Headache from rabies (Week 6)

Week’s Itinerary= Anatomy Test 1

Sorry for the random title, but my second round of rabies vaccinations affected me a bit more than the first.  Just one more to go!  It’s not that bad guys.  I just have a continuing headache that has been going on for two days now.  I was going to make the title “Take that Nerve Innervations!” for my Anatomy exam experience, but I later had a change of heart (sounded a little too nerdy).   Also, I have to hurry with my blog today b/c I am still studying hard for my Histology midterm that is tomorrow (Monday of Week 7).

The Anatomy exam was the spotlight of the week (on Wed).  I honestly feel okay about it.  The reason why I say this is b/c they posted the key for the exam the day after.  I messed up on a couple silly things, but I did fine for the most part.  I won’t get the grade until later in the week though. The weekend leading up to the exam was very productive.  The upperclassmen cooked hamburgers for us by the anatomy lab, which was very thoughtful of them.  My tutor helped me tremendously!  She stayed with me for an hour just quizzing the daylights out of me, but I highly recommend a tutor for Anatomy (& Histology).   Someone in my class had the forelimb color-coded which explained where a particular nerve innervates, so that was very helpful as well.  The nerves, arteries, and origin & insertion were my weak points.  Here was the layout of the exam:

Practical portion (Lab)

-We were split into our lab sections (lab 1 & lab 2) where half of the class went to the classroom & the other half went to the lab.  In the lab, each student gets a clipboard and walk slowly into the lab with the utmost suspense.  As you enter the room, the room is permeated with the smell of formaldehyde (“purified death”) as numerous tables are covered with canine skeletons, canine cadavers, and their limbs.  Chairs were placed by the table to give that luxurious feel for comfort.  Also, they have extra stations to just rest (I LOVED these stations/ it was a great breather).  There are a total of 40 questions/stations and you only get 1 &1/2 minutes to stay in a station (Can’t go back).  **Tip= I jotted down notes on the back of the paper to refer back to questions if the time ran out.  I used the “rest stations” to go back & think it through.**  After the time at a station is done, the teacher will say “Move”.  Before, they used a buzzer, & that scared the mess out of people, so this way was much better.  There is a bonus (?).  Ours was pretty cool!  It was a limb from a lion.

Written portion (Lecture)

-Just like any other lecture test: fill in the blank & short answer.  Make sure to review the lecture notes as well as the learning objective sheet.  Some people forgot to look at these.

Well, there you go.  Hope this will ease your nerves a little before taking the exam.  Oh & as usual, there was a Histology Lab quiz before the exam (Tues).    It was challenging as usual, but I think I prepared myself better for the lab this time.  I did fine on the 2nd lecture portion though (80%), but I know I can do better.  Oh, and what do you know.  They threw another class in the mix (Nutrition).  I believe this is the last class they will dump on us.  Be sure to bring your clickers every day for Nutrition b/c the professor may use some of the results as bonus points (Clickers= a device that allows the entire class to submit an answer to a question that the professor asks online.)

Here is my update on my area of interest:

Emergency Clinical Care (predominately small pets)

Exotics/Zoo Animal Medicine and Surgery (Large land mammals interest)

International Veterinary Medicine (Natural Disasters Rescue Team interest)

Yeah . . . you can tell I am still all over the place, but hopefully my advisor who I will meet in mid October will help me narrow down my decision soon.

Good news updates!

For Cell Biology, we finally got our papers back, &  I got a 100% & the teacher wrote “great!” on it.  It was not hard at all.  I defined and compared terms & used analogies to explain the topic.  He gives you two questions & you must answer them in one- page.

For Neuroanatomy, a gracious neuro professor (Dr. Platt) gave us 2 wonderful websites that may greatly help me in the future (b/c I am not focusing in this course rt now):



Ivy Merck is found!  Praise God!!  I mentioned that Ivy was missing a couple weeks ago under Week 3.



More great news!  I heard that my older brother &  his music crew got a song accepted for a Hip Hop Collaboration Album called “Kingdom Business”.  They do Christian Rap and R&B, and they sound legit!!  Here is their website: (my bro is 2nd to the lft )


Alright, well I got to go!  The micro anatomy lab room is closing in an hour, so I still have just enough time to review some slides.

Through Him,


Psalm 119:114= “You’re my place of quiet retreat; I wait for your Word to renew me.”


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