Slow Start (Week 1)

Week’s ItineraryNo exams and recuperating.

For the most part, the rest of this week went smoothly except for a 2-day pot hole of a terrible illness!  It was the first time ever in my educational school years to miss class during the first week of school.  The sickness was just too unbearable.


Fortunately, I am feeling much better today while writing this for you.  Our class already needs to prepare for an exam next week!!  Crazy I know!  So far, the classes this year are not that bad . . . yet.  The three that I am a little worried about are Pharmacology, Parasitology, and Epidemiology.  Every upper classman I spoke with except one told me how brutal Pharmacology is.  The one that loved it majored in Chemistry in undergrad and is fascinated with learning about how drugs work.  You know how sweet this person is?  She made booklet binders for me of all the lecture notes with her handwriting notes to help me for this class.  Even though I don’t know her all that well, I want to publicly thank her and say that I love you so much!! 🙂  Parasitology is basically Bacteriology class all over again (you all remember how much I thoroughly enjoyed studying for that class :/)  Here’s a great Parasitology image website that our professor provided for us!

Epidemiology just seems boring to me right now.  There are not many pictures on the slides, so that should explain my disinterest for this course.

It’s basketball time! Now we have some first years who want to play with us!  I was very rusty because it was the day I began feeling ill, but I had fun and tried my best!  Also this week, I participated in Wildlife Teatment Crew adventures! I helped feed a parakeet for just 10 minutes b4 it went home.  I then went to school early to help one of my classmates find out the cause of death of a baby squirrel that was rescued after tragically dropping out of a tree.  It survived the fall but unfortunately died the night before.  What we were allowed to do later on that day was so cool to me . . . we got to do a necropsy on this squirrel to see what was the cause of death.  Anybody could clearly guess that cause of death was due to some sort of  trauma from the fall, but it is cool to get the opportunity to get very concrete evidence.  We opened up the skull to find a very bad cerebral hemorrhage due to the squirrel’s hard impact to the ground.

This weekend, I had work at the zoo and some nice get-togethers with some friends.  If you don’t remember, I work at Bear Hollow Zoo in Athens, GA where I am a birthday party hostess who presents cute animals to the kids and take them on an exciting tour in the zoo.  Due to the rain, I was worried the kids would be upset, but they had fun regardless!  The parents decided to allow the kids to enjoy the tour in almost “rainforest” zoo setting.  I thought it was pretty fun!  Also, one parent who found out I was a vet student told me a very helpful story that I wanted to share with you all.  She said a family member of hers had a cat dealing with a urinary infection (a common thing for cats).  The doctors would say to do this and that, but nothing was working, so what she decided to do instead was by a small goldfish and put it in her cat’s water bowl.  This made the cat place her paw in the bowl to try and fish out the goldfish which forced it to lick its paws and eventually drink the water to try and catch the fish.  After this ingenious idea came to life, the cat healed from her previous infection.  Isn’t that genius!?  I will definitely use this in the future when I become a vet.


The rest of this weekend was filled with joy and relaxation.  I was invited to a house party of some classmates to have a nice potluck dinner and later went to watch a movie with a long time friend from undergrad.  Today (Sunday), I went with another friend to a peach farm and  Helen, GA to tour the place, and enjoy some peaches and good German food!  It was a great weekend with little studying, but will definitely try to catch up this week!

photo (12) (1)

This is my friend who went with me to Helen, GA.  He’s such a cool friend!!

photo (16)

Helen is a beautiful small town that has a lot of German culture and art!

photo (13)

Had some delicious German food

photo (17)



photo (18)

We went to a peach farm and tried peach and apple pies! 🙂

Through Him,


Psalm 34:14

“Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.”

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