Drugs, Drugs, Drugs (Week 4)

Week’s Itinerary= Pharmacology Exam 1

Surprisingly, with Pharmacology, I had a fun time studying with classmates!  There were so many drugs to learn it was sickening, so some smart classmates of mine came up with quirky ways to remember drug names.  For example, there is a section of muscarinic antagonist drugs within the cholinergic family (work with me here).  To help us remember the names, we just used acronyms like “A Georgia Peach Smells Tasty” (A.G.P.S.T) for Atropine, Glycopyrrolate, Pyrenzepine, Scopolamine, and finally Tropicamide.  So with Tropicamide, we thought of the “Tropicana” orange juice b/c it’s so tangy it brightens up your eyes which is what the drugs does (mydriasis- dilation of the pupils).  Yes, I know it sounds like vet school students do not have a life, but at least I’m learning something with some enthusiasm 🙂  The test was very straight forward but still extremely difficult.  I recommend doing what I did where I just regurgitated all the drug information on the back of the test sheet so that I would not have to keep fishing around in my head for stuff.  Believe me when I say it greatly helped.



NOT!! 🙂

After the exam on Wednesday, I was extremely exhausted (I was about to pass out in Epidemiology).  The rest of the week was a nice, easy-going week due to the fact that several professors ended class early or cancelled it altogether.  I got to visit friends and take more naps!

1st years had their 1st exam on Wednesday of this week (Bacteriology), so I got my lil sib his favorite chocolate bars (Snickers & Twix).  My big sib did that for me last year, so I wanted to do the same for my lil sib.  After their exam, I got mixed reviews but for the most part smiling and relieved faces.  Hope you all did well!

I need to personally shout out to my very sweet friend and classmate, Hannah Fearing.  She is one of those individuals who are just beyond geniuses who should skip vet school and already have a Practice.  I love how she does not keep her giftedness to herself.  She shares her intellectual brain by sending her study guides and notes out to the whole class, and they are so helpful to me!!  I want to say thank you so much Hannah and God bless you! 🙂

Well, that’s all I have this week.  I am studying for another difficult exam in Parasitiology.  Guys, it’s confirmed that this class is Bacteriology all over again 😦  I hate just memorizing names and regurgitating them!!  It’s pointless to me because I can just look up the parasite in a book when I am a vet.  I will not remember all these names!

& I digress…

Oh, and I have officially been converted to Crockpot Cooking!! (Don’t worry, still Christian all the way 🙂 ).  It’s so easy and delicious!  Here’s a picture of a meal I did this weekend (good friend introduced it to me):


Man it was good!

Through Him,


Exodus 33:14 “My presence will go with you and give you rest.”


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