School Accreditation Time (Spring Week 7)

Week’s Itinerary= School Accreditation, Anatomy Test 2

This week, we were welcomed by the accreditation team who toured and graded the whole school based on their scholarly critiques.  I heard they go all over America every 10 years to all of the veterinarian schools.  I believe our school took really good care of them.  Also, I am sure our Dean made a point in emphasizing our new Vet School Building that will be fully built 2-3 years from now.  I will soon let you know how we did!!  Here is a website of our ranking for the past 10 years:

 This week was indeed an intense one.  I had my second Anatomy exam, which emphasized the abdominal contents and the reproductive tracts in the horse, ox, and goats.  I also had two performances I was invited to sing at.  If you all refer back to the post from Week 5, I did an experiment with the class to see if it will help with preparation for the exam.  I must say it greatly helped me!!  Some of my classmates came to me and thanked me for setting it up.  Check it out!  May be you can use it when you come to vet school.  You may need to get the supplies on your own though (sandwich bag and flash cards).  But for the most part, the exam was doable but it was much more difficult than exam 1.  We have a lot of classmates that helped us by making their own learning objective lists.  If you ask the upperclassmen, we will not hesitate to help you if you need any tools.  We would be more than happy to help.  Remember, Dr. Dookwah expects you to read.  He will not give you a list on what to expect on the exam.

My two performances went really well!  Praise God!!  The first event was to honor the first two African Americans, Andre Sutton and Ebony Brown, to be enrolled at UGA (remember it’s African American “Black History Month”).  I learned a lot about their courage and determination to make it through their time at UGA.  There were a lot of threats on their lives.  I was the first to perform, and it was a very serious performance.  While I was singing, there were power point slides that showed horrifying events during the Civil Rights Movement.  While that was playing, I sang two Spirituals, “I Can’t Stay Here By Myself” and “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me”.  It was very powerful and moving.  The last one I did was an AIDs Awareness Benefit entitled “Project R.E.D: A MasquerAIDS Gala” hosted by the Zeta Psi Chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in an effort to commemorate National Black AIDS Awarenesss Day.  I sang with a member from a different sorority “When You Believe” from the soundtrack from the Prince of Egypt.  It went well, everyone looked so glamorous!  My mom came to support me at the event.  Thanks Mom!



Through Him,


Psalm 120:1 = “I call on the LORD in my distress, and he answers me.”


2 thoughts on “School Accreditation Time (Spring Week 7)

  1. Thank you so much for checking up on me!!!! 🙂 I have been improving tremendously with my grades and getting to know my classmates a little better this year. Lets just say I am less stressed out these days and am finding rest and peace in the unfailing love of my Lord. Thank you again for asking.

    You can check out how I’m doing in my new blog: (MyUGA Vet School Experience (Year 2))


    God bless you,


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