Shaky Finish (Week 18)

Week’s Itinerary= Anatomy Final & Cardiology Physiology Final

I survived but what a horrible finale! After I took these last 2 finals, I thought I really struggled with many of the questions. Anatomy’s final was 40% of my grade (Oh man), and the Physiology final was only 10% (thank God). It is taking a long time to get our grades back, and it’s killing me! But, this semester is over, and I am so thankful for this 2 week break. I worked hard, so I deserve it! (later found out I got a B in both!)

After my last final on Thursday, I was invited by a few of my classmates to go to a house party. I was so hesitant to go b/c I was so exhausted but decided to go later. I really enjoyed myself! It was a potluck dinner with many entrees and desserts. We also did karaoke where I just did an a capella with “O Holy Night”. I was in the Christmas mood. Others did Michael Jackson and 80s classics, which was hilarious to watch!

IMG_7298 IMG_7319

A friend of mine shared something very beneficial with me that I hope you also will find helpful. He told me that for 2 years now, he has been getting a practice question every day for the vet school National Board Exams! It’s called I believe It will be a great study tool to have as you are studying other subjects in school.

I am not going to just sleep this whole break. I will be working in the Neurology clinic, and I hope it will be worth my time. I will be working with 2 out of the 4 doctors who taught our Neuroanatomy class.  They were the only teachers who I could comprehend better during lecture.  Speaking of Neuroanatomy class, I managed to get a B! So, I only have one A and all Bs so far. Just waiting on those last 2!

Platt_SMarc Kent

(Dr. Platt and Dr. Kent)

I learned a lot this semester, and I hope my experience will continue to help many of you on your journey for deciding what you want to do in your career. After this semester, I am shaken up with what I really want to do. There is so much out there in relation to animal work, so I just need to keep searching until the right career shines bright in my path! Until next semester . . . take care guys!

Through Him,


Psalm 37:4= “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”


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