A Couple Weeks Until Rotations! (Spring Week 1)

Hey guys, welcome back!

In the last two years, we were forced to start spring semester on January 2nd while the rest of the UGA campus was deserted.  Now, we began our semester on Jan 5th with the undergraduates.  I appreciated this change very much because I got to spend a little more time with family.

I have never experienced a semester like what I am about to explain to you.  Our core semester will only be 3 WEEKS long!  I thought I went through all the thorny obstacles that vet school offers, but the academic coordinators trusts that we will succeed in these four courses in this short amount of time (Cardiology, Neurology, Practice Management, and Respiratory Diseases).

After these 3 weeks, we will have 5 weeks of electives and then the well-awaited rotations!  Rotations is where we will finally be able to go to the new vet school building and work one-on-one with doctors and assess clinical disorders on patients.  I really cannot wait!

vet school building

vet school construction

They have been working really hard.  This shot was taken in August 2014.  The site is looking more polished now.

I have to share a highlight this week that greatly touched me. I loved what one of the speakers in Practice Management said on Monday, “With $90,000 of student loans after graduating from vet school in the late 80s, I was able to pay off my loans within 4 years.”  YES!  I loved hearing that!  If you guys have not heard this before, I made it my mission and goal to pay off my loans within 5 years, and now I know it is possible to accomplish.  He is an inspiration to me.

Each day this week has been draining me because we would start at 8am and stay in the same room until around 4pm.  Having surgeries last year was a blessing for us because we could leave school most days around noon when it was not our assigned surgery day.  We will only have 2 more weeks of this, so I am not complaining at all.

I have 2 midterms next Monday and Thursday on Neurology and Respiratory Diseases, so I have to go prepare myself for the days to come!

Through Him,


Psalm 34:8= “Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.”


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