Practice Management Rotation

Practice Management was one of the most invaluable rotations I have taken thus far.  On multiple occasions, I would tell myself that I would immediately apply some of the tools I learned once I owned a practice.  My #1 recommendation when owning a practice is “maintaining a buzz” with the use of fantastic and reliable marketing systems.  The best online software that I was introduced to during practice management is called “Demand Force”.  Check them out! (

A typical week consisted of going to a private practice for 2-3 days then heading back to Athens to finish an evaluation report that exceeds way over 100 pages.  The task set before us while at the clinic was a thorough observation of the entire practice.  Specific zone areas were assessed and analyzed (Exterior Grounds, Reception/Lobby, Exam Rooms, Pharmacy/Labs, Treatment/Surgery/Isolation, Boarding, Grooming, etc.).  We also observed clients in the exam rooms and how the receptionists, technicians, and veterinarians interacted with them.  After observations, we list strengths and various “opportunities”, which is a nicer way of saying “constructive criticism” to help make the practice operate even better.  We also looked at how they publicize and promote their practice.  Seeing if they are a paper or paper-light practice (utilizing the computer to also save medical records) is also another task that we observed while also compiling all their financial reports.  It is a thorough but very necessary approach to give a complete evaluation report for the practices who agreed to use our feedback and resources.
I cannot forget to mention the feasts we would enjoy during the rotation.  We got to go to different restaurants and enjoy anything we wanted on the menu (of course, be reasonable with your selection).  It was like basking in Heaven the way my tastebuds were overjoyed 🙂
Through Him,

John 14:26   “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.”


2 thoughts on “Practice Management Rotation

  1. How cool to know that this is part of your training. Professionalism, organization, hygiene — all these matter to those of us owned by our companion animals.

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