Orthopedic Surgery

Performing surgeries on bones are so different from soft tissue surgeries, but it was still really fun to watch. I can picture men flocking for this specialty because there are so many hardware tools to work with (nails, pins, screws, hammers, saws, wires, etc.). I was very bias though with this thought before starting this rotation because I was with two female veterinarians who were on FIRE and were powerhouses with these surgeries! They could do everything effortlessly an sometimes even better than some male veterinarians I worked with. These surgeries were not as diverse as soft tissue surgeries were though. The majority of cases were TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy) operations to help stabilize the knees of a pet and fracture repairs. Other occasionally performed surgeries included patella or “knee cap” stabilization and repairs of tendon tears. Overall, it was a very interesting rotation but with very long hours.

Here’s what other people had to say about this rotation:
What was Orientation Day like?
-Very short orientation
-Super short orientation, went straight to work!

Average Daily Hours on Duty?
-expect 7-7 depending on which clinician it is
-6:45AM-8PM for our clinician, we had long patient and topic rounds

What is the attire? (When do you change into scrubs?)
-scrubs or dressy for receiving patients (tues and thur). scrubs (will change into clean scrubs immediately before surgery, so bring extra pairs) on surgery days, mon, wed, and fri
-Scrubs or dress clothing – I wore scrubs for sx (surgery) days and dress clothing for receiving days

What do doctors/residents/techs constantly harp on?
-Use slings, write clear notes on treatment sheets so others know they must use a sling/ cart patient!

What are some struggles to watch out for?
-Physically demanding

Words of encouragement (positive comments/stories during your time in this rotation)
-may get to use some power tools in surgery, placing screws!!
-Placing screws and drilling holes was so awesome! Made all the work well worth it!

Difficulty Level (1-3)? 1= It’s a breeze/ 3= really difficult workload
-2 out of 3
-3 – had few people on block (the less people, the more work!)

Through Him,
Matthew 11:28= “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”


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