Almost there (Week 17)

Week’s Itinerary= Nutrition Final, Neuroanatomy Final was not discussed… (similar format to midterm)

I can do this.  Just one more week, and I will have successfully completed my first semester in vet school!  Let me not get too comfortable though because I have 2 more finals to go.  The 2 this week were HARD!  The first final was Nutrition on Tuesday, and it terrified me due to the fact that it was 50% of my grade!  It was too much pressure for me, but I survived.  That was just one of the reasons why I was so terrified.  The other reason is how there were tons of questions about different ration amounts and percentages of countless facts about the various farm animals (sheep, goats, horses, beef and dairy cattle, and swine).  There were too many numbers to memorize!!!  I am so glad the upperclassmen warned us about this or I would have been screwed.  I personally had the most trouble w/ Palomares(Beef), Overton(Dairy), and Reeves(swine) portions.  Memorize all #s and percentages that you see in everyone’s lectures plus other important facts, and you will do fine.  Great news!  For Bacteriology that I took last week and Nutrition, I got a B overall!

There were two Career classes this week that really opened my eyes to the vet careers I am interested in pursuing.  A vet (Dr. Joanna Davis) who now works for the government in USDA shared her experience there and what she did before this job.  Before, she was a veterinarian in a large animal practice, and she did not enjoy herself.  She stated that it lacked freedom, and she had a lot of issues with clients not paying their bills and technicians not coming in on time. Her time working at USDA is going well, but she hates the political and paperwork side of the job.

hayleymurphy_williebstatue_ZA_6956 1

The other speaker is a vet at Zoo Atlanta, Dr. Hayley Murphy.  She was very sweet and energetic, but her talk about being a vet at the zoo was very discouraging.  She said that she does not do a lot of hands on work with the animals.  It is more supervising than anything else.  That quite frankly sounds BORING to me.  I want to get my hands dirty.  There are occasions where she does surgeries but not often.  Then again, this could be only her experience.   There are other vets there who do more hands on than she does.   Also, she said the test to get certified is ridiculously hard!  Only 5 students passed it one year!!!  I may need to rethink whether or not I want to work at a zoo.  I don’t like to give up, but my interest is slowly depleting.

A friend in my class and I decided to read a chapter a day in the Bible!  I wanted to hear no more excuses about me being too busy to read His Word.  I am so excited for this experience we are going to share together.  We both felt like we had little time to read His Word, so this is encouraging us to get nourished by Him a little at a time.  We agreed to begin reading shorter books so that we did not feel too intimidated.  We started with Ephesians and now in Titus.

Through Him,


1 Peter 1:3 “ Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead”


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