One More Week to Go! (Week 10)

Week’s ItineraryPathology Exam 3 and Parasitology Final

I think this was my motto for the majority of the week, or that’s what I kept telling myself.  I am so looking forward to electives!  This week welcomed me with my 3rd Pathology Exam and my Parasitology FINAL!

So my experience with the 3rd Pathology exam was not fun at all.  After taking the pre-test, the grade of a D showed before my eyes.  I was distraught, but it kept me motivated to not give up.  Fortunately, a friend told me a couple hours later to check my grade again because apparently the numbers were screwed up (if I did not tell you before, the pre-test and actual exam are done online.  Guys, my actual grade was a nice, solid B.  Talk about messing up my insides!!  I’m glad I was focusing solely for my Parasitology final after taking the pre-test though.  I still did not pass the pre-test, but this time the professor said we could keep our grades if we felt good about our pre-test grade.  I’m keeping that good passing grade!!

Now for the Parasitology final.  What can I say, I always feel like I need one more extra day to study all the thes parasite names.  It was tough like always but with a grand finale of DOOM for the cumulative questions. The cumulative portion was brutal (very specific).  I still happened to keep a B in the class!!  Praise the Lord!

Just 1 more week of finals until electives freedom!!  It honestly felt like finals weeks since mid August.  This semester was intense.  Gotta finish strong though!

WTC started up again! I got to take care of a Screech Owl & a Chipmunk:


Through Him,


Psalm 51:12– Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.


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