I Can Do This (Week 2)

Week’s Itinerary= Experimenting study routines, puppy adoption, class elections, and no exams

What a week!  So yes, I am officially behind, but I still have a smile on my face 🙂  The good news is that I feel more settled in and organized with the curriculum.  I have been having some studying struggles, however.  During the first week of school, I tried to study every class each day, but it became incredibly draining.  I would find myself each night nodding off by my laptop.   So, now I am learning how to prioritize which class I feel needs the most attention.  This week, we had a quiz in Histology and our first dissection lab on the dog, so I focused heavily on those classes.  The other three classes were on the back-burner for a while, so on the weekend, I tried to catch up as best I could.  Fortunately, most of the classes offer lecture recordings online, so I have been using it for Vet Physiology.  I really appreciate the professors recording their lectures b/c it’s  VERY helpful!  Even though I took Physiology with Dr. Li, there is still a lot of info that went over my head.  I am stuck right now on free radicals, but at least I got through the first few power points.

During this whole week, I experimented on a way of studying while listening to lectures.  Since I know I am incredibly behind, I kind of multi-tasked.  While I am listening to a lecture, I have the power-point slide up PLUS I have another class up to study.  So I read the slide that the teacher is on, and if I don’t understand it, I listen.  If it’s material I am comfortable with, I study other material from another class.  It helped a little with other classes, but it did not help at all with listening to the professors.  So, I don’t recommend doing what I did.  Next week, I will try to skim through 4-6 slides before class begins and listen as best I can so that I won’t have to listen to the recordings later on.  My mission is to try and save as much time for studying as possible.  Everyone has their own way of studying, so it is all about trial and error.  Oh yeah, and there was horribly loud hammering and drilling going on this entire week, so that was a bit annoying :/

I forgot to tell you all about a special puppy that our class adopted.  He got hit by a car, and the fees for surgery were close to $1,500!!!  So, one of my classmates decided to foster the puppy by offering her a home for a while as we try to raise money to facilitate its needs.  She decided to name her Mona.  A couple students helped out by setting up a donation box in the office of Academic Affairs.  So far, we have raised $1,000!!!  This is such a blessing, and here is the website if you would like to donate:


This week, we did class elections, and I fortunately knew most of the people who are running for these positions.  They are all wonderful, and I hope they get the position they want.  Also on Wednesday, the whole vet school had a BBQ Cookout that was so scrumptious!  I have been noticing that burgers taste exceptionally well when I go to Animal Science events.  This observation makes sense to me 🙂

I will give you some helpful tips that I learned this week.  For Anatomy class, make sure that you use the “Anatomy test 1 objective sheet” found in elc (hopefully this website will still be up in the future).  I am using this for the basis of my review for Test 1.  It basically has a list of all the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, etc that you need to know, and they coincide with the lecture notes.  Also for Anatomy, get the “Veterinary Anatomy Flashcards” from Saunders.  For Cell Biology, I heard that it was not that challenging, so don’t bother taking this class for undergrad at UGA, which I heard was a very hard class.  Our exam is a take-home, so it should not be too bad.  For Histology, I have been going to the lab after school before heading home some of the days this week, and it has helped me tremendously.   Here is me with my partner, Matt (he is very kind and patient with me).

There was one meeting I went to that was very useful for me.  It was the Equine Club (free food), and the speaker was very realistic about what life will be like for a vet after graduating from vet school.  She began her speech with “I don’t know whether to congratulate you freshmen or send my condolences!”  I can already tell that vet school is not going to be a walk in the park for me.   In order to see what salary you will make, use the AVMA calculator found online.  Equine is very low after graduating (close to $45,000) while small animal is reasonably high (close to $70,000).  But, I like how she did not care about the money.  She also made a point about how you should not straddle the fence.  It’s best to decide what you want to do soon, so that you can focus on your main desires during clinical rotation in your fourth year.  Also, if you love the outdoors, you need to think about if small animal is best for you.  She mentioned that her friend in small animal practice would say, “I would not know if it were rain or shine unless I saw a wet dog coming in for consultation!” That comment really made me reconsider this job as being a small animal vet, b/c I love the outdoors!

Bible Study (John 2)

This chapter is very meaty b/c it contains so much!  It begins with when Jesus turned water into wine in vs.1-12 (we discussed this section the most on Friday), and ends with Jesus at the temple being very angry with what He sees.  I asked my Bible study to help me with some passages of scripture.  Many unbelievers and even believers would ask me questions based on the consumption of wine.  They would say that since Jesus made wine for a wedding, the consumption of wine should be encouraged.  You may be taking this passage a little out of context.  Water back then was filled with so much contamination (no water bottles or purifiers back then), so the alcohol in wine was used to destroy all of the bacteria.  I used to tell people that wine back then was just grape juice, but I was very wrong after reading about how Noah got drunk in his own vineyard after the flood (Genesis 9:21).  Wine can be used to help cure ailments (1 Timothy 5:23) and can also be used for just enjoyment and indulgence as seen here for a wedding.  There is nothing sinful about wine, but it’s just how you use it that is the issue (over-consumption).  I choose not to drink alcohol b/c I don’t trust myself to maintain a healthy intake.  I can base this off on how I LOVE food and used to be fat!  Here is the thing though . . . scratch out alcohol and allow a bigger and deeper meaning in this passage in John 2 just engulf you!  Water is being turned into wine.  Still-water (not running water), which was filthy back then, can be viewed as death.  Wine, which helps purify ailments, is portrayed as life.  So in essence, Jesus has the power of raising our sinful bodies (death) into life!!  If you read the scripture, verse 6 states that there were 6 stone water jars.  “6” represents man being created on the sixth day God created Earth and “stone” for how we are considered living stones for Christ (Simon’s name changed to Peter meaning “stone”).  The stone jars were filled with still water (death) and transformed into wine (life).  And this all took place on the 3rd day in verse 1 (the day foreshadowing Christ’s resurrection).  Wow!  It is a lot to take in.  See, people will just zone in on wine and care little about nothing else in this passage of scripture.  Wine is the distraction.  Try to see the greater message within the Word, and you have to ask God to help guide you.

Through Him,

~Camille Grant

1 Timothy 5:23= “Drink no longer water only, but use a little wine for your stomach’s sake and your frequent illnesses.”


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