End of Fall Semester! (Year 2)

Week’s Itinerary = Completing electives, Fall Break at Myrtle Beach, and signing the last beam of the new vet school building

You are such a magnificent God, Lord Jesus!!  Hey everybody!  Just finished my electives period here at UGA’s vet school.  Once again, this time of each semester is filled with bliss, relaxation, peace, and freedom.  I signed up for twice the amount of electives this year (6 total) and thankfully succeeded . . . and lived to tell the tale 🙂  It was the toughest electives period for me, but that makes sense right?  I pray that my fellow classmates also enjoyed their freedom as well!

I wanted to share some exciting events I took part in during my hiatus from my blog.  The weekend right after core classes ended, I was invited by a few friends to go to one of my classmate’s house in South Carolina that is literally a 5-minute walking distance to the beach (Myrtle Beach!).  The sand to my feet was perfect.  The breeze that gently and sometimes firmly pressed against my cheeks was divine.  The ocean water that lapped up to my ankles chilled me yet thrilled me 😛 Sorry guys, I’ll stop.  I needed that time of tranquility so badly, and this trip was just the right gift at the right time.  Thank you so much for inviting me guys!



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There was so much FOOD!  This particular night, we had a bushel of oysters we ate away while we were watching a UGA football game and later enjoyed the jacuzzi!

After this lovely adventure, one of my Pathology professors invited my lab group to enjoy some good food and get to know each other better!  Our lab group won a Jeopardy match against the rest of the groups, so 2 of our amazing professors blessed us with a fantastic dinner and some smores!  Thanks again for your kindness!

1elect7A great opportunity was given to 3 people in each Class to have “Lunch with the Dean”!  I am so glad I went because I heard other Classes voice their opinions specifically on how the curriculum is being run.  The best part in the whole lunch was finding out that there is still hope for Class of 2016 to do clinic rotations our final year in the new vet school building!!!  The Dean said they are surprisingly still on schedule!  Yess!  You can view the construction process here:



We all plus Alumni were fortunate to come sign our names on the last steel beam that will be placed in the new Vet School Building!


Can’t forget to show my delicious Thanksgiving meal!!  It came with an appetizer as well 🙂



“Mannish Water”– In Jamaica, it is a hearty Jamaican soup made out of various parts of a goat.  One of our main dishes was curry goat, so the rest of the goat was used for this delicacy.


After Thanksgiving, I had another interesting feast but it was with classmates this time.  They call it a “Low Country boil”.  You can Google image this thing and get a fantastic idea of how great our night was.  For appetizers, I helped prepare oysters with this delicious sauce called “Rockefeller sauce”.  I officially cannot eat oysters anymore if it is without this sauce ever again! I forgot to take a picture of the oysters because it was so good! 🙂


I have to congratulate a few people who mean a lot to me.  I have a Jamaican sister in my African American Choral Ensemble who recently won the Miss International Pageant.  Congratulations!



The last group of people I want to congratulate is FMG (Freedom Music Group)!!  There album finally dropped December 10th 2013!!!  I am so happy for you all, and it is doing well!  I will keep praying that whoever this album reaches will touch the lives of so many people.  Proud of you guys!

Check out their music here:





Christmas party!! 🙂



Lastly, I want to personally thank those who took the time to pray for me this semester for strength to conquer this curriculum.  Thank you so much for those with the kindness of their hearts who would just encourage me out of nowhere, but it was always the perfect time for me to hear those words.  Bless you guys.

Through Him,


John 16:33

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

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