Radiology Rotation

Like Pathology, this was another rotation that was one of the easiest, most laid back rotations of your final year.  You still did have to get to school by 8AM, but you did not have inpatients or written documents to worry about.  We only had to do 2 short exams in order to pass the rotation.  There were 3 duties that we were selected to do each day: 1) a radiology technician when we get a patient and position the animal properly for the most appropriate technique, 2) an ultrasound technician where we hold the patients while the veterinarian who is certified in radiology performs the ultrasound while teaching us important findings, and 3) interpretation or radiographs.  I enjoyed interpretation the mot because I was discussing individual cases one-on-one with a specialist.  Even though we rarely got the opportunity to do interpretation due to a busy case load, I tried to soak in every advice I received from them during those days.

Here’s what other people had to say about it!

(What was Orientation Day like?)

-Arrive at 8:00. Get a brief explanation on how to use the equipment. Take a look at the on call shifts and switch as need to meet your schedule. You will have one of three tasks: 1) help take radiographs as needed 2) sit with the resident as she/he interprets radiographs that are or have already been taken 3) help with ultrasound studies. Overall pretty chill. You have 30 minutes for lunch

(Average Daily hours on duty?)

8-5 or 6

(What is the attire?  When do you change into scrubs?)

-Business casual, white coats.

-you can wear scrubs every day, with white coat

(What do doctors/residents/techs constantly harp on?)

-Know anatomy and radiology basics from lectures, they will teach you positioning and how to use all the machines

(Words of encouragement)

-Everyone is very friendly and helps the students learn – rounds are great, and students are involved in all the cases (not so much CT/MRI)

(Difficulty Level (1-3)? 1= It’s a breeze/ 3= really difficult workload)


Through Him!


Ephesians 1:7= “In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace.”


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