First Exam in Vet School (Week 4)

Week’s Itinerary= Bacteriology Test 1, Histology Lab quiz 1, Kudzu Olympics

This week encompassed a lot, but the most important day was Thursday because of my first exam (Bacteriology) here at vet school!  On Thursday morning, I went to school 2 hrs early (test was at 9a).  My “big sib” in second year of vet school surprised me with a gift of delectable goodies before the exam!  Also, one of the fraternities (OTS) brought brownies and cupcakes for our class [upperclassmen are very nice and generous peeps :)].  I felt so loved, and it boosted my energy for the well-awaited test.  30 minutes before test time, our Class President, Jenny Munhofen invited the class to pray in front of the vet school building.  It was a very beautiful & encouraging turnout!  We definitely prayed for strength in taking our exams.  We also prayed for Ivy Merck who is still missing & for one of Grace Vahey’s(Treasurer) Cornell professors who is suffering with cancer.

Even though Labor Day Weekend helped tremendously, portions of the exam (for me at least) were tricky.  Since there were 3 teachers who taught different portions for test 1 of Bacteriology, some questions may be written harder than others.  The most difficult portion for me was Dr. Lafontaine (?s).  Some of the (?s) seemed like they could have been more than one answer. For example, he might ask “Which is the best . . .” or “Which most likely . . . “, and a lot of answers with “all of the above” or “none of the above.”  Believe me when I say I studied my butt off for this exam, but questions like these make me want to second guess my answers.  That being said, I think I got at least 6 (?s) wrong out of 45 (?s), so a B or lower.  I hate Bs, but I also learn from my mistakes.  I did hear one classmate say they did not really study and think got only 1 (?) wrong.  WHAT!!!?  They are not worried b/c they have done multiple research and experiences involving bacteriology.  Oh by the way, you don’t get to take your exam packet afterwards.

On the same day, we had to do a Histology Lab quiz as well.  You would think that the professor would be easy on us after taking a challenging exam, but that is a poor assumption.  It was so hard guys, and many people were struggling.  I actually studied a little before while studying Bacteriology, but I knew it was not enough.  I am just going to brush that off & move forward.  After school, I went to karate to relieve some stress and then met with my “big sib” to eat some frozen yogurt at Yoforia by Five Points off of Milledge.

During the week before the exam, I sadly missed some extracurricular activities b/c I had to focus on the exam.  Sometimes, you got to make sacrifices to achieve a goal.  Seeing people studying until late at the vet school really encouraged me to continue studying hard.  I was afraid to be the only one staying there until late.  Also, I finally got my quiz grades in Histology Lecture & Lab Quiz 1.

Micro Lecture #1- 100% (Yayy!)/ took about 2 weeks to get it though

Micro Lab #1- 68% (Crap!!)/ less than a week

I will be completely honest with my grades here in my blog.  I am unashamed of my failures.  It teaches me patience for my weaknesses and determination to keep fighting.  So, I will not let you guys down!  The lab professor mentioned that lecture grades are usually significantly higher than lab quizzes (we’re not used to this lab setting yet).  She also likes to incorporate “fill in the blank” questions within a paragraph setting.  This means if you get one blank wrong, it may greatly affect your other answers.

On Friday, I finally attended a Fraternity Event ever!!!  It’s called Kudzu Olympics, and I thought it was not that bad.  I did want to do some activities such as Dodgeball or Volleyball though, but all of the spaces were taken.  Here are photos of my experience there:

Dodgeball team

-Pic of some of our classmates.  I am SO sorry!  I didn’t realize my camera bag was on my hip pushing you away.  I forgot I had it on.

Much better!  I had no business being in the front (too tall).

Here is Class of 2016 t-shirt design for this event.

     Cornhole Team

Silly classmate! 🙂

Through Him,


John 3:16= “For God so loved the world that He gave His Son, and whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”


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