Orientation Week (Day 1)

Today’s Itinerary= Today mostly consisted of sitting, eating deliciousness, and listening to a lot of informational lectures.

I must say I really enjoyed myself today.  Since my summer break was filled with mostly hibernation, to see a whole room filled with eager and wide-eyed classmates really pumped me up today.  I LOVE first days of classes or in this case “Sneak-a-Peak” 🙂  Just seeing everyone who I will spend most of my time with these four years brought a huge genuine smile on my face.

Oh, by the way, I am listening to some beautiful classical music right now such as one from Arvo Part (“Sanctus”).  If my tone sounds very carefree right now, blame the music!

Breakfast was delicious!  They served bagels, sweet breaded treats, orange juice, and coffee.  I recommend saving one of the breaded treats to nibble on later b/c you will be extremely hungry when lunchtime comes around.  They commenced the morning with introducing most of the head faculty at the vet school.  They seemed very knowledgeable in their fields of study, so I am looking forward to meeting them in the future.  I already know one of the professors, Dr. Li for VPHY 3100 (Human Physiology).  I highly recommend you taking this course, b/c I heard it will prepare you for Physiology Class your first year in vet school.  I will confirm this claim as time progresses.  Update: YES!  I highly recommend taking that course pronto!

We then listened to info on Dress Code, Code of Conduct, presentation on Facebook and stress management.  The presentation on Facebook did stick out the most because of what I am doing at this very moment.  I do not have a Facebook anymore, but I also have to be careful writing these blogs.  I must always watch what I say on an online site b/c people can see the slightest comment as inappropriate.  This also means I have to be careful about what pics are appropriate.  With that being said, I will not be able to post pics of my cadaver in my anatomy class 😛

For lunch, we had a nice and satisfying meal from Jimmy Johns, which was subs, chips, and a cookie.  You will not have to worry about food issues this week.  They feed you very well!  I decided to eat outside and meet new people by the benches.  I went back inside since ants were biting my feet and watched upperclassmen (about 7 on stage) answer TONS of questions that we had.  Here are some questions asked:

What books are worth purchasing?

-required= Lahunta’s guide to the dissection of the dog 7th ed

-Helpful for anatomy= Anatomy of Domestic Animals 11th Ed. “Pasquini”

When does the massive amounts of emails from the vet school listserve dwindle?

-They don’t!  Get used to it.

Do we get to choose what slot we want for anatomy lab (1-3p or 3-5p)?

-They assign lab times in alphabetical order.  You can ask someone to swap with you, which is cool.  I personally want to get the later time so that I can study before lab and stay focus.  Next semester when I am used to the workload and other factors, then I will do lab first and rest more afterward.  Personal preference . . .  Update: I found out through experience that everyone is required to switch lab times halfway during the semester, so it does not really matter what you do.  After changing the time on our clocks to “Fall Backward”, it would be dark after your 3-5p slot, so some preferred doing that slot first at the beginning of the semester where you can still see sunlight.

After lunch, we learned about Personal Finances, which dealt heavily on loans and maintaining a good credit.  I personally enjoy reading about finance from Dave Ramsey better, but it was still good information today.

What is the best resource for tracking my spending?

-www.mint.com ((Very helpful))

At the end, each student introduced themselves, which was truly an eye opener in some instances.  We learned about where everyone is from and an interesting fact.  I also noticed that a good portion of my class looked in there late 30s early 40s.  Cool!  There is one who did a PhD and now pursuing veterinary medicine!  That inspires me to achieve any goal I want to invest time in.  I will do a little better with details later on.  I feel a little slow and rusty right now, but I will eventually get used to writing my observations better.

Through Him,


Galatians 5:22=  “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness”


4 thoughts on “Orientation Week (Day 1)

  1. I am so glad that someone is finally putting up a blog about UGA’s Vet School!

    This is not really vet school related, but what was the GRE like and do you have any tips for taking/studying for the GRE?

    Looking forward to reading the rest of this blog!

    – Alex

    • Wow! Thank you Alex! Yeah, I wished someone did this for me before I came here b/c I would have felt more comfortable and had confidence to conquer this!! 🙂 Now about GRE. . . I’m gonna be very honest with you. My GRE score was not what grabbed the admissions coordinator’s attention if you know what I mean. What saved me were my grades in school (magna cum laude), my experience and personal statement that I mentioned in the post “Let the Games Begin!”, and my recommendation letters((6 total for me). Even if one area is weak in your application (GRE, ton of hours for experience, grades, teacher/vet recommendations, or personal statement), you still have a shot of getting accepted if other areas are stronger and fantastic. I took the GRE before it got revised, and I heard it is very different from the one I took. Hope this helps!


    • Hey Sabrina!

      It is really laid back. There is not much of a dress code to be honest with you. Just don’t wear anything too revealing is the biggest warning. Many of us in our 1st year wore scrubs most of the days due to our Anatomy class, so that saves a lot of time in the morning. Hope this helps!

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