End of 1st year!

Week’s Itinerary“Rate My Electives”

What a year!  I believe all of us should ask this simple question after completing our first year here, “Do I still want to be a vet?”  Some people may say they don’t really have a choice  now, but my answer is YES without any hesitation.  This 1st year will teach you so many fundamentals regarding this career, and it will also equip you in being a  stronger person with regards to discipline, persistence, encouragement, teamwork, and so much more.  Please don’t be a selfish person here.  We all need to share our gifts and work together during this rigorous time.

I’m sure you all are dying to know how electives period turned out for me.  Guys, it was the most relaxing and stress-free experience here at the vet school.  I think it is because I only took 3 courses these five weeks before summer break.  There is a down-side to this though.  I am a student who has once taken a  21 credit hour semester during undergrad years and lived to tell the tale.  The reason why I did well that semester was because I was constantly under pressure and studying nonstop.  When I only have less than 4 credit hours (ex: this electives period), I slack off and relax a little too  much.  Because of this, I think it affected one of my course grades.  I have sad news to share with you . . . Emergency Critical Care class bit me in the butt HARD!!  This was the first time ever in my life that I got a C+ in a class 😦  I worked so hard studying for this class, but I guess I was just too burnt out from this 1st year curriculum.  I am a person who really tries to learn from failures and grow from them (yes, to me this is a defeat).  This will be my first and last C here in vet school!  My other classes were great (A in International Veterinary Medicine and an A in Communications).

After the completion of my 1st year of vet school, I was invited by another classmate of mine to join her in celebrating her birthday with friends at Depalmas Italian Cafe.  I enjoyed myself spending time with them and just simply relaxing and feeling at ease after this stressful year.  Thank you Kim and Happy Birthday again! 🙂

photo (3)

That’s me on the right and Kim on the left
photo (10)

I have to be honest and tell you that we are the only African Americans for our school’s Class of 2016.  You really can’t miss us in class 🙂

I decided to do something with my class that will greatly help future students choose the right electives for themselves.  I was inspired by “Rate My Professor”, so it is called “Rate My Electives”.  I know it’s not that creative, but it’s the thought that counts 🙂 1 means”NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!! and 5 equals “Highly Recommend it”.   Here are what classmates thought about each elective:

Animal Welfare
-Interesting topics, but also what you would expect from a welfare class. Writing papers after every class is tedious. Classes are also 2 hrs long but only once a week.   (3 of 5)

-Reminded me of Orientation all over again (either you loved it or you thought it was a waste of time/ I thought it was a good way to get to know my classmates, so I was okay with it).  Labs were too long (3 hours! Did not need to be).  Don’t sit in the back. You can’t hear anything. All the professors are soft spoken.  Loved that Dr. Cornell texts the class after lectures to remind us to do the discussions.  (3.5 out of 5)

-Low stress class. A few papers and daily discussion questions, as long as you keep up, are easy points. I learned some helpful information and although the mock interview was stressful it was well worth it. I only did a 4.5/5 becuase sometimes the lectures and labs were boring, but hey, easy class. (4.5 out of 5)

-Easy points. Learned a ton of useful things. I suck at communication, so I feel like this class is a must! Labs are 3 hours long which sucks-felt like banging my head on the desk midway through. (4.5/5)

-Veterinarians play a lot of roles, and I feel that the skills I learned in this class would help me. I agree that as long as you keep up with the busy work, you will do well. Labs are way too long and I tend to zone out a bit, so be prepared for that (4.5 out of 5)

-Great class. Everyone needs to take this class if you are going to be a clinician of some sort, especially in small animal practice. Yes, it’s a lot of busy work, and it’s an easy A class if you do the work and remember the due dates. I thought some of the assignments were more useful than others. The labs were long, but the role plays we did in labs were very useful I thought. Like Cornell said in class, it’s only valuable if you play the role and try to get something useful out of it. The mock exam video assignment was very useful. I really enjoyed doing that because I got to see myself in a veterinary-client situation. You really learn a lot from that and see where you can improve yourself. Overall, this class was very practical for me as a future small animal private practice veterinarian. (5 out of 5)

Critical Reading
-Not completely what I was expecting, but it was a good introduction into evidence based medicine. It was lacking in some background information because I’ve never taken a statistics class. The class helped with some of that, but I’ve still got a long way to go. The course will more than likely change names after this year which will help with knowing what to expect going into it. The only reason I took this class was because my mentor told me how it would be useful. I was a little disappointed in the amount of work involved with it. You’ll have to read 1-2 vet. journal articles per week and discuss them in journal club, we had 3 assignments to do (2 small and 1 big), and a final which we’ve been told is very straightforward and laid back – we’ll see. So far, it seems like the grading in the class is pretty laid back, but we haven’t gotten all of our grades back yet. Overall, I think it will be a useful class for my future career. (3 out of 5)

Clinical Thinking
-Great class! Really gets you thinking clinically. Helps to make problem lists and how to work through real cases. Just wish it wasn’t at 8am every morning. (4.8 of 5)

-Great intro to thinking like a doctor! learned how to do soaps and talked through cases in a low stress atmosphere. I never felt stupid for being wrong. All work is done in class for the most part though you can choose to keep working outside of class. Highly recommend this class! (5 out of 5)

-good class–take it if you can. I enjoyed Rad more than Ward (5 / 5)

Emergency Critical Care 
-Many of the professors use powerpoint slides for the their lectures, but they will give us just pdf or word document notes. I personally don’t like this because I’m a visual learner, so I got bored easily studying the material on my own. Dr. Brainard, Scherk, and Epstein are the only professors who gave us there slides. There were about 7 professors total.  This class greatly revealed that a lot of emergency cases involved Physiology (you may want to rethink your career goals if you despise Physiology). It does help you see why Physiology is such an important fundamental subject though.  The one lab we had was fantastic! We learned all the different catheters & how to place catheters in a fake vein, learned CPR, and getting blood pressure w/ pulse ox and Doppler.  I liked how we had the opportunity to go down to the clinics to observe what the doctors do in the emergency clinic.  No Echo is used, challenging take-home midterm (3.5 out of 5)

-No Echo, and challenging mid-term. Take home doesn’t make it any less difficult so this is not a gpa boosting class. Great information we should all be exposed to. Only 1 lecture for LA, rest is SA (3.5/5)
-This class upset me. The lab was great but the lectures can be hard to follow when we were not given the slides, the PDFs are harder to follow. Expect to spend 6hrs in the ICU (which was a waste of my time) and about 10hrs on the take home midterm (if you’re slow like me). Very hard, if you don’t say it exactly how they want it said, its wrong. The professors are great though and will take the time to meet with you, they want you to start thinking like a doctor as early as possible and really understand this stuff. (2 out of 5)

-It’s not an easy A…or B…, you’ll work your tail off for whatever you get. However, that said it is a very thought provoking class. It’s the first time I felt like a doctor in vet school. I loved the clinic time. We saw a lot of cases come in and the residents were awesome at treating us like mini-seniors, asking questions about what we thought was wrong and why. I’m LA and I thought it was definitely worth my while to take, even if I take a hit on the grade. (4.5/5)

-This was a good class for me. Lots of useful information for sure. The teachers seem genuinely interested in what they are talking about and Dr. Brainard is a good lecturer especially. I didn’t find the PDFs hard to follow. I REALLY enjoyed the time in the ICU-it made me a lot less afraid to go down there and watch stuff. They did grade kind of hard on the mid-term, but I went and talked to Dr. Koenig afterward and she was very helpful in reviewing the stuff I missed. Also, the testing style really encouraged you to think about problems and work your way through them rather than just regurgitating information. I found this refreshing. (4.5/5)

-This class is essential! Sure, it’s hard, and the professors expect a lot, but the information you get is absolutely invaluable. TAKE THIS CLASS! (5 out 5)

-take the class. Everyone has to pass their boards no matter what you plan to do. I don’t care if you are large animal, chicken, pathology, equine, or whatever. (5 out 5)

-Take this class! I learned a ton about ECC and general clinical medicine. The professors are experienced and entertaining. I loved that we got to do two 3-hour shifts in the ICU. It was a great experience. The questions on the mid-term are kind of vague but I still enjoyed the class a lot. (4.5/5)

-Grades aren’t the end all be all in vet school like everyone says and acts like. This class is difficult if you’re looking for a grade or a GPA boost. It’s also easy and enjoyable if you’re looking for practicallity. I found it easy to study for because this information in this class can be applied to most everything in our profession. We actually get to apply some of the physiology we learned in the core part of the semester. This class is definitely worth it to take, and I thought it was one of the most valuable courses I’ve taken so far in vet school. I did think the midterm was more indicative of a clinical situation than the final. The final was mostly multiple choice. After this class I’ve come to despise multiple choice exams more and more because I don’t feel like I take anything away from the test. (4 out of 5)

Exotic Mammals
-Wonderful class and professors! Very interesting and interactive. Online tests are challenging and timed which can be stressful.       (4.5 of 5)

-Loved the professors, very entertaining! Tests were online, and though they were hard you can make up points in class and for homework. I didnt learn as much about exotic mammals as I had hoped, but what we were taught was helpful. The basics such as retraint and basic behaviors, which is good if you are not as familiar with the species. You do not have to be well aquainted with exotics to do well in this class, have no fear. (4.8 out of 5)

-Great lecturers. Everyone is very dynamic and interesting. SUCH a refreshing change of pace from traditional lectures. Lots of class participation through technology (at least this year), but it’s all anonymous, so there’s no pressure or calling anyone out. I thought the class was an easy A as well. (5.0/5)

-Dr. Divers and Dr. Mayer are both awesome. This class is very clinically relevant. If you are at all interested in exotic animal medicine, this is a perfect intro class. Undoubtedly (5/5)

LA Infectious Diseases

-Very immunology based. A lot of the information is what we learned in bacteriology/virology. Dairy lab was great! (2/5)

-Loved the dairy lab. A lot of immunology *bleh* but relevant diseases and refresher of Bac-T and Virology but with pathology mixed in (2.5/ 5)

-This class is not what I was expecting.  You learn about a few important pathogens, but this class should be called LA immunology in my opinion.  We talked about vaccines and the immune response ad nauseum.  Lots of repetition in lectures that got boring for me.  Tests haven’t been super hard (yet).  Dairy lab was fun because we got to play with cows. (2.0/5)

-OMG do NOT take this class. Big mistake. SNORE fest. Dr. Hurley reads STRAIGHT off the slides. Too much immunology BS. Hated it. I honestly cannot say I learned anything new? All review with focus on immunology. Bleh (0/5)

 Public Health      

-Great Professor.  Easy class, you have a couple of open note quizzes, a paper and a presentation, but it’s not bad.  Really enjoyable lectures.  It meets at noon though, so be prepared to pack a lunch. (4.5/5)

-Not stressful at all. Group paper=40% of grade, open notes/internet=60% of grade. Have to present paper, but not graded on presentation. Dr. Mead is awesome, bought us pizza!      (5/5)

-Dr. Mead is great.  The class was easy- just 3 online quizzes and a paper/presentation. There were a few lectures that weren’t really public health-based so that was slightly frustrating.  Pretty much a guaranteed A.  (4.5/5)

I hope these first hand accounts greatly help you with deciding what elective course you want to take.  Well, I guess that’s all I have to share.  I will not be thinking heavily on science this summer (need a break).  My plans are rest and working on a Christmas album!  I am very excited about this project, and I’ll let you know how it turns out.  I want it to strictly encompass the beauty of my Savior Jesus Christ.  That is what Christmas is meant for.  Talk with you again next school year!

Through Him,


1 John 5:4 – For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, [even] our faith.

Final Countdown (Spring Week 13)

Week’s Itinerary= Physical Diagnosis Final, Virology Final, & Physiology Final

This is it.  My last week of core classes before electives.  Wow, what a week!  I had to overcome 3 very different finals this week (Physical Diagnosis on Monday, Virology on Wednesday, and Physiology on Friday).  Oh by the way, I finally got my grade back for Ethics.  It was a B.  I am highly disappointed with my grade and because I feel like it is way too late for me to go to the professor and have a plausible argument to boost my grade to a better grade I deserve.  Oh well, I passed so let me quit my distress and be happy. Update:  Hey great news!!  One of my Ethics professors, Dr. Cornell, understood my frustration from an email I sent her, and she took the time to hear me out with why I thought I deserved a better grade on the essays I did.  Guess what . . . my B+ went up to an A-!  Praise the Lord!!  Don’t be afraid to speak from your heart to professors like this kindhearted professor.  They will listen and will take the time to work with you.  Don’t always expect that your grades may be raised though.

The Physical Diagnosis final was a mixture of very easy to very challenging.  The written portion consisted of multiple choice and T/F questions.  Here are some recommendations: take a lot of notes while the doctors are doing a presentation before each lab.  Also, study all handouts plus lecture notes for the written and practical portion of the final.  I also took the practical portion on the same day as the written portion, and I highly encourage you to do this so that it will be out of the way (you want to start focusing on the other finals).  My practical was delayed 30 minutes because the professors were asking a lot of questions.  While I was waiting, I had the opportunity of seeing a mare resting with her newborn foal.  The foal was so cute as it was trying to get up and walk but it kept slipping.

The next final was Virology.  It was a huge challenge for me!  After taking the exam, I predicted I got 15 questions wrong out of 50, and I found out I was very close to that (I got a C).  I would encourage studying everything while also looking at the learning objectives.  This time, I don’t think the learning objectives helped as much as it did in the earlier exams.  Overall, I managed to get a B, which I will take in a heartbeat.  Virology and bacteriology were my least favorite courses because I feel there was not a lot of time to be engrossed with all of the bacteria and viruses like how I would have wanted to.  I felt very rushed.  I did love how my class was quick to helping each other!  I love my class.  I tried uploading completed learning objectives, but I couldn’t finish them.  Classmates pitched in!  Thank you!  Love you guys! 🙂

Here comes the final Final . . . Physiology.  This was another class that I did not favor.  Fortunately, Dr. Sanderson’s power points are very entertaining while you study them.  You will understand what I mean if you get the chance to be in this vet school.  My Class love her so much that we gave her a gift.

51HHEuBd6eLAmazon.com “Vera Bradley Laptop Portfolio”

We always saw her carrying her laptop without a case, so we wanted her to carry it with ease and style.

 Well, guys, I have not gotten a lot of grades back yet, so I will let you know as soon as I get them (Immunology was an A, Ethics was an A, Anatomy (Large Animals) was a B, Virology was a B, and Physiology II was a B, .  In the meantime, I will be enjoying the rest of my semester doing electives.  Here are the electives I will be attending:

 International Veterinary medicine


Emergency Critical Care

And that’s it!  I am ready to enjoy these classes while also relaxing during these last few weeks of school.  You will not be hearing from me until after my 1st year of vet school is completed.  I will try to compile a list of classes and classmates’ opinions of what they thought about the electives they decided to take part in.  Hopefully, this will help you make the best decision in choosing the right elective.  Take care guys, & feel free to ask me any questions by leaving a comment on the blog.  Oh, by the way.  I have a praise!!  A good friend of mine got into vet school!  He will be going to St. George in the Caribbean, so I am so excited for him.  Congratulations!!

photo (7)

Through Him,


Exodus 15:2= “The LORD is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation; This is my God, and I will praise Him; my father’s God, and I will extol Him”

Welcome Back (Spring Week 12)

Week’s Itinerary= Anatomy Final & Alumni Luncheon

Hey guys!  Spring Break was well needed, but it was cut short due to preparation.  My week right after Spring Break was intense!  I did my last final exam for Anatomy!!!  It was long!  The exam began at 1p, and I did not leave the school until 5:30pm since we had to clean the lab after the exam.  For the practical portion, there were 60 questions with 3 parts in each question.  I kind of like that they did this even if it was long because it gave me a little more cushioning if I did not know the whole answer to a question.  They did more clinical importance findings this time in lab.  For example, they did not just ask you what they had pinned.  They wanted you to explain any type of clinical issue that may occur by that pinned artifact.  Lecture was brutal this time (well . . . more brutal that is).  For test 3, you really need to get a head start with studying the lecture slides because they contained a lot more valuable information than previous exams.

3 finals next week!!  I need a lot of prayer.  Everyone I’ve told were perplexed that I have finals so early.  Unfortunately, I have an annoying cough right now that is preventing me from having a good night’s rest.  I know God will give me the strength to overcome this week.

Still no news on Ethics . . . (This is the longest I have ever waited for my grades/ over a month now)

I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting alums at  an Alumni Luncheon.  I got to meet one of the Deans here at the vet school and Dr. Greene’s wife (one of my Virology professor’s wife).  The food was incredible!  The Dean told me that every 5 years, there is a class reunion, so that is a nice way to keep in touch with your classmates.  They told me great advice for vet school, “Study hard, but also enjoy yourself.  Don’t be like those book worms who constantly study.”  Believe me, I won’t.


On March 13th, I got to celebrate the birthdays of 2 of my friends in Atlanta.  We had a blast!

Tai eating her chicken sandwhich

Tai enjoying  her birthday dinner!  If you all remember from “Let the Games Begin” post, Tai is my good friend from undergrad who came to my graduation

Camille and Kim

I am with my other good friend from undergrad (Kim!)  Happy Birthday guys!!

Atl group pic

Here are my other friends who joined the party.  Miss you already guys!

Through Him,


Romans 12:2= “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

Spring Break Awaits Me (Spring Week 10)

Week’s Itinerary= Pig Anatomy Quiz & Immunology Final

After this week, you will be welcomed by the joy and splendor of Spring Break!  I always write my posts for my blog at the end of the week, so I am in total bliss right now!  It was an intense week, so I am just oozing with relaxation.  OK, enough of that 🙂

We finally got back our Virology exam.  I did not fail!!  I got a B!  Praise Jehovah!  So, how I prepared for the exam was beneficial.  Study with a classmate guys and quiz each other.  It really helps, but this exam was a tough one.

Our Physiology was returned to us as well this week.  I got an A!  God is so good!  I studied with two other people this time, and it was so helpful.  Also, I took 2 classes of Animal reproduction during my undergrad years, so I highly recommend taking them (General Reproduction and Equine Reproduction).

On Thursday in Anatomy lab, we had our pig quiz.  It was not bad at all.  Just focus on terms and anatomy that are unique to the pig.  It was also our last lab together with my lab partners. I got all sentimental and gave them a hug saying how much they meant to me.  I know, I’ll still see them in class 🙂

photo (6)

Thanks again for being such great and patient lab partners! I hope we can partner up again sometime in the future.

The last exam before Spring Break was our Immunology final.  Studying for this final was agonizing because I kept seeing the light of peace and rest beaming from what next week brings.  I do not usually look at the syllabus, so I found out the day before the final that it was weighted very heavily.  The final counted for 50% toward our overall grade!!!!  Talk about scary.  Nutrition last semester was like this and Anatomy is like this.  Guess what . . . I got an A!!!  That means overall I got an A in the class.  Raise the ROOF! 🙂  God has been blessing me so much recently.

Still no updates on Ethics grade . . .

Well, talk to you later in about 2 weeks!  Blessings!!  Remember, if you have any questions, feel free to write a comment on my blog, and I’ll be happy to help!

Through Him,


2 Corinthians 5:17= “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”

Didn’t See it Coming (Spring Week 9)

Week’s Itinerary= Virology Test 2

Okay, so I prepared for Virology to the best of my abilities and Monday’s exam arrived . . . a Horrible experience!!!  Dr. Greene’s portion was brutal!  I don’t have any tips to advise you for preparation.  I thought how I prepared by quizzing with a friend was enough, but the professor was very difficult with his questions.  Even people who usually get As in everything thought this exam was mind boggling.

Guys, I finally got my Anatomy exam 2 grade!  You all ready for what I got?  . . . it was my first  sensational A ever in Anatomy!!!



I was in shock & 3 classmates gave me a hug congratulating me.  It’s a big deal to get As in that class.  It feels like an incredible victory.  We have a mini quiz in lab next week where they will be testing us on pig anatomy.  Hope it won’t be too stressful.  We also had horse palpation quiz.  It was not too bad at all.  Just relax.  Dr. Gogal tries to make you feel comfortable.

For Ethics, we have yet to get our final grade back.  It has been well over 2 weeks.  You have to be very patient with getting grades back for this class.

I had the wonderful opportunity of going on a CDC trip!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  The main reason why I went was to see where the scenes of the movie “Contagion” and the show “The Walking Dead” took place 🙂  I know, it was a silly reason, but I thought it was cool when one of the CDC administers guiding us was just as enthused with my interest in the show as I was.  We saw a model of the CDC campus and he showed the actual building where “The Walking Dead” was used in the show even though they did not actually shoot it there.  The tour was funny because we could not go into about 70% of the rooms because they were off limits and potentially detrimental to our lives due to the high levels of infectious diseases that they are testing.  I did get to see 2 adorable monkeys in their cages though.  After the tour, I was trying to be as polite and formal by thanking the administrator who worked at CDC well over 10 years by shaking his hand, but it was the most awkward and embarrassing handshake I have given a person in my entire life 🙂  Thankfully, he was very sweet though.  The trip itself heading to and from CDC was memorable!  I had great random conversations and hilarious moments with the crew that went with me on the trip.

Through Him,


Matthew 7:13-14= “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Time to Cram (Spring Week 8)

Week’s Itinerary= Ethics Final & Immunology Exam 2

This week, we had to prepare for the struggles of 2 exams, Ethics on Monday and Immunology on Wednesday.  Because the Ethics professors did not deem my essays worthy of an A, I studied my butt off for the final.  I know right, a final already??  Well, if you remember from last semester, we finished Cell Biology and Histology way before the end of the semester.  I like when we do this because it is one less course to worry about, and you literally feel weight lifting off from your shoulders.  The final was not too bad.  It consisted of multiple choice, True/False questions, and short answer.  If you study all the power points AND the assigned reading, you should be fine.  They like to put mini scenarios in the exam so that you decide what is ethical and pertains to a specific administration or law (ex: AVMA, USDA, FDA, etc.).

 Right after my Ethics final, I had to immediately get into Immunology material.  I only had 2 nights to study for this exam!!!  Since there were a total of 8 chapters and 3 labs to study for, here’s what I did:  Monday night, I only studied 4 chapters and glossed over 1 lab by myself and then met up with a classmate to talk it out.  On Tuesday, I studied chapters 5-8 and the last 2 labs on my own then talked out everything with my classmate.  Wow!  When I look back at what I did, it’s pretty insane how I was able to retain all that information.  Guess what?  I got an A on the Immunology exam!!!! (92%)  Praise the Lord Almighty!  It consisted of 50 questions (multiple choice, True/False, and matching).  It was my first time taking the 5 hour energy drink, and I will tell you it definitely kept me alert and focused Tuesday night.

photo (5)

On Saturday, the business club here at the vet school invited students to attend a meeting about interview prepping for internships and residencies.  It was extremely helpful!  I finally understood why I was not very good with handling interviews.  I was not practicing out loud beforehand with a friend.  I would just “wing it” and hope for the best.  Bad idea!

Now, I am in the process of prepping for my Virology exam, which is tomorrow on Monday.  I still need to study, but I will not give up!

Through Him,


Isaiah 40:29= “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”

School Accreditation Time (Spring Week 7)

Week’s Itinerary= School Accreditation, Anatomy Test 2

This week, we were welcomed by the accreditation team who toured and graded the whole school based on their scholarly critiques.  I heard they go all over America every 10 years to all of the veterinarian schools.  I believe our school took really good care of them.  Also, I am sure our Dean made a point in emphasizing our new Vet School Building that will be fully built 2-3 years from now.  I will soon let you know how we did!!  Here is a website of our ranking for the past 10 years:


 This week was indeed an intense one.  I had my second Anatomy exam, which emphasized the abdominal contents and the reproductive tracts in the horse, ox, and goats.  I also had two performances I was invited to sing at.  If you all refer back to the post from Week 5, I did an experiment with the class to see if it will help with preparation for the exam.  I must say it greatly helped me!!  Some of my classmates came to me and thanked me for setting it up.  Check it out!  May be you can use it when you come to vet school.  You may need to get the supplies on your own though (sandwich bag and flash cards).  But for the most part, the exam was doable but it was much more difficult than exam 1.  We have a lot of classmates that helped us by making their own learning objective lists.  If you ask the upperclassmen, we will not hesitate to help you if you need any tools.  We would be more than happy to help.  Remember, Dr. Dookwah expects you to read.  He will not give you a list on what to expect on the exam.

My two performances went really well!  Praise God!!  The first event was to honor the first two African Americans, Andre Sutton and Ebony Brown, to be enrolled at UGA (remember it’s African American “Black History Month”).  I learned a lot about their courage and determination to make it through their time at UGA.  There were a lot of threats on their lives.  I was the first to perform, and it was a very serious performance.  While I was singing, there were power point slides that showed horrifying events during the Civil Rights Movement.  While that was playing, I sang two Spirituals, “I Can’t Stay Here By Myself” and “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me”.  It was very powerful and moving.  The last one I did was an AIDs Awareness Benefit entitled “Project R.E.D: A MasquerAIDS Gala” hosted by the Zeta Psi Chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in an effort to commemorate National Black AIDS Awarenesss Day.  I sang with a member from a different sorority “When You Believe” from the soundtrack from the Prince of Egypt.  It went well, everyone looked so glamorous!  My mom came to support me at the event.  Thanks Mom!



Through Him,


Psalm 120:1 = “I call on the LORD in my distress, and he answers me.”