Thought it’d be a breather… (Week 9)

Week’s Itinerary= Vet Physiology Test 2, Histology lecture quiz 2, Research Symposium Day

Okay, I’m not saying this week was as awful as last week, but it was still a bit challenging.  Instead of four important tests going on, there were just two.  Oh, but don’t be fooled.  We had our Vet Physiology exam on Wednesday, and it was not easy (for me at least).  After taking the phys exam, I kept shaking my head feeling devastated (realized I over-analyzed WAY too much.)  Just like Bacteriology, I had no idea what grade I was going to receive, but I need to stop worrying about the past.  It already happened, so you can’t go back & change mistakes now.  Fortunately, our professor let us take the exam 30 minutes earlier so that we can take our time with each question.  She stated that she was once a slow test taker during her student years, so she understood.  She is SO kind!  How I studied the day before exam was very helpful, and I again wish I had more time.  I had my phone out to remind me when time would run out for studying a specific material.  For example, I did an hour solely for biochemistry physiology then did 30 minutes of histology prep for lab, then did an hour studying for renal physiology then back to 30 minutes Histo lab again repeating the whole cycle.  It helped me study everything & stay focus.

Guess what?  Yep, another Histology quiz!  Oh, what bundles of joy.  Yet again, the Histo lecture quiz was placed @ the wrong time in the week!  It was right after phys. exam on the same day!!  Fortunately, He made it really easy!  It covered the urinary system and male & female reproduction.

There was an interesting Purina meeting on Wed with some interesting food (Cali N’ Titos/ delicious Hispanic food).  The speaker was very energetic, and he opposes the idea of blogging.  He did have a good point that we are very opinionated and don’t have editors and what-not, but I think it’s fine if there is a goal in mind for your blog.  I did not realize I signed up for something that is well despised by people.  The sole reason why I started this blog was to help you guys get a feel for what to expect here at UGA’s vet school.  Is that a crime?  Anyway, he seemed pretty cool and passionate about pets and even human nutrition.

On Thursday, we did not have lectures today b/c it was Research Symposium Day.  This day consisted of multiple presentations on various research that were done by graduate students, vet students, and students in residency.  The presentations were very informative & insightful.  Our class president presented her research about ways of identifying sex-determination in Sea Sturgeons (fish) used for caviar.  She was hilarious & comprehensible (some went way over my head!).  I liked how there are research opportunities where you can work hands-on with the animals (field work) while also being in a lab.  I love the outdoors, so that seems like a great balance for me.

Here were the winners of the research presentations:

I do have some good news.  There was an offer opened for Freshmen who would not mind working down in the vet clinics during Christmas break.  I really had to pray over it and see if this is what God wants me to do b/c I would just go home and rest during the break if it were up to me.  This week, I found out that I got accepted to work in the Neurology department during Christmas break!  I am excited about it & hope to learn a lot!

I feel extremely behind in Anatomy!!!  I just got to take one day at a time.  Test is in two weeks!!  I have not been able to use my tutor after the first exam b/c of how intense it has been, but I wished I made time.

Neuroanatomy is killing me this weekend!!  I was unable to study the lecture material at all until after my Phys exam on Wed. of this week.  I am just going over as many of the recordings so that I don’t miss anything from the lecture.  One teacher only has pictures for his slides, so thankfully these recordings are helping me see what he wants us to focus on.  Also, that devastating Neuroanatomy lab exam actually helped me understand a little with what is going on in the lecture notes.  So even though the lab may have been overwhelming, it’s helping you see a big picture with this material.

Worked at the Bear Hollow Zoo again this weekend (2 shifts!). It was my first time doing a deluxe party for the kids, and it did take a little more preparation that just the Basic parties.  I had to set all of the tables with decorations, plates & utensils, get out a cool alligator-shaped cake, inflate some blow-up animals, prepare goody bags, and finally get my presentation animals (red-footed tortoise, Barn Owl, & a hedgehog).  In between shifts, I studied a bit for Histology because I have my final lab quiz next week the day after the Neuroanatomy exam.  I know this one will suck b/c it will cover A LOT of material (GI tract, urinary system, male & female reproduction, & ear contents.  I believe the day will come when I will feel like I am on top of everything . . .

Through Him,


Matthew 17:20- “He replied, “Because you have so little faith.  I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you.”


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