Vet School Experience (Week 1)

Week’s Itinerary= Class schedule, Getting exposed to the overwhelming class load, new job, & no exams

The best word to express this week is OVERWHELMING!  Even though I studied a little each day, I still felt behind.  The day you may begin to feel this way is after the second day of classes.  For example, in Micro-anatomy lab (Histology), many of us stayed twenty minutes over our class time because we didn’t complete everything. One of the professors did, however, encourage us to not stress over this amount of material.  They will go over it multiple of times as a form of redundancy and repetition.  That did ease my nerves a little but not entirely.  What has slowly helped me from feeling anxious and nervous all the time was taking the time to be as organized as possible. 

If you don’t want to listen to me by not studying the first few weeks, at least organize everything (even cleaning up your apartment helps)! Most of my classmates decided to use Dropbox, which is a website that stores all of your information you want to keep safe and organized online and also on your desktop.  So, I use it to keep all my power point notes organized and kept into folders.  There is also a website that makes flashcards for you called StudyBlue.  In addition, make sure you use the Class Schedule.  I use a special pdf (Nitro Reader) where I can highlight and write over the downloaded material.  You can also print out and circle important dates for quizzes and exams.  You will have occasional essays you will have to write such as in Cell Bio, which has 2 papers that are only a page long, so they’re not killer papers where you have to stay up all night to do.  Here is the schedule:

Also, vet school is going to feel like middle school because you stay in the same room for most of the day while teachers come to you.  I hope I will get used to this soon.

You will be receiving a lot of free stuff this week!  Meetings will take place each day where free food is offered.  Two meetings you should definitely attend are the SCAVMA and Bayer meetings.  In order to become a member of any organization here at vet school, you must first join SCAVMA (dues are $35).  In order to get free heartworm medicine for your pets, you need to go to Bayer’s meeting.  I do feel bad that I could not go to many of the dinners or special events hosted by the fraternities.  I personally don’t care, however, for the alcohol concentrated get-togethers.  For example, they invited our class to go to Terrapin, which is a brewery (beer place).  They said we don’t have to drink, but what else would I be doing there?  It’s like inviting a vegetarian to tour at a butcher shop.  I just didn’t see a point of going to those events since I don’t drink.  You may enjoy it, so it’s your personal preference.  We also got free lunchboxes from Bayer.  Another thing I really appreciated getting for free was our lockers.  I place my shoes and scrubs for lab, textbooks, gym clothes, and other things I wish not to carry around. 

Don’t worry so much for getting dirty at lab this week by the way.  We only had it on Friday and just looked at bones (not messy at all).  There was also a Big-Sib Event where each of us were paired up with a second-year student, and we will basically be helped by our big brother or sister.  I fortunately got placed with a good friend who is in my church, so it worked out perfectly for me.  (Thanks Tiffany!)

I forgot to let you know that I am president of my Karate club called “Budokai”.  It is a form of Japanese Martial Arts where we work heavily on empty-hand and weaponry kata (techniques).  So when you get into vet school and want a break, you can come to The Ramsey fitness center and do some training with us for free!


I just got a job at a zoo!  It’s called Bear Hollow Zoo off of Milledge, and I will work there only on weekends.  My job description is to be a hostess for birthday parties [usually consists of toddlers :)].  So, I’ll be giving tours and educating the youth about these precious animals that God has blessed us with! I can’t wait to begin, but I have to do training each weekend until September 29th before I can begin.  I will try to take many pics while I am at work.

Bible Study (Book of John)

***Please know that I am not forcing you to read anything you do not wish to know about.  If you feel uncomfortable reading this, just skip this info.***

Every Friday night, I am a part of a really cool Bible study group where we eat, fellowship, worship, and get into the Word!  This is a very special time of the week for me because I am with believers who are so excited and unashamed for Christ.  It gets me so pumped up and encouraged to glorify my Savior the best way I can.  This week, we delved into the first chapter in the book of John in the Bible.  This chapter nourished me so much!  Here, we see that, “The Word was with God, and the Word was God . . . The Word became flesh (vs.1-14)”. Word is capitalized to show that Christ (Jesus) is the full expression of God, for He is the Truth and the Reality.  I also enjoyed verse 12, “But to all who believed Him and accepted Him, He gave the right to become children of God.”  So in essence, not only do you believe in Jesus, you must also receive and accept Him into your life.  Anybody can say they believe in God, but not actually accept Him.  Even demons cried out that Jesus is the Son of God (Matthew 8:28-29), but they do not worship Him or obey Him. Lastly, I really liked verse 42 where Jesus changed Simon’s name to Peter, which means “stone”.  Later in the Book of John, we can clearly see why his name was changed.  Stones can be portrayed as building blocks or “living stones” that are built up as a spiritual house for the presence of the Lord.  Help me Lord to be a firm foundation of your Word and Love!  

Through Him,


John 1:12= ” Yet to all who did receive Him, to those who believed  in His name, He gave the right to become children of God.”

P.S= There is an incredible devotional created by a vet student that I wanted to share with you guys.  Use it for encouragement as you continue your journey here at vet school.  They share personal testimonies:


2 thoughts on “Vet School Experience (Week 1)

  1. Love your blog Camille!! You are so transparent and I really appreciate you being so generous with what you have learned so far. This will be so valuable for some budding Vet student. And great for you to read twenty years from now! And you know I love that you shared what you gained from Bible Study!! I will be a frequent visitor to your site.

    Love you!

    • Alfie, you are so wonderful! Thank you!! I greatly need these encouraging words b/c future weeks will become very challenging. I know I can do this!

      Love you too!

      ~Camille 🙂

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