A Week of Rest (Spring Week 6)

Week’s Itinerary= No exams, but preparing for upcoming Anatomy Test, “Real Life Real Impact Conference”

No exams this week!  Yess!  It felt so good not having to worry about studying until late this week.  However, that does not mean I was not studying at all.  I have an intense Anatomy exam next week that will emphasize the abdomen and reproductive organs of the horse, ox, and goat.  Here was an idea that I did for my class after talking to one of the professors:

 Some classmates were noticing that the professors would show an abnormal or really cool artifact from a cadaver only to that particular nuclear group (ex: the thick cutaneus trunci m. that so many of us got wrong last semester or that huge thoracic duct that we saw in the last exam).  

SO- Starting this week, we will put white paper on each cadaver rack (and paper beside the goat bag) so that if you or a professor finds something abnormal or interesting, you simply jot it down.  This way, during review time outside of lab, everybody will know where abnormalities are found in each animal. 

 People are using this method, which means this will help us in the future!  May be you all can use it once you are in vet school.

 This weekend, I attended a conference at Auburn University in Alabama.  I went with my Christian Veterinary Club (CVF) and the event was called “Real Life, Real Impact”.  I really enjoyed the messages and fellowship with my classmates this weekend! 🙂


 There was one particular message that I had to share with you.  The speaker’s name was Dr. Steve Hiett, and he titled it “I Married a Veterinarian, and so did My Wife”.  It was such a great and fun insight for marriage, and how to reduce stress and increase love for each other.  He was so goofy and sweet.


 Here were some seeds of enlightenment that he threw out at us: (I asked him if it was okay to put this on my blog)

1)Trump Cards

              -He and his wife gave each other a card when they got married.  Whenever a spouse is focusing too heavily on work rather than quality time with each other, the spouse has the opportunity of showing their card.  When that happens, the spouse will give up their job.  It sounds harsh, but they never had to use it because all they have to say was “Remember the Trump Card sweetheart?” and usually the spouse will understand the tone.

2)Put your relationship with Christ on your resume

            -The doctors that he worked with saw that and allowed him to take Sunday off to go to church

3)Don’t follow your heart… Lead it!


            -Learn to not vent at home or in another clinic room (remove your emotions in different settings)

5)As a doctor, we like to get our own way

             -Be careful with that b/c so does your spouse (remember his wife is also a vet)

6)Spend time with family

            -He mentioned that you may not be able to control the time you leave for home after work, but you can control before you come to work.  Every morning, he made it a routine to read books to his children and eat breakfast with them

7)Value your spouses opinions

8)Simple acts of kindness (Find her “pumpkin pie”)

            -He loves pumpkin pie!  Whenever he has a bad week or just needs some time of recuperation, his wife’s sign of love is baking a pumpkin pie for him.  He cooks her bacon b/c that’s her favorite food.

9)Be each other’s cheering section

10)Raise the BAR in Marriage

             -They have been together for about 22 years and they still continue to be romantic and spontaneous

 There was also something else I heard during this conference that I really am excited about.  It is called Medsend, and it is an organization that promotes Mission trips that emphasize evangalism while doing medical work all around the globe.  Wow!  It will also help pay for my loans, which is a plus.  I definitely have to pray about this opportunity.


Through Him,


Matthew 6:14-15

For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

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