Total Mayhem (Week 7)

Week’s Itinerary= Pathology Exam 2, Pharmacology Exam 2

Man, this week was a mess!  There were two HARD exams this week after last week’s 3 exams.  I am exhausted but not giving up!  For some of you, you will have just one tough exam b/c you successfully passed the Pre-test for Pathology.  Pathology Test 2 was 10x harder and a lot longer than the pre-test!  You must really prepare for the pre-test so that you don’t ever have to see what I saw!  It was so challenging because there were so much more pathogenesis sequences and fill in the blank.  There were 34 questions total too compared to the normal 10 or 15 questions.  Guess what . . . Jesus’s strength got me through it again!!  I got an A (96%).  What in the world!???  I tend to doubt myself too easily.

Studying for Pharmacology was crazy intense!  It was not as enjoyable as it was studying for Exam 1 because there were more than one professor teaching it and A LOT more drugs. The hardest portions to me were Ward’s and Greene’s (especially Greene’s!!)  In more than 5 questions in Greene’s section, I narrowed the answers down to 2 (50-50 chance of getting it right).  I was there for the whole 2-hour block for this exam.  And again, I highly encourage to write down everything you know about the drugs on the test paper.  Most people did not have to do that, but I would rather lay it all out where I see it so that I don’t have to keep going back in my brain to search out all the right answers.

There was a cool lunch meeting after the Pharmacology exam.  The lecturer was Dr. Melinda Merck, and she is an incredible veterinarian who after working at a Feline Practice, she changed her career that focuses on Forensic Science in Veterinary Medicine.  We are the 2nd vet school in the nation to offer an elective course in Forensic Science for animals.  Cool!

She was one of the veterinarians who helped crack down the Michael Vick dog-fighting investigation.


 Forgiveness is such a powerful thing.  (Matthew 6:14-15)

Learn more about her here:


Now, it’s time for Parasitology studying, which was scheduled for Monday.  Two incredible things happened for our class.  On Wednesday during the lab, the professor told us that the exam will not be cumulative!  Thank you Lord!  They saw that we would be struggling after the Pharmacology exam on Friday.  Also (this is a big one), some students approached the faculty and administrators to see if we could move the exam to Tuesday instead of taking it on Monday.  They heard our plea and concern and said if we have 100% of our classmates agree to this then only the lecture portion will be moved to Tuesday.  We got 100% within 2 hours after that request!  I so need that extra day to study!  Praise God!

This weekend was UGA vs. LSU with football, and sleeping was impossible in my apartment complex . . . JERKS!!  I had the most HORRIBLE slumber Friday night!! I was abruptly startled awake exactly at 2:00, 3:50, and 5:00am by partying animals and football-loving jerks!! I like football too, but dang! And guess what!? They were shooting  off fireworks at 5am to top it off!  I think I have officially had it with this apartment complex. I don’t get angry easily, so thank you for your patience.  Just needed to blow off some steam 🙂  A friend who knows I hardly blow up like this said humorously that I should give them a piece of my mind.  My answer was, “Yeah, I should give them a piece of my mind!  The peace and Love of of my Savior Jesus Christ :P”  I forgive them even though I know they would be worse the next night.  My plan B was sleeping over at a friend’s house.  Complication resolved!

Through Him!


Matthew 6:14-15

“For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”


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