Feeling the Pressure (Week 3)

Week’s Itinerary = Anesthesiology Quiz 2, Polysystemic Case Study, Pathology Urinary System Pre-Test, Polysystemic Exam 1,  Rough Draft Paper due for Anesthesiology

What in the world!?  This week and and the following weeks to come looks gruesome!  The Spring semester of second year is more overwhelming than fall semester because not only do you have 1 or 2 exams a week, but you will have to do quizzes and separate assignments (ex. cases studies, papers, surgery and treatment with the piglets).  My advice is to make sure you look at when assignments and the exams are due each week from the syllabus from each course, write them down on the calendar, and then take each week at a time.  You will get very overwhelmed by how much you have to do every week, but you can do it!

This week, we had 5 things to conquer!  1) We first had to study for an Anesthesiology quiz that covered 2 lectures.  This time on the quiz, he cut the paper in half because so many of my classmates were writing way too much information down 🙂  He wants us to be very concise with our answers.  2) The next assignment for the week was a Polysystemic case study where a group of about 4 people looked at a patient with his history and physical exam and then had to come up with a problem list, a differential diagnoses, and a final treatment plan for the patient.  I really need to practice this type of write-ups because this is exactly what I will have to do when I become a veterinarian in the future.  3) Thirdly, we had our first pre-test covering the urinary system for Systemic Pathology.  Lets just say studying for this material was not as exciting as I remembered it from last semester.  Yes, it had the same helpful tools: web lessons (most disappointed with/ too long & didn’t feel as organized as last semester), lectures (this time, I appreciated them doing a narrated version where you just click on a microphone image and you hear the professor speak to you in each slide/ a genius idea, but the slides to me were all over the place), AQS (Class is split up into 4 huge sections, and we get to look at samples of tissue and organs that have various abnormalities/sometimes, there were no actual specimens to feels, so I personally was not feeling it/ it did last 1 hour instead of 2 hours like last semester). and notes written like an ebook with pictures (a friend told me to use this before anything else, because it was more organized, and most of the questions came from this note form/ will use this in preparation for the exam.

4) The fourth assignment for this week (I know, let this end!!) was our Polysystemic Exam.  Dr. Ward can be tricky sometimes, but her questions are straightforward for the most part!  I struggle a little bit with physiology concepts like endocrinology because it takes me a while to see it.  A friend who is an upperclassmen brought up a good idea for what he plans on doing during clinical rotations.  He said since he also struggles with physiology (“Internal Medicine”), he will sign up to do 2 rotations in Internal Med.  That way he will be able to see the symptoms and treatment plan in action!  I think this idea is genius, so I may follow suit.  5) Lastly, we had a rough draft due for a book review in Anesthesiology.  The book is called “The Invisible Gorilla”, and we had to summarize each chapter and show how they relate to Anesthesiology scenarios.  This book is very thought-provoking.  I enjoyed thinking outside the box and seeing how all of the concepts listed out in the book can be related to veterinary anesthesiology.  This book greatly solidifies the idea that one may perceive and acknowledge their surroundings to the best of their abilities, but one will always have flaws in their everyday perceptions.


Yeah…and next week is not getting any lighter.  I believe we have 5 or 6 things to do next week too!!  I love when people are taking just 2 minutes out of their time to pray for someone.  Can you please pray for me for this month and February??  I would greatly appreciate it.  I need to continue to focus on accomplishing my goal as God’s arms continue to embrace me and keep me safe!  Amen!!

Through Him,


Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!!

Martin Luther King Jr.

Psalm 55:22= “Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”


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