Welcome Back (Spring Week 12)

Week’s Itinerary= Anatomy Final & Alumni Luncheon

Hey guys!  Spring Break was well needed, but it was cut short due to preparation.  My week right after Spring Break was intense!  I did my last final exam for Anatomy!!!  It was long!  The exam began at 1p, and I did not leave the school until 5:30pm since we had to clean the lab after the exam.  For the practical portion, there were 60 questions with 3 parts in each question.  I kind of like that they did this even if it was long because it gave me a little more cushioning if I did not know the whole answer to a question.  They did more clinical importance findings this time in lab.  For example, they did not just ask you what they had pinned.  They wanted you to explain any type of clinical issue that may occur by that pinned artifact.  Lecture was brutal this time (well . . . more brutal that is).  For test 3, you really need to get a head start with studying the lecture slides because they contained a lot more valuable information than previous exams.

3 finals next week!!  I need a lot of prayer.  Everyone I’ve told were perplexed that I have finals so early.  Unfortunately, I have an annoying cough right now that is preventing me from having a good night’s rest.  I know God will give me the strength to overcome this week.

Still no news on Ethics . . . (This is the longest I have ever waited for my grades/ over a month now)

I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting alums at  an Alumni Luncheon.  I got to meet one of the Deans here at the vet school and Dr. Greene’s wife (one of my Virology professor’s wife).  The food was incredible!  The Dean told me that every 5 years, there is a class reunion, so that is a nice way to keep in touch with your classmates.  They told me great advice for vet school, “Study hard, but also enjoy yourself.  Don’t be like those book worms who constantly study.”  Believe me, I won’t.


On March 13th, I got to celebrate the birthdays of 2 of my friends in Atlanta.  We had a blast!

Tai eating her chicken sandwhich

Tai enjoying  her birthday dinner!  If you all remember from “Let the Games Begin” post, Tai is my good friend from undergrad who came to my graduation

Camille and Kim

I am with my other good friend from undergrad (Kim!)  Happy Birthday guys!!

Atl group pic

Here are my other friends who joined the party.  Miss you already guys!

Through Him,


Romans 12:2= “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”


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