Keep it Coming! (Week 9)

Week’s Itinerary = Last Surgery, Clinical Pathology Paper, Polysystemic Final, Clinical Pathology Exam 2

I’m not afraid of you exams & papers & quizzes and assignments!!!!  Bring it on! 🙂 I seriously thought the intensity of this semester would dwindle by the end of February, but the intensity just keeps on coming.  I was hoping to become numb and get used to all this rigor, but each week continues to bring forth new challenges!  Five things happened this week:

1)    Opthalmology Quiz #4= it was the best grade I received for all my quizzes I took so far. One more to go!  Remember, doing the quizzes while the professor is lecturing is very helpful!!  You follow what they are saying plus you are getting an assignment done.  BOOM done.

2)    Clinical Pathology Paper= Yay!  Our group did well!!  This one was so much easier than the first one.  It had one case with about 18 questions regarding that one case instead of having to answer questions to MANY cases (tougher).  Advice, each member should look at everything (don’t split up the assignment/ trust me).

3)    Last Surgery! Guys, this was an action-packed week!!  I was the anesthesiologist, and I was having some TROUBLE.  The pig decided to stop breathing on  me . . . I and the pig became apneic in other words.  Guys, talk about nerve racking!!  Don’t panic if this happens to you!  Basically, an animal can go without O2 for about 5minutes before threat of death approaches.  So, my Anesthesiologist professor came over to me and said wait 5 minutes to not bag the patient (pump O2 into the lungs), and it should begin to breathe on its own (I have been facilitating with breathing for it for 10 minutes!).  That 5 minutes was the longest 5 minutes of my life!!  Fortunately, the pig began panting under anesthesia, which was good but not good at the same time (had to then adjust the isoflurane using the vaporizer).  Praise the Lord it did not die on my watch!!!

4)    Polysystemic Final= It was straightforward, but of course still study your heart out.  It was all multiple choice, and 4 teachers had questions for us :/

5)    Clinical Pathology(Exam 2)= Later years may not get the privilege of doing a take-home exam like how we did.  It was a blessing for us after all those Snow Days!  We had a take-home portion (strictly cases/ short answer and multiple choice) and a in-class portion (shorter but more nit-picky questions/ multiple choice)

One more week until Spring Break!!!

Through Him,


Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”


Back in Business! (Week 8)

Week’s Itinerary = Photography Job, Surgery #2, Toxicology Quiz 2

This title has a lot of meaning.  For one, no more snow canceled any school days, which kept school running smoothly. I also got invited to perform at an event and be a photographer at another event!  It was fun dusting off and bringing back my wonderful hobbies and joys in life.  The first event I sang at was at UGA’s Museum of Art where America’s Black culture and art was being honored and displayed (remember it is Black History Month).  I was asked to sing the Black National Anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, and I think it went well for the most part.  I definitely screeched out one note, but I am my toughest critic 🙂  Thank you for asking me to sing at the event.  It was an honor!  The event where I was asked to be the photographer was Alpha Psi’s Formal.  Everyone looked glamorous and were greatly enjoying themselves!


On to other news . . . this week was not as ridiculously challenging as earlier weeks and the next week that is about to come.  It just felt more laid back.  The 2 big exciting things this week were the 4th surgery lab and the 2nd Toxocology quiz (call it exam or final in you head/ no joke!)

For surgery, it was a very stress-free experience because there was no live animal to keep under general anesthesia.  We were only working on dead horse intestines (smelled almost fishy).  We learned how to cut open the intestines and learn to sew it back up!  Leakage is a big concern for these surgeries, so we had to test out how well we sutured the specific by putting water in the lumen of the intestine.  Ours did not leak!  Yay!

Oh Toxicology, you are a mess.  I studied very hard for you this time.  I felt much better about it too, so hopefully my grade will improve more than last time.  Flashcards greatly helped!

Through Him,


Ephesians 3:15= “I pray that out of His glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being,

More Snow Day Blessings (Week 7)

Week’s Itinerary = Surgery #3 and many snow days

So. . . I thought that one Snow Day was enough love from the Lord, but you keep showering your beautiful blessings!  Guys… 3 days off!  Talk about time of tranquility and rest!  Thank you Jesus!

snow day

Because of these snow days, many assignments and quizzes had to be postponed meaning there is not much to update you guys!  All I’m going to say is I felt like I just experienced Spring Break, but I do not mind having more days off when that time comes 🙂

Since my surgery day #3 was before school was cancelled, I would be more than happy to share my experience!  The surgery began at 1p and did not end until 6p!!  It was long but fascinating!  We got to cut open the pig by doing an enterotomy and then we each had to apply what we learned in Principle Surgery by suturing up the fascia of the linea alba, subcutaneous, and finally the skin.  It was more challenging than I thought but exhilarating!  Just watching and doing the surgery was wonderful to me!!  Whenever I watch a surgeon do his/her craft, it feels like I am watching a play.  I want to clap afterwards!  😛

Through Him,


Rom 3:23: “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,”

John 14:6: “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Surgery Time! (Week 6)

Week’s Itinerary1st surgery day and Surgery Quiz 1, Renal Pathology Exam and Bone/Muscle Pre-test, Toxicology Quiz 1, Polysystemic Case 2, and Anesthiology Final Exam and Final Draft Paper Due

I love surgeries!!  It was an exciting week for me because we finally got to do hands-on work with our cute little piglets!  Our group decided to not name our piglet because we knew we would get too attached, so we are continuing to call it Case # …… 🙂  It actually helps me to not get too attached even though I am already.  Here are some helpful advice for you before you do Lab #2 which focused primarily on anesthetizing the pig and sterilely draping as if we are preparing for a surgery:

-bring your own surgical scissors

So, we had some difficulty tearing tape for securing the catheter in the ear and taping the Doppler probe onto the medial plantar region of the forelimb.

-Remember to eat something!

The doctors told us at least one person faints during these surgery sessions, so EAT PLEASE!  That should not be a problem for me, but I’ll let you know if that happens…


    Make sure to prepare before the labs.  The doctors provide a lot of handouts and videos that will ease the surgery experience, so take advantage of that.  If you have a question, I would advise asking your group members first before asking the doctors because your questions may have been answered in the videos and handouts.  The doctors are very patient with you, but they may sometimes not help you immediately if you have not taken the time to research material on your own.


So this week, I did struggle with placing the catheter in the ear & being the student doing anesthesia.  Fortunately, the doctors were very patient with me as I was doing the catheter (it is not easy).  They helped guide me after I failed on my first attempt.  I never felt embarrassed or looked down upon for not doing it correctly the first time.  Thank you for your kindness and patience!  Then again, our group’s surgery time is in the beginning of the week, so maybe they have not been bombarded by so many students yet 🙂

To me, having the task of being the Anesthesiologist is the most demanding.  You are the one who has to watch vital signs every 5 minutes!  It feels like the patient’s life is all in your hands and supervision.  That feeling is so crazy for me!  Remember important steps to take if you see complications such as hypotension, hypoventilation, and hypothermia and what to do with fluids that are provided.

All of this is just one thing we had to accomplish this week.  We also had 6 other things to do!

1) Monday morning, we had to do our Renal Pathology Exam and Musculoskeletal Pre-test.  This was a big day for me because I did not do as well as I should have done on my Renal Pre-test.  Guess what??  I got an A on both my Renal and Musculoskeletal exams! Trusting on your strength God!!

2) Oh man, Toxicology… that quiz #1 was brutal!  It was all multiple choice but many were very picky and specific questions within the lecture slides.  He did not put the Echo lectures up online until the day before the quiz.  The quiz is heavily weighted (20% of your grade), so study for it like you were studying for an exam.  There will be 4 quizzes total.

3&4) An Anesthesia paper and Polysystemic Case 2 were due this week.  The great thing about them is how we can be in groups as large as 4 people to share our creative minds.

5) General Surgery Quiz 1= It was short answer, and I did not have to study that much because information where I do things hands-on sticks much better to me than just reading it from a textbook or lecture slides.  Handouts were provided, so I would look over those notes real quick before the quiz

 6) The big day has finally come . . . the Anesthesiology Final Exam!!!  It was a 3 hour exam of only short answer questions.  I have to be honest with you that I was a bit nervous for this final.  Guys, the experience was very long but better than what I thought I would dread.  He did have a review session that laid out the learning objectives and what to focus on, so I thought it was beneficial to go.  Study hard for it though!!  You can do it.

This weekend, I decided to go to the Real Life Real Impact again (by Christian Veterinarian Fellowship Club).  Last year, we went to Auburn University in Alabama.  This year was at North Carolina State University.  I thought the experience this year was way better than last year, and I got to enjoy it with some of my classmates.

rlri 14


rlri 14 2


rlri 14 3


rlri 14 4


rlri 14 5

Through Him,


John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Worrying is Not an Option (Spring Week 4)

Week’s ItineraryPrinciple of Surgery Exam and Practical, Anesthesiology Quiz 3 & Lab 1 Final, and Clinical Pathology Case 1, 

So yeah, this semester is rough in so many ways, but worrying about what the next few days brings to the table is pointless and a waste of time.  I must focus on what the present day reveals and thank God for each moment of the day.  I know with God’s strength, I can surmount to ANYTHING!  Praise the Lord!

So my Class finally received our 1st Polysystemic Exam, and I received a B!  I can improve, but I am so thankful for this grade!  So again, using the handout notes for each powerpoint were very helpful!

We did begin this week with Principle of Surgery Written and Practical Exam.  This was how they went:


We were all required to go to the vet lab to take the exam.  I assumed since we were here, the exam would be an online test, but we received a scantron and hard copy tests.  I believe the main reason why we were here was due to the fact that we had to get up during the exam to identify knots, surgical tools like suture and hemostats, and other tangible objects related to surgery.  The exam was a bit tricky!  You really need to get a firm grasp on ALL the material from lecture PLUS the required textbook reading.


Don’t stress over this at all!!  It was so laid back guys.  Don’t get me wrong, practice all the suture techniques to prepare yourself to do actual surgery, but don’t feel nervous about having the professor personally watching you do the techniques (they are very patient with you).  They had us only do 6 suturing and handling techniques for the practical, but you still need to review everything from that module.

We had our 3rd Anesthesia quiz this week, and this was intense.  He asked us to answer so much from one question in 6 minutes!  When he shouted out “1 more minute left!” Iheard a classmate gasp b/c time was going so fast.  I am going to meet up with the professor next week to get a firmer understanding on how he wants us to approach his questions because we only have one more quiz then the exam!

Next was our Clinical Pathology Case 1 Assignment with our assigned CATME groups.  Some of those cases were BRUTAL!  Make sure to work each case together after assigning a case to each teammate.  You wouldn’t want your case to be a good grade and your partner’s section to be unacceptable.  Please talk it out and work together with these cases.  Our group managed to get a B, but now we know what the professor is looking for.

At the end of the week, we had our Anesthesia Lab Final 1 where you prepare by knowing how to do:

1)    pressure checking the anesthesia machine

2)    understanding pulse ox, ECG, and capnography machine usage and abnormalities

ImageCapnography equipment is very essential for Anesthesia

3)    finding any problems on a anesthesia machine (what is missing?  What needs to rearranged?)

Hope this helps for this week!  I have a big test tomorrow in Clinical Pathology, so I have to go guys!  Remember, don’t worry.  Speaking to me too 🙂

Through Him!


Matthew 6:25-27=  25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life[a]?”

Time to Shine (Spring Week 1)

Week’s ItineraryNo exams and excited for surgeries

I tend to love 1st days of school.  I just get so pumped to be able to start fresh and try to achieve even better than the last semester.  Clean slate to shine this year!  Well, welcome back guys.  This Christmas break was well needed and fantastic!  I did get to spend some time with a good friend and classmate of mine.  She plays hockey, so she invited me to see her play with some of her hockey guy friends.  She is GOOD!

JennyShe does roller blades and ice hockey

photo 1 (9)

photo 2 (13)

The first day was bright and early as we begin our classes at 8AM again.  Our first class was surgery, and I think I am going to enjoy this class!  I love doing SURGERIES!!  Don’t tell anyone, but this was mainly the reason why I decided to come to vet school.  Shhh… 🙂  I have another classmate who feels the same way.  We did get a handy device that will aid us in learning how to do knot ties and suturing before we actually open up a patient for surgery.

photo (54)

The other classes were very interesting as well.   We have Pathology again, and that was my favorite class from last semester!  I believe we have 6 classes and a few labs as a whole, so it will be an action-packed semester!  It was only 2 days out of the week, so not much else is there to say.  I kind of liked beginning school close to end of the week so that I can feel like I’m on top of things during the weekend.

Through Him,


Psalm 42:1– “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.”

Job 23:12– “I have not departed from the commandment of His lips; I have treasured the words of His mouth More than my necessary food.”