Not too bad. But . . . (Week 7)

Week’s Itinerary= Histology midterm, Cell Biology Paper 2 & final exam, “Vet School for a Day”, & Karate tournament

This week after the Histology exam was not too demanding, but I still had to prepare for next week’s “Rain of Madness”!!  Week 8 looks so scary on the schedule b/c I have to prepare myself for 2 quizzes and 2 exams!  I am contemplating whether I should sleep or not 😦 This week had 2 exams, Histology and Cell Biology.  We took the Histo exam on Monday, and I think I did fine (I know I passed it at least). I heard to not get too confident though for exams b/c you may think you A’ced it but then find out you did poorly.  The format of the exam was something like this:

Lecture Portion:

 -Was not too difficult at all.  The professor said it was okay to look at any of his old exams to practice his sort of questions.  Please take advantage of his thoughtful advice. 

 Lab Portion:

 -More challenging.  Practice looking at slides so that you can ID them on the test.  It will be a lot of material to learn, so start early.  The quizzes, even though you may not do that well, is a blessing b/c you are studying the material a little at a time before exam time.  We went to the Histo lab, and each of us went to our own microscope.  A small box was resting in front of us on the table when we sat down.  We have 20 minutes per box (2 boxes total/ person across from you has the second box).  It is a little different from taking a quiz b/c arrows and dots are directly on the slide itself instead of on the big screens where everyone can see the questions.  Also, some questions were difficult to interpret as usual.  Make sure you know what the teacher is asking in her questions before taking the test so that you don’t screw up everything like I might have.  I did finally go up to the professor 2 days after the exam just to get a good understanding of her questions.  I thought I was going to do better in my Lab #3 quiz, but it was my worst one (65%).  We sat and talked through the quiz, and I began to understand what she was really trying to say in her questions.  I did, however, bring a question to her attention that was incredibly ambiguous.  She understood my argument and may give the class back 2 pts out of 20 (+10 to 100pt)!  So my grade may go up to a 75% for quiz #3.  I can do better…

I like what a classmate said about studying, “I am juggling between courses based on what exam is coming up next.”  That is exactly what I have been doing but primarily focusing on one course with the exam coming up within a week.  For example, Cell Biology (Final exam) was the next one to tackle.  I was hearing some people saying they wouldn’t do too much studying before this exam b/c we heard that even if you get a 50% on the final, you can get a B.  Ha!  I’ll believe it till I see it.  I studied the best I could so that I will feel safe afterwards.  I think it paid off b/c they posted up the key of the final exam by their office.  I’ll let you know how I did once I get the grade in my hand.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to turn in your 2nd and final Cell bio paper before the exam that morning.

Ready to hear how I did on my Anatomy exam???  Again, I thought I did better than what I received for my grade.  It’s weird b/c I thought my grade for the lab portion would turnout better  than in the lecture part, but the outcome was reversed.  I got a B+ for the lecture portion (average was a 87%) & a C+ on the lab portion (average was a 81%).  So the total grade I got came out to be a 79%(C+).  I am frustrated with the grade, but I still have joy booming within my heart.  Vet school is a season of many trials, and I am feeling the lashes way early this semester.  It is definitely teaching me to be humble & not be overly confident about an exam.  In my case, anything is possible.  I did have a funny occurrence when opening up the test paper though.  I thought I saw “great” on the back of the lab practical paper, but it was just my last name, “Grant”.  Man!!  That definitely messed up my insides a little while opening up the test.  I did get a “well done” written on the lecture portion though, so that was very encouraging!  Be prepared that when you open the test paper, you will see A LOT of red markings b/c they like to put check marks on what is correct too.  I struggled a lot of times with what the professors were actually asking me to answer.  Again, I advise you to sit down with one of the professors or tutors and ask them to train you with how the questions will be worded.  This is a HUGE issue for me in Histology as well.  I may know everything about an organ and still bomb a quiz just b/c I don’t quite know what the professor is trying to say in their question.  It’s very frustrating, so get help with that very early in the semester.

For Neuroanatomy, it was our 3rd and last lab on Thursday (early morning at 8am for Session I this time).  Our Neuro lab exam is next week Friday, so there is not much time to take everything in since there will also be our 2nd Bacteriology exam, a Physiology quiz, AND Micro Anatomy quiz next week.  Oh, Lord save me.  I just need to take each day at a time is what I keep telling myself.

Vet school offers “Vet School for a Day”.  This will be a great opportunity for parents and students to tour the school & see if it’s a perfect fit for you.  There were over 400 high school students and parents here touring the vet school on Wed, so it was nice to see eager and curious faces again.  Many of us vet students are beginning to look like trolls dragging our feet to our next destination b/c we are so tired all the time.  Not to scare you or anything 🙂

On Thursday, I had a mini performance with my choir (African American Choral Ensemble).  It went so well!  Our audience were high school chorus students who might be interested in enrolling to UGA when they graduate.  They seemed to really enjoy us while we were performing.  We sang “My Name is Toil”, “I’m Gonna Ride in the Chariot”, & “Call Him Up!” (My favorite).

One of my sisters in Christ!  She is such a sweetheart 🙂

On Saturday, I went to my karate clubs “45th Annual Shorinjiryu Shiai National Tournament”.  We are a small group that practices a unique Japanese style of Martial Arts.  I signed up for Kata (techniques) and Kumite (fighting) and won first place for both of them.  It was fun seeing everyone who live in different states coming together to fight and just have fun!

Those were the intimidating judges.

Here I am ready for Kumite (Like the fake abs on the gear?)

Oh snap!

Ka-duush! 🙂

As you can see, I like to kick people . . . I did throw a few punches here and there though.

Very amazing fighter who I greatly admire!  He just finished his Kobudo (Weapon kata with a bo)

These are my three senseis.   One next to me is the head sensei in America!  To his left is my sensei in Kennesaw, and the far right of the pic is my sensei at UGA.  I just now realized I am standing on the wrong side (we stand by rank, but I guess this photo is a bit informal.)

This is my crew from Kennesaw.  They are a fun bunch who could beat me up if they wanted to, but they are more protective of me than anything else.

Through Him,

Isaiah 40:29= “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”


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