ecstatic to hear this after going through that mess of exams on Tuesday.

When I went to take my Pathology exam on Wednesday, I was surprised to see a good amount of classmates taking the exam also.  It felt surprisingly relieving to see that people are just as normal as I am 🙂  Just kidding!   This exam was tricky!  But, I still got an A!!  You are wonderful Lord!

The next test for next week is Pharmacology, and it is scaring the mess out of me!  It is so hard for me to pay attention in most of the classes, but Pharm is the roughest (next up is Epidemiology).  I just feel bored out of my mind and totally confused.  Just brace yourself in this class.  A classmate of mine wondered if I was not an auditory learner at the way I don’t pay attention in class.  My answer is I am very bad with learning from large class lectures.  It is not a personal environment for me where I feel comfortable to ask questions and share a discussion with the teacher b/c everyone else will get ticked off at you.  I learn better through one-on-one discussions as it relates to auditory learning.  Plus large lectures go way to fast, so I get frustrated b/c I lose focus.  So there is my studying struggle in a nutshell 🙂

I finally got some pictures from my last Shorinjyru Karatedo National Tournament (Japanese from of Martial Arts).  I did 2 kata tournaments (2nd place in empty-hand and 1st in weaponry).  The last tournament I did was kumite, which is “sparring” or fighting against an opponent.  I had fun as always, and there were more children this year!




Here is my head sensei from UGA

pic6Here is my head sensei back in my hometown in Georgia.  I have been very blessed to have 2 really good senseis!


This girl is super sweet!!  She’s very enthusiastic about this fighting style, so I hope she sticks with it.



They grade hard!  7 is a normal score given to people, but I will still try harder!!!

Through Him,


Psalm 8:2– “From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.”

1st Exam Already!? (Week 2)

Week’s ItineraryDermatology Exam 1, cool Wildlife Crew cases, and getting shocked in Behavior class

They are not playing around this year!!  Intense, intense, intense!  Studying for both Week 2 and 3 will be a fun ride 🙂 My first exam this year is Dermatology that was taken on Friday.  I will talk about how I felt about it later, but for the most part, Dr. Hensel is a pretty straightforward guy.  I like his exams.

Guess what guys . . . the best part about vet school has returned.  Free Lunch meetings are back! It feels like they stalled for me a bit this year because the first years were having the free lunch meetings the first week.  Oh man, it just feels like I’m being overflowed with tasty blessings just coming out of nowhere.

Again, I got to play basketball with my amazing class this week!  This time, we played a full game with some of the 1st years.  They are incredible players!  My “lil sib played”, and he is a master at the game.  I sucked this week and did some very embarrassing things on the court.  Some basketball players may attest to this: have you ever been in the zone with the ball and someone screams out your name “Camille!!”  and you instinctively think it is your teammate and pass it to the other team!?  It is the most frustrating and embarrassing feeling ever!  Anyway,

With studying, I spent some time with my small group of 5 classmates studying Dermatology, which helped a bit.  Then, I studied one-on-one with my friend (we alternated who would cook dinner).  I made her two burgers stuffed with provolone and mushroom with fries, corn, and grapes.  She cooked me something tasty out of the crock pot for dinner (tortellini, sausages, and vegetables).  It was delicious! 🙂  What helped me this time around was writing all the diseases and ectoparasites down on paper so that I could compare each without having to fish around in the power point slides.

My CVF (Christian Veterinary Fellowship) club is doing a better job with fellowship every Thursday lunch meetings this year.  Now, we do great devotionals where it feels like a Bible study time instead of just sitting around and staring at each other.

Behavior class was very cool this week.  We learned how it feels to get shocked from shock collars for dogs.  The professor put the shock level to the highest voltage and shocked herself.  Why dhe did that to herself, I have no idea, but it definietely made me flinch.  She passed it around so that people can feel the shock at different levels.   When I reached 3, it hurt.  I don’t think I would want my dog to wear one.


All right, time for the Dermatology Exam. I felt really good after taking the exam.  To me, the majority of the questions were self-explanatory (I actually enjoyed studying it surprisingly.  Writing it down and comparing each disease, ectoparasite, allergies, etc really helped me retain more information.  Man, I can’t believe I am still doing trial and error with studying.  There is no set way that I study.  I constantly experiment what works for me.

This weekend, I had to study for 2 exams and a quiz, and this weekend so happened to be my blocked “on call” shift for WTC (Wildlife Treatment Crew).  I took home 2 adorable twin Grey squirrels (night before exam!!) That was honestly the perfect day to have baby squirrels (forced me to study late).


Nope, no crickets were in there 🙂


They were so easy to take care of.

This weekend was action-packed with a Bald eagle, 2 more squirrels, and a little Wren bird that didn’t make it.  The bald eagle is a treasure to get in the clinic because you don’t often get a case like this in WTC.








So I was greatly blessed this week, but I did have time immensely deducted from my studying routine, which scares me a bit for next week.  Surprisingly, I don’t feel stressed out about it though.  Thank you Lord for keeping me at ease!

Through Him,


Isaiah 26:12

“LORD, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us.”