First day of 2nd year!

I woke up way early today (5 am) but felt surprisingly well rested.  I had some excitements in my life, so that sometimes keeps me up or wakes me up to continue to enjoy God’s physical blessings:

Yesterday night during a CVF meeting (Christian Veterinary Medicine), I saw one of my classmates who lost a ton of weight!!!  I went up to her and gave her a huge hug congratulating her on her hard work.  She told me she lost 50 lbs over the summer using a no carbs diet and checking her calorie intake using an iPhone app called “myfitnesspal”.  I applaud anyone who struggles with weight and fights it with all their strength because I once was on the heavy side and lost 46 pounds!  Another thing I was excited about was hearing the news about that California girl who was kidnapped by her longtime family friend and was finally and safely captured.  Here was the news report about it:

That happy ending to that really sad story made my week after hearing about it.  It really affected me because it is rare hearing that an abducted girl survives after being with her kidnapper for even a few days.  Praise God!!

But anyway . . . welcome back!! 🙂  So I will continue with my day.  I honestly like my first days of school. Everyone tends to show exuberant smiles with an upbeat attitude.  However, we no longer get “babied” as much with the planned breakfast meals and 9am classes.  Our school year commenced with style at 8a 😦  It’s okay.  I just need to still get used to those early hours.  Here is our schedule for the year:

We were in school for a portion of the day (8a-4p).  I did not mind the chairs in the classrooms.  I was hearing some people complaining about it, so just prepare yourself to possibly bringing a cusion with you.  The teachers were also not playing around with getting started with A LOT of material!  I am so exhausted right now that I may not have the time to go back through all the classes.  I do think I have finally found a great way to take notes in class though.  It took some time to get a handle on it, but it was almost fun doing it and I can see it helping in the future for preparation for exams.  Here’s what I did (and I have to personally thank my classmate Hannah Fearing for teaching me this): Pull up an Excel sheet and use columns A and B.  You will also have the power point lecture notes up.  While the teacher is talking, place the title of each slide in the right column and all of the notes to the right of the A column in the B column.  It’s like a mixture btn a flow chart and flashcards.  When there a lot of clinical pictures or diagrams, you pull up Sheet 2 from the bottom of the Excel document to place all the pictures there.  I hope you understood my explanation.  If you read this and need more clarification, just ask me with a comment.  I enjoyed Dermatology class because of the visuals and Behavioral class because the teacher used great examples.  We did have Parasitology lab today, but it was a very quick and easy introduction lab.  No worries there.

After school, our class was greatly nudged to go to the “Big Sib Little Sib” get together.  I loved it!  I(big sib) got to meet my little sib(Freshmen), and he is a very sweet human being.  I will be praying for him and his Class to excel in everything they do!


I’m out.  I am getting so sleepy now.  Peace!

Through Him,


Deuteronomy 33:27= “The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.”


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